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SafeEarth Clone Script

SafeEarth Clone Script is an automated Liquidity and Leveraging Yield Protocol that generates income to its holders just by holding the native token within the protocol, the SafeEarth being the native Token of the Protocol. The holders of SafeEarth Token will be able to generate a passive income of 1% of each and every transaction made.  


SafeEarth is an Ethereum based Fundraising charity protocol allowing the users to have a passive share of income on successfully holding the SafeEart Token. The SafeEarth also has provisions for the automated and leveraging Liquidity provisions along with rapid token burn mechanism accounting for the improved usability of the SafeEarth Token.

How does the SafeEarth Clone Script Work?

The SafeEarth Clone Script works by buying, holding, and trading off SafeEarth Tokens. By holding the SafeEarth Token within the wallet the user will be able to make a considerable income. 1% of every transaction is given to each and every user of the protocol, 1% to Community improvement, 1%  for future Liquidity provisions, and 1% to the Eco serving initiatives that account for preserving life on earth.

SafeEarth like Token Development

Owing to the booming performance in the current Cryptosphere, people look for a similar but brand-new token that executes functionalities like the SafeEarth Token. 

We at Maticz develop the SafeEarth like Token to avail the users with functionalities that promote improved use cases and token utility for the high benefits and leveraging yields of the participants. 

The Tokens are made available as per the wish of the audience in attributes promoting slippage, Token Tolerance, and Token burning mechanism.

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How to buy SafeEarth Token Clone?

The SafeEarth Token Clone can be made available for use to the participants in two modes, the Token can be readily purchased through UniSwap Platform or else it can be purchased from the EarthSwap Platform. 

SafeEarth Clone Script Tokenomics

SafeEarth is aimed to reward its users along with simultaneous contributions to liquidity and leverages. The Clone Protocol acquires a passive sum of 4% income through taxes to every transaction carried out. There is a total availability of  100,000,000,000 tokens out for use while there are about 1.2k addresses actively in the trade-off process.

Eco-Serving Initiatives

Since the SaveEarth Clone Script is an Eco-serving protocol, a considerable amount of its transactions is spent on initiatives improving the quality of life on mother earth. 1 % of every transaction made will be given to the eco-serving communities and organizations.

Income to all holders

The recent trend in Cryptosphere is that the entire holder will be able to generate a considerable revenue pertaining to every associated transaction with the protocol.

The SafeEarth Token holders will be able to generate an instant revenue of 1% transactions without the need for additional fees.

Locked up Liquidity

Locking Liquidity contributes to the improved usability and utility of the specified tokens for further and future use. The SafeEarth Token usage is improved by locking up specific funds as Liquidity for a prescribed interval of time. Also, the trade-off of locked liquidity is also admissible within the platform.

Contribution to Community

Also, the SafeEarth Clone Script's Tokenomics contributes to the effective functioning of the Platform through its contributions. The Protocol's meager share of 1% of every transaction made is given towards growing the SafeEarth community.

Why go with SafeEarth Clone Script?

  • 100,000,000,000 Total supply
  • 5,768 Holders
  • 12,640 transfers
  • Up to 300% Annual Percentage Yield
  • 256 Unique receivers today
  • 78 Unique Senders
  • 323 recent uniques
  • 53% Tokens already burned
  • 50 ETH for The Ocean Cleanup project

SafeEarth Clone Script Features

<< 100% Safe

<< Rapid burned off Tokens

<< 1% Share to all Holders

<< Hacken Audit passed

<< Community operated guidelines

<< Anti-Inflation Token

<< Auto-Locked Liquidity

<< Standardized and Defined Contracts

SafeEarth Upcoming Contributions

  • The Ocean Cleanup
  • Amazon Watch
  • Save The Children
  • Charity: Water
  • The Water Project

Why Choose Maticz for SafeEarth Clone Script?

We Maticz Technologies the leading Token Development Company design and develop the SafeEarth Clone Script for the enhanced use of the Crypto aspirants through availing all the service of the SafeEarth in an entirely customizable mode.

Maticz’s on-time product delivery of SafeEarth Clone Script includes a set of certain benchmark attributes which are,

<< Ardent Market Analysis

<< Assured Benefits to the audience

<< Token Usability Tracking

<< Token Utility 

<< Validity of the Project code

<< Project's value to the current Cryptosphere

These attributes account for the improved scalability of the platform developed along with highlighting features that define the long-run of the platform at any point in time.

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