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Sorare Clone Script

Sorare Clone Script is a blockchain-powered NFT Marketplace showcasing football-based entities as collectibles. The Sorare Clone Script is made available as a global football fantasy game.  The Sorare Clone Software extends a hand to the ready audiences of the Football world.

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Sorare NFT

Sorare NFT is a Non-Fungible Token Marketplace displaying collectibles exclusively from the football world. Sorare gets access to global football clubs from all around the globe. Sorare processes nearly about 130 recognized football clubs active in the current soccer world.

Sorare Clone Script Functionalities

The Sorare Clone Script primarily executes three functionalities which include buying collectibles, selling collectibles, and withdrawing traded funds from the associated wallets.

How to Buy Collectibles on Sorare Clone Script?

  • Bid for collectibles in the Transfer market
  • Prices are matched
  • Sale is processed either through a credit card or ETH.
  • If the bid is unsuccessful, funds will be refunded
  • The highest bidder wins the auction.
  • The winner lists his collectible within his gallery.
  • Cross-checking in cases of Transactions through credit cards.

How to Sell Collectibles on the Sorare Clone Script?

Collectibles  available for sale

  • Rare
  • Superrare
  • Unique

When you are looking to sell your collectible through the cards page you will find an option to put the collectible out for sale. Enter the price and press sell.

The card will be out for sale for the next 48 hours. if the card has not met any prospective buyer the trade will expire by itself and the card will stay within the seller's gallery. If the selling is successful the seller will be able to see a popup in his game interface as well as through the eMail. the traded-off funds won't reach the seller immediately as progress is on the way. 


PowerHour is an exclusive event that extends its services daily. The event takes over as a tertiary process along with the auction listing. The PowerHours are designed keeping in mind the enhanced buying options for the participants. The event always concludes with a unique entity such as Ronaldo or Neymar out for trade. 

Withdrawal from Wallets

  • Wallet Creation
  • Fund it with Ramp
  • Convert currency into ETH
  • Select type and amount of currency
  • Mail specification
  • Mail Verification
  • Specify the Payment modes
  • Keep track of the payment

Sorare Clone - Create an NFT Marketplace like Sorare

With the widespread performance of NFTs and plenty of global football audiences, people began looking for a similar platform to deliver services like Sorare. The Sorare functionalities can very well be delivered through the Sorare Clone Platform. The Sorare Clone can very well be obtained for optimal use of the participants through two available modes. The first mode is by building the platform from very scratch and the other mode is by building the platform based on the user's suggested specifications.

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How does the Sorare Clone Work?

Join a League

On successful enlistment with the platform, the users get to join any particular league in trends. Initially, the participant will be able to take part in a rookie league, which allows the participants to make a free squad consisting of 12 members. 

Setup Lineup

The Participant will be entitled to create his best lineup with his availability. The lineups acquire prior recognition based on the live game taking place on that particular day. The best possible lineup will get rewards on returns.

Points Tally

At the end of the matchday, the team with the maximum points based on the in-game live performance will be rewarded with returns and benefits. The rewards will be either available in Eth or in the rarest form of in-game collectibles.

Sorare Token

The Sorare Token currently is one of the best performing tokens in trends with statistics defining its long run,

<< 30-Day Trading volume: 10.25M USD

<< Total NFTs involved: 179,884

<< Max Total supply: 238,896 SOR

<< Active Holders: 16,900

<< Transfers: 659,510

Most Valuable Sorare Collectibles

The Unique Cristiano Ronaldo card was the highest-bought card to date with hefty pricing of 289920 USD. The card was successfully purchased by FC Camembert. The purchase was made during the 2020-21 season last year.

<< Giants in association with Sorare Clone

<< Venture Firm Accel

<< Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian

<< FCB Striker Antoine Griezmann

Leagues processed through the Sorare Clone Script

The Sorare Clone Script gets access from nearly 130+ clubs in the current soccer world.

  1. Premier League
  2. Bundesliga
  3. Eredivisie
  4. J1 League
  5. Primiera Liga
  6. Jupiler Pro League
  7. MLSPA
  8. Russian Premier League
  9. K League 1
  10. Spor Toto Super Lig
  11. Superliga Argentina de Fútbol

Why go with Sorare Clone Script?

  •  Real-world compliance
  •  Start without spending a cent
  •  Up to 12 free common cards
  •  Straightforward enlistment process
  •  The New Signings' tracking
  •  Transfer Market facility

NBA Topshot Clone vs Sorare Clone Script

Though both of them are the best sports-centric NFT platforms the Sorare Clone Script beats the NBA Topshot in its ability to remain in line with the live game compliance. The participants will be able to get rewards based on their predictions of the live match ongoing in the trend. The rewards are made available in either ETH or as a rare game collectible.

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Why Choose Maticz for Sorare Clone Script?

Maticz Technologies the pioneers in NFT MarketPlace Development designed and developed the Sorare Clone Script with desirable features that come up with the perspective of pulling more people into the platform. Our Sorare Clone Script’s features that list our platform on top of the NFT Collectible platform are listed below,

<< Booming Global Business

<<Improved user Exposure

<< Improved Managerial skills

<< Football in collaboration with NFT experience

<< Similar to NBA Topshots

We Maticz, the dominant DeFi Development Company, develop different products operating primarily over different chains and pose different degrees of benefits and application-related use to the market-ready participants of the current Cryptosphere.

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