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SuperRare Clone Script

SuperRare Clone Script is a White Label NFT MarketPlace Script that enables users to Start NFT MarketPlace like SuperRare.  Super Rare Clone Script is a structural and functional replica of SuperRare and exhibits functionalities exclusively over the Ethereum Blockchain Architecture. 

The SuperRare Clone Software contributes to the authenticated creation of digital artforms similar to SuperRare and promotes efficient showcasing on the platforms for the trade-off. 

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SuperRare - Overview

SuperRare is an NFT Marketplace executing functionalities such as the buying, bidding, selling, and creation of Digital artworks and extending an exclusive marketplace to showcase their intellectual innovative creativities such as the art, gaming skins, and in-game accessories as well as attires.     

SuperRare Clone - To Build NFT Marketplace like SuperRare

SuperRare Clone

SuperRare Clone is a customizable NFT MarketPlace Platform executing core functionalities like the Ethereum-based NFT Marketplace SuperRare. The Super Rare Clone is a 100% Smart contract audited NFT MarketPlace Software operating similar to SuperRare.

Maticz avails the attributes of the renowned Marketplace the SuperRare Clone in two available modes, the first mode is by building the SuperRare Clone Platform from the scratch, and the Second mode is opting SuperRare Clone Script and customizing as per the user suggested specifications. The SuperRare Clone Script is the most sought option in the current market trends. 

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SuperRare Clone Working Mechanism

Chain Selection

This Section involves selecting the right chain over which the NFT Marketplace is the prospect to execute its functionalities like the buy, bid, and sell off Digital assets along with attributes promoting the creation of the new NFT.

Mint your NFT

The NFT minting is the key attribute allowing the listing of specific Non-Fungible Token to be effectively showcased into the platforms. Token Minting is the act of authorizing the Token as well as the currencies associated with the Platform to be developed.

Wallet Integration

The Wallet Integration is the mandatory process for any financial system to operate. The wallet integration involves the adding up of available Credible Crypto wallets to the NFT Platform Developed.  

Create The NFT

The main process involved in the NFT Marketplace creation is the design and development of the NFT to be made available in the market. Creation depends upon the creativity of the developers and designers and is priced based on ideas.         

Locate and Trade-off

On Successful creation of the NFT and made available for trade-off the digital assets are specifically located. They are based on their availability and pricing and are presented to the ready use of the NFT Platform Seekers. 

Mandatory Attributes to Build NFT Marketplace

With every individual moving towards the NFT, it is efficient for individuals to brush up their intellectuals on the process involved in investing over NFT Tokens & MarketPlaces.

Here is what you need to know before investing in the NFT.

  • Wallet Funding
  • NFT Availability
  • Token Type Selection
  • Marketplace Selection
  • Wallet Type Specification

SuperRare Clone Script Features

The SuperRare Clone Script is provided with certain definite features that define the long-run of the platform prospect to be developed.

Art Gallery Commissions

The SuperRare Clone Script is provided with attributes promoting add-on commissions to the carried out NFT trade-off. The trade-off is differentiated into primary as well as secondary based on the mode through which the NFT is made available for trade.

Beta Phase Benefits

The SuperRare Clone Script promotes passive income to participants even through the beta phase. The beta phase denotes the platform is in further development accepting upgrades. the income is served to both the primary as well as secondary market participants. 

Secondary Market Benefits

The SuperRare Clone Script is duly noted for its secondary market benefits. Mostly the NFT Platforms in trends are subject to offer benefits through their primary dependence on the primary market, while the revenue through the secondary market adds up to the enhanced benefits of the Crypto aspirants and NFT entrepreneurs.

Marketplace Fee

The SuperRare Clone Script contributes to the income of participants by accepting participation fees in the form of market fees. The market fee is charged at optimal rates improving the number of participants making use of the platform for trading off their NFT.  

Components of SuperRare Clone Script

SuperRare besides being the NFT Marketplace executes functionalities as an entirely Decentralized Social Network extending its qualities of services through a number of available pages procuring desirable benefits to various classes of participants.


The Activities section displays the current performance of the Non-Fungible Tokens remaining in line with the NFT Marketplace prospect to be developed. This section also avails the participants of the widespread performance of NFTs in trends.

Features Section

The features section extends an exclusive space for the content creators to highlight the importance of their creativity through their intellectual innovations. This allows the participants to showcase their intellectuals through their images, videos, and text for potential NFT art investors.


The market section comprises the active transactions in the trends. This indirect sense refers to the collectibles directly available for the trade-off. the market serves as the link between the creator as well as the buyer community. the market allows the users to list entities based on price, age, and auction


community displays the participants or members who are opting for a specific type of collectible. the news, and updates regarding that particular digital assets are provided in this section.

Why Choose Maticz for Super Rare Clone Script?

We Maticz Technologies the predominant NFT MarketPlace Development Company design and develop various platforms with standardized design architecture and enhanced precision promoting cent percent perfect product delivery. 

The SuperRare Clone Script is provided in market-ready mode offering the cent percent similar functionalities to the SuperRare Platform, the SuperRare Clone Script is also provided with an all-time active dashboard specifying the most recently made collectible.

We built NFT Marketplaces on different chains that include Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, PolkaDot Chain for the optimal use of the digital asset seekers. We also offer other readymade solutions like Rarible Clone, Opensea Clone, NBA Top Shot Clone, Decentraland Clone, etc... to Start NFT MarketPlaces like Rarible, Opensea, NBA Top Shot, Decentraland, etc.

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