Maticz offers SafeMars Clone Script to Build Fundraising & Liquidity Protocol like SafeMars. Safe Mars Clone Software allows Token Swapping, Burning, etc.

SafeMars Clone Script

SafeMars Clone Script is a self-governed fundraising and liquidity-generating protocol operating similar to SafeMars. Safe Mars Clone Script executes functionalities cent percent similar to that of the SafeMars on the Binance Smart Chain. 

The SafeMars Clone Script provides an alternate option for users making use of the staking and yield farming platforms to make revenue. The alternate mode provides income to participants just by locking up their tokens.  

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SafeMars - Overview

SafeMars is a fundraising platform executing functionalities more or less like the RFI. The SafeMars functionalities include the reflection, automated liquidity provisions, and recurrent token burn mechanism. The SafeMars is similar in operation to that of the SafeMoon protocol but is a multi-functional platform also extending its services into the exchange and bridging phenomenon.   

SafeMars Clone - Build a Fundraising Platform like SafeMars

SafeMars Clone

SafeMars Clone is a customizable replica of the autonomous fundraising platform SafeMars. The Safe Mars Clone offers sovereign yield and liquidity-generating options on crypto tokens built over the Binance Smart Chain network.

SafeMars platform’s functionalities can be made available on a white label mode to the users through our SafeMars Clone. 

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SafeMars Token

SafeMars coin currently is one of the best-performing tokens executing functionalities entirely similar to that of the RFI Tokenomics. The Tokens related to the RFI Tokenomics are bound to offer benefits to the entire holders of that particular coin for use.

SafeMars Tokenomics

  • Today's cap: 0.000000046 USD
  • Trade volume: 50,762,778.
  • Circulating supply: 400 Trillion SafeMars
  • Maximum Supply: 1 Quadrillion
  • Maximum trade through PancakeSwap

How Does the SafeMars Clone Work?

The SafeMars Clone Smart Contract applies a considerable share of funds as a processing fee. The processing fee is obtained as a transaction fee for every buy or sell process. Of the transaction fee, a considerable income is generated as passive revenues to the holders. This indirect sense reduces the chances of imminent losses incurred due to token holding. 

SafeMars Clone Script Functionalities

Since the SafeMars Clone Script executes functionalities like the Reflect Finance Tokenomics, the SafeMars Clone Script executes the attributes that include, Reflection, Automated Liquidity Provisions, and automated Token burn mechanism. Also, the SafeMars Clone Script extends its functionalities into the attributes serving Swapping, Liquidity provisions, and Bridging as in the case of a normal Cryptocurrency Exchange.


The reflection attribute promotes passive income to participants through the holding up of tokens. This is an alternate but innovative approach to participants seeking fundraiser-related activities. This also allows all the users of the platform to make a passive share of income for every transaction actively made. This process also improves the usability of the token associated with the platform.  

Auto-locked Liquidity

Liquidity Locking safeguards the Tokens from getting rugged. The recurrent token burning maintains the stability and utility of the token in the current Crypto market. Also in Liquidity Locking the process is entirely Transparent, visible, and performed daily. 

Token Burns

The Token burn mechanism is also an attempt to improve the token's usability and utility, sequential burns always account for the long run of any token. The Tokens are manually burned at regular intervals of time improving their demand and usability. 


SafeMars Clone Script is provided with a Swapping attribute promoting efficient swapping of currencies between the platform-compatible currencies based on the requirements of the customer.


The Bridging attribute accepts and processes currencies from other chains to operate within a single entity. Our SafeMars Clone Script promotes bridging attributes by accessing currencies from different available chains.  

Liquidity Pools

The Liquidity provision has become one of the mandatory aspects of any Crypto platform developed in recent trends. The platform accepts funds from participants and makes them their Liquidity providers.

Why go with SafeMars Clone?   

--> Today cap: 0.000000046 USD

--> Trade volume: 50,762,778.

--> Circulating supply: 400 Trillion SafeMars

--> Maximum Supply: 1 Quadrillion

--> Maximum traded through PancakeSwap

--> Total Liquidity: 16M USD

--> Current holders: 300,693.

--> Tokens burned: 598 Trillion

--> 14 Days change: 840% increase

--> 1 Hour Change: 1.7% increase

Features of SafeMars Clone Script

<< Auto-Locked Liquidity

<< Automatically distributed rewards

<< Nominal Taxes on Transactions

<< Rewards on Returns to holders

<< Increased Price Floor

<< Reduced Volatility

<< Forever Deflated Supply and burn

<< Primary consideration to Security

Why Choose Maticz for SafeMars Clone Script?

Maticz Technologies the proven leader in DeFi Development avails the desired products on time offering compliance with various chains in trends along with best-in-the-market customizable design architecture. Maticz readily serves the DeFi and Cryptosphere through its products remaining on par excellence with the current Crypto trends.

SafeMars Clone Script is designed similar to that of the Reflect Finance and SafeMoon Clone protocol. The SafeMars Clone is readily made available as a platform rather than a protocol as in the case of RFI as well as the SafeMoon. SafeMars Clone Script is best suited for advanced security and improved fundraising modes accounting for the improved use case of the crypto aspirants.        

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