Maticz offers SafeMoon Clone Script to Launch DeFi Token like SafeMoon. Create SafeMoon Clone that allows RFI, Reflection, Burn, LP Acquisition on Tokens.

SafeMoon Clone Script

SafeMoon Clone Script is a combination of RFI tokenomics and an automated liquidity-generating token similar to SafeMoon. The SafeMoon Clone Script is a functional replica of the DeFi token protocol for exchanges exhibiting functionalities like the SafeMoon Protocol. 

SafeMoon Clone Script Core Functionalities -  Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn mechanisms.

The Safe Moon Clone Script is a community-driven protocol finding use with the tokens (Tokens similar to SafeMoon) and executing functionalities like the Automated Liquidity Provisions, RFI Static Rewards, and Automatic Token burns. 

Maticz offers White Label SafeMoon Token Clone Script that allows the launch of a robust & scalable token like SafeMoon with a minting and burning mechanism based on user requirements with tamper-proof security implementations.

SafeMoon - Overview

SafeMoon is a community-driven DeFi token protocol functioning mostly like the Tokenomics of the Reflect.Finance. The SafeMoon Token Protocol operates with the prime aim of leveraging revenue to its users. The SafeMoon Protocol operates with the SafeMoon Token as its native coin and the Binance Smart Chain as its chief operational framework. 

SafeMoon Tokenomics

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000.

Burned Dev Tokens: 223,000,000,000,000

Fair Launch Supply: 777,000,000,000,000

5% of the total fee to all re-distributed holders

The 5% fee is split in half, partly distributed to BNB, and the other half is distributed to pair with the BNB to form a new Liquidity Pair.

SafeMoon Clone - Create Token Protocol like SafeMoon

SafeMoon Clone is a 100% community-driven decentralized token for exchanges operating similar to SafeMoon. SafeMoon Clone is a customizable DeFi token protocol that delivers functionalities cent percent similar to that of the existing token, the SafeMoon. As the SafeMoon Clone is a white-label solution, You can avail of SafeMoon token clone and customize the Tokenomics plans based on your business requirements.

The SafeMoon Clone can be made available to its ready users in two available modes. The first mode is by building the token from scratch to deliver the end-to-end services of the SafeMoon, the second mode is the SafeMoon Clone Script.

How Does the SafeMoon Clone Script Work?

The SafeMoon Protocol Clone Script executes four core functionalities that include,

<< Reflection

<< Static Rewards

<< Manual Burns

<< Automatic Liquidity Pool


The Reflection attribute is the current trending talk of the Cryptosphere, allowing the users to make a passive share of income on every successful new entry into the platform.

Static Rewards

Static rewards are bound to solve numerous issues that include, condition-based trading, and volume-based trading. The Static rewards reduce the impacts of the pressure exerted on the Token due to its mass adoption.

Manual Burns

Manual burns are new trends that come up with the prospect of improving the Token usability.SafeMoon Clone Script's burning mechanism aims to implement beneficial outcomes in the long run. The total SafeMoon burnt is also effectively kept tracked.

Automatic Liquidity Pool

Automatic Liquidity Provisions performs two base operations, which include, acquiring funds from sellers and buyers and adding them to the LP creating a solid price floor. The second important function is that the clone script's contract supports the price floor of the Token.

How to List SafeMoon Token Clone on DEX Exchanges?

The SafeMoon Token Clone can be brought from DeFi Exchanges or Automated Market Making Protocols such as the PancakeSwap and BitMart through a set of sequential steps that include,

Account Creation

The first step in buying a SafeMoon Clone token on any AMM is account creation. the transaction account will be the managing authority serving the asset management services. 

Wallet Integration

The wallet Integration process involves integration with any of the wallets available in the current Crypto trends. The listing process progresses to the next stage only on the successful completion of the wallet integration.

Fund Deposit

The Cryptocurrency can be deposited into the specified AMM’s wallet address and can be easily withdrawn from third-party sites like Coinbase. Only then the funds can easily be set free for the transaction.

Binance Smart Chain Enlisting

Since SafeMoon Clone executes core functionalities over the Binance Smart Chain, the second step is the BSC Enlisting. This process promotes the BSC-based entities to be efficiently showcased over the BSC. 

DApp Surfing

The SafeMoon Clone is sought for its improved use case by surfing through the DApp. The DApp brings all the functionalities of the DeFi under a common umbrella.  

Currency Selection

The primary step in the working of any decentralized financial platform is the specification of currency as the basic unit of transaction. This section involves the type of specific currency as the protocol’s native currency.       

Address Specification

The address specification is an alternate approach to finding the SafeMoon on the listing. The address is a numerous-digit code that rightly identifies the correct and opts audience to carry out the transaction.  

Slippage Selection

Slippage is the delimiting factor to any Crypto business in trends. The Slippage when toggled perfectly can lead to the enhanced business growth and scalability of the business protocol intended.


The Swapping is the key functionality of the platform prospect to be developed. The Swapping is done for the specified slippage and the transaction is carried out. 

Confirm the Transaction

On Successful completion of the transaction, the entities associated with the protocol are precariously noted for the precision in the degree of transaction. The confirmation prevents the leakage of assets.  

Currency Conversion

Currency conversion is the most important step in any financial Protocol developed. the currencies in any available forms may be converted into the USDT for further proceedings in the current Crypto market.

Purchasing SafeMoon

The USDT will function as the basic entity to participate in the trade-off of SafeMoon Clone. The SafeMoon Clone Token can be made use of through the USDT as the basic unit of transaction.

Features of SafeMoon Clone Script

<< High APYs

<< Percentage based returns

<< Mass Adoption

<< Trouble-free Farming Rewards

<< Compatible with market fluctuations

<< Fair Launch into the main net

Why Choose Maticz for SafeMoon Clone Script?

We Maticz Technologies the predominant DeFi Development Company design and develop the SafeMoon Clone Script with best-in-the-market product delivery, advanced architectural design, automated liquidity provisions, efficient Market analysis, and market trouble alleviation. We are the industry-leading Token Development Company that develops tokens on various Blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, etc...

At Maticz, we create tokens with 100% smart contract audited token contracts that ensure robustness & scalability in Token Minting & Burning. We develop landing pages for your token with better UI & User-friendly designs that increase your token brand visibility in the crypto market and enable you to stand out from your business competition.

We also develop the best in the market DeFi & NFT products like PancakeSwap CloneUniswap Clone, Rarible Clone, OpenSea Clone, etc. that have the prospect to outrun all the other products in the market and exhibiting core services such as swapping, reflect, and leveraging liquidity provisions, etc. 

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SafeMoon Clone Script is a RFI Tokenomics and Automated Liquidity Generation Token protocol operating over the Binance Smart Chain , Executing functionalities exactly like the SafeMoon Protocol. SafeMoon Clone is known for its Reflect attribute.

Create SafeMoon Clone that allows the users to make a considerable earning on holding up a definite amount of the SafeMoon. This is an innovative strategy in market making, making it the uncrowned ruler of the Current trend.

SafeMoon Clone avails the cent percent benefits of SafeMoon such as the automated liquidity provisions, manual token burn mechanism and adaptation to fluctuating markets.

Maticz has considerable track records in design and development of DeFi Tokens like SafeMoon to the optimal use of the aspirants. Tokens are designed keeping in mind the market requirements.

Maticz always delivers products to the enhanced use-case of the participants at a highly optimal price. The products we deliver at this cost offer competence with the counterparts in the global Crypto Market. Connect with Our Experts (WhatsApp: +91 9159159202, Telegram: @Team_Maticz) and Know the price for SafeMoon like Token Development.

Disclaimer: The term "SafeMoon" is used to provide quick understanding to readers. Our Services are not meant to brand or influence any entity.

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