This article details how to create sleep to earn platform like sleep future. Get a sleep future clone script to build a sleep wellness ecosystem like sleep future.

Sleep Future - Overview

The Sleep Future is the world's first blockchain-driven sleep wellness ecosystem that helps to maintain a proper sleeping lifestyle. The sleep future ecosystem was developed to benefit all the users by improving the quality of sleep and sustaining the health of the global community. The ecosystem is developed by integrating decentralized finance (DeFi) and a tokenization reward mechanism that benefits all users. 

The sleep future has introduced the sleep-to-earn mechanism with the rewarding system built on blockchain technology. This sleep-to-earn mechanism rewards the worldwide community for sleeping and earning $SLEEPEE tokens with the dual intent of extending sleep R&D technology and real-world utility. Maticz, the leading blockchain development company has world-class experience in developing web3 applications like sleep-to-earn, move-to-earn, etc. 

How to Create a Sleep-to-Earn Ecosystem like Sleep Future?

Aspiring to create a sleep-to-earn platform like sleep future? Our blockchain experts at Maticz develop the sleep-to-earn app like Sleep Future with advanced technologies. 

Sleep Future Clone Development from Scratch

Create a sleep future app infusing key features from scratch by hiring our blockchain experts. We develop an advanced sleep-to-earn app to provide a perfect sleep solution undergoing perfect data analysis to bring out the expected outcome. 

White label Sleep Future Clone 

The sleep future clone is a white label solution to create sleep to earn application like Sleep Future that can be customized as per the user's expectation, budget, and time frame. It is a ready-to-go solution for people who are emerging into the web3 ecosystem to launch an ideal earn-to-sleep app like Sleep Future. 

Sleep Future Clone Script

Sleep future clone script is a customized sleep-to-earn protocol created with blockchain technology, game-fi elements, sleep science, and cutting-edge technologies operating similar to Sleep Future. The Sleep Future clone script provides rewards to the users with $SLEEPEE Tokens for monitoring their sleep. The earnings are based on sleep quality scores and it is detected using sonar tracking technology. This sleep quality is determined by the REM sleep, Non-REM sleep, deep sleep, and the hours awake. 

Sleep Future Clone is a blockchain-based Web 3 protocol that creates a unique sleep wellness ecosystem that improves the sleep quality and health of the global community. Maticz, the forerunner web3 development has developed an ideal sleep future clone platform undergoing multiple testings to stake $sleepe tokens. Our professional developers make sure to deliver a bug-free sleep future clone that is up to standard. 

How does Sleep Future Clone Work?

The sleep future platform was created with the motive to improve the sleeping lifestyle and benefit the physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Sleepfuture Clone operates similarly to the sleep future platform. Let's have a look at how the sleep future clone works.

  - The users have to signup with the platform and connect with a suitable wallet to store and transact the $SLEEPEE tokens they own.

  - The users can download the mobile app to monitor their sleep and they will earn up to $2 USDT SLEEPEE for the sleep quality of 100% which is free for all.

  - The users gain access to the next new levels where the users get a secret box to maximize their earnings up to 100%. This is only for users who have activated NFTs within the app. 

  - The people who have nfts activated in their app gain access to participate in the gacha machine to draw the sleep-to-earn boosting rates up to 10-2000%. 

  - The earned SLEEPEE Token will be stored in the app where the balance will be reflected in the wallet.

  - The users can convert their nominal balance to realized balance accounts by qualifying the KYC slots. This KYC slot is qualified by staking and unlocking SLEEPEE tokens during the reward period. 

  - Once the KYC slot is qualified the users can withdraw their SLEEPEE tokens to their external wallet address through the realized balance account.

  - The users will be charged a 2% withdrawal fee for all external wallet withdrawals.

Features of Sleep Future Clone Script

The Sleep Future lone is developed by encompassing the unique features to make the app run seamlessly to improve the sleep quality and health of the global community.

Token Model

One of the primary features of the sleep future platform is its native token $SLEEPEE which is given as a reward to the users for sleeping. This brings a wide awareness to the participants and improves the business model. 

Sleep-to-earn rewards 

The sleep-to-earn mechanism itself is an impressive feature of this platform. This entices various people, crypto investors, and entrepreneurs to develop such web3 platforms.


Game-Fi is the trending play-to-earn blockchain-related gaming application that helps the users make incentives like cryptos, NFTs, etc. The sleep future clone is developed with the game-fi elements to attract a global audience. 


Sleep future clone is developed with the sleep cloud which is the data intelligence system that delivers trustworthiness, computing, storage, big data, and AI for R&D purposes. 

Data protection

Sleepfuture clone is developed in such a way that the data is stored securely and anonymously on the blockchain. The data is released only with the user's consent and voluntary participation. 


The $SLEEPEE holders can be a part of the DAO and have the authority to vote for the platform development. The DAO members will obtain a 5% operating profit which is given in terms of the sleep-to-earn earnings.

Revenue Generating Modules of Sleep Future Clone

The sleep future clone benefits the users by rewarding them with the $SLEEPEE Tokens.


$Sleepee is the sleep future token with the ERC20 token standard which is rewarded to the users who are having the perfect good night's sleep. The users are rewarded with the $SLEEPEE tokens based on their sleep quality score. Through this, the users can boost their sleep-to-earn earnings by acquiring and staking $SLEEPEE tokens and can exchange for the slot to convert their tokens to convertible balance. 

Why Create Sleep Future Clone?

The world is witnessing advancements and the business standard is flaring up with emerging technologies like blockchain technology, metaverse, and web3. Many entrepreneurs are opting for these technologies to make their business level up in this competitive world. Accordingly, the sleep future clone is one such business model developed based on blockchain technology and web3 that helps to create a sleep-to-earn lifestyle app. 

Sleep-to-earn has been a beneficial aspect to all users as the pandemic has made people more stressed and insomniac. Keeping this as a motive, the sleep future clone is launched to improve the quality of sleep by rewarding the users. Launching a sleep future clone will help the sleep-related traders to make their business grow high and provide financial assistance. Excel in the market by creating your own sleep-to-earn, move-to-earn, and other play-to-earn platforms in the thriving web3 world. 

Why choose Maticz for Sleep Future Clone Development? 

Maticz, the notable player in sleep future clone development provides innovative value-driven solutions to develop a sleep-to-earn app like sleep future. Our blockchain experts at maticz make customer satisfaction a top priority and deliver high-quality services to develop web3 applications such as sleep-to-earn, move-to-earn, and other play-to-earn applications. 

Our ardent blockchain developers at Maticz have vast knowledge and a dynamic approach to developing a successful product. We are well-versed in delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions to enhance your business growth. Our expert team at maticz helps you to become the frontrunner in the web3 world by levering futuristic technologies and making your business reach heights.

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