Maticz is a leading soulbound token development company that offers premium SBT development services with the industry’s best soulbound token developers.

Time has gone by when we need to carry on thousands of files to keep our details and achievements. Soulbound tokens, another innovation in the token industry have come to be a savior of our credentials.

Soulbound Token (SBT)

As the name suggests, SBTs comprise souls that are eternally bound. Soulbound tokens are digital tokens that work beyond making money and showing off by having a focus on creating social identity. They open up avenues when there is a need to prove one’s qualifications, work experience, or access to virtual gatherings. Although both serve as a symbol of ownership and identity, what makes SBTs different from NFTs is that the former ones are non-transferable and non-tradable.

Soulbound token development company

In today’s world, everyone tries their best to stand unique from others as identity matters the most. This is where the soulbound token use cases come in with their astonishing benefits. Many companies and organizations have started dipping their toes into SBT waters to overcome the problems associated with the verification process. 

Maticz is a renowned soulbound token development company that offers top-rated SBT development services with the industry’s best token developers. Being the pioneers in blockchain technology, our ideal token developers strive to develop your unique soulbound tokens with distinctive features and capabilities using up-to-date technology advancements.

Soulbound token (SBT) development process

Since Soulbound tokens have their foundation in NFTs, the first step in developing SBT is to write NFT smart contracts and then customize its code to create Soulbound tokens. By blocking the transfers, it becomes easy to deploy soulbound smart contracts thereby making it a non-transferable token. After adding NFT assets to it, SBTs become ready to be minted.

Soulbound token development services

As a vanguard in smart contracts and tokens, Maticz offers clients the following best Soulbound token development services.

NFT ownership

Minting NFTs from Soul wallet can not only provide ownership of the digital assets to the users but also reduces the dependency of NFTs on a centralized marketplace even if it gets out of action.

Soul-backed DAO

DAO is always at stake since anyone can buy multiple wallets to increase their voting power but using SBTs in DAO can validate the voters by issuing their verified identity.

Soul drops 

If Souldrops are issued with soulbound tokens, they make sure that the airdrops reach the target community by analyzing the details of the Souls of the users and preventing Sybil attacks.

NFT art

By linking art NFTs with the user’s Soul, the artists can prove who they are rather than depending on centralized platforms to showcase their digital assets.


Soulbound tokens act as a proof of presence for the users in meetings and events be they virtual or real. Even to record academic and employee attendance, SBTs come in handy.

Uncollateralized lends

In loans, SBTs act as a non-seizable reputation collateral with which the borrower cannot deceit the actual amount since everything stored in the borrower's Soul wallet is non-transferable.

Features of Soulbound token development

The presence of the below-mentioned features aids the users to be in charge of their data, identity, and records.


Users can retrieve their soulbound tokens by adding any individual as a guardian to recover the private keys of their Soul wallet if it gets lost. 

Sybil resistance

The presence of Sybil resistance makes it impossible to undertake any kind of Sybil attack by creating multiple fake nodes and tokens.

Key management

Managing keys and making changes to the already existing keys are easy to do tasks in soulbound tokens since it requires only consent from either users or their guardian’s consent.

User acceptance

Soulbound tokens allow the users to examine and accept any SBTs they receive. They give users complete control over accepting tokens to prevent spam tokens.


With the feature of Queriability in SBTs, third parties can raise a query in case of any mismatch while verifying whether the given address matches the address attached to the given soulbound tokens.

Benefits of Soulbound token development

The benefits listed below put Soulbound tokens in the spotlight and let users profit from them to the fullest.


Soulbound tokens can validate the achievements and qualifications of users whether they are genuinely the owners of what they claim. It increases the trust of third-party organizations over individuals with SBTs. 

Multiple wallets

Unlike other tokens, Soulbound tokens give the users a sense of comfort by opening an opportunity to hold multiple Souls to represent their credentials achieved in various stages of life.


SBTs are inviolable to phishing attacks and spoof issues since it is impossible to steal, disable or destroy information stored in it.


SBTs are digital tokens of immutable and fixed nature which make it impossible to alter, replicate or falsify the credentials and data stored in them.

What makes us top soulbound token development company?

Maticz is an eminent and illustrious token development company whose goal is to provide its customers with top products at the best market price without compromising on quality. Our dynamic developers aid you in getting a better user experience by incorporating their unique ideas and strategies into your projects. Our services do not stop with testing the final product but also with deploying it to get more exposure among the customers. Get unbeatable services and solutions by joining our experts and developing your Soulbound token today.

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