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Binance Smart Chain currently is the best-performing chain in recent trends with plenty of highlighting features that include improved smart contracting and programmability to the assets. currently is the best-performing exchange on the Binance Smart Chain delivering the staking, yield Farming, and liquidity provisions to the specific users of the Binance Network.         

Sponge Finance Clone Script 

Sponge Finance Clone Script is a Yielding Farming Protocol operating similar to Sponge.Finance, promoting the add-on functionalities that include the Staking, and DeFi Tokenisation Exclusively over the Binance Smart Chain.
The Sponge.Finance Clone Script is a 100% White Label Solution that allows customization based on the client’s requirements and offers enhanced scalability through the variety of tokenization schemes on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Features of the Sponge.Finance Clone Script

<< Versatile Smart Contracts
<< Multiple Tokenisation Schemes
<< Soaking the Sponge Event
<< Multi-Wallet Integration
<< Multi-Currency Support
<< Handle up to 50,000 users at a time
<< 100% White Label Solution
<< Smart Contract Audited Software

Sponge.Finance - Overview

The Sponge.Finance is a High-yield generating yield farming protocol extending its services into Crypto Staking and Tokenisation through a variety of tokens like the Soak, Sponge, and Steam.
The Sponge is its native token effectively operating over the Binance Smart Chain.

Sponge Finance Clone - Create DeFi Exchange like Sponge Finance

The Sponge.Finance Clone Development is a set of processes that leads to the design and development of an Exchange delivering services entirely similar to The Clone can be availed in two modes of availability that include building up the platform from scratch and building the Clone with customization as suggested by the users. 
The Customized modes pave for the Sponge Finance Clone delivering the core functionalities of the Exchange with user-suggested specifications to the UI as well as its functioning modes.  

Sponge Finance Clone 

Sponge Finance Clone is a Binance Smart Chain-based Decentralized Exchange Platform functioning similarly to Sponge.Finance. Our Sponge Finance Clone is an operational blend of DeFi Developers and Investors clubbed up to deliver the core functionalities that include Staking, Yield Farming, and Tokenization to the active participants of the digital space.  
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Working Mechanism of Sponge Finance Clone

Sponge Finance Clone Trading

Sponge Finance trading platform development comprises Exchange attribute inclusion and Liquidity attribute inclusion to the Decentralized Exchange Platform projected to be developed.
The Exchange attribute promotes the Tokens to be Exchanged between the available specifications along with the Trade-off deadline and Token Slippage.
Token Slippage reduces the chances of the participant facing depreciation in the market while trading off by fixing a value below which the trade automatically cancels out itself.
Liquidity Pools in any Platform are developed keeping in mind the usability of the platform as well as its native tokens. The liquidity of the Platform has a direct dependence on its usability of it.

Farming in Sponge Finance Clone Script

The Farming Platform Development is done keeping in mind the percentage share of returns to the investors, the liquidity providers on staking LP Tokens will be able to earn soak tokens in return.  There are several farming platforms inherent in the Sponge.Finance Clone that includes,

Staking in Sponge Finance Clone Script 

The Staking Platform Development allows Staking one type of Token to earn rewards in the form of another token. The Staking Pool inherent with the Sponge.Finance Clone is the SOAP Pool, this pool accepts stakes in the form of SOAK and processes the rewards as per the number of blocks.  

Sponge Finance Clone Tokenomics

Sponge Tokenomics
Maximum expected supply of 100k SPG, approximately over 80% of the maximum supply adds up to the Tenet Liquidity Tap, while the 10 % is used to provide initial liquidity with 50 BNB, and the remaining 10 % is utilized for further improvements.
SOAK Tokenomics
SOAK has an unprecedented supply, DApp emits over 1Token for every processed block. The initial liquidity is 50 BNB for 15,000 SOAK, 2% of the transactions are sent to the SOAK contracts.  

Sponge Finance Clone Script Smart Contracts

The Sponge Finance Smart Contracts is made to work over two different types of Smart Contracts that include the MasterChef Smart Contract and Timelock Smart Contract. These Smart Contracts are bound to offer quality audits and rapid speed processing along with highly precise asset monitoring and asset management.

How does Sponge Finance Clone Work?

<< Head to the Exchange page
<< Unlock the Binance Smart Chain Wallet
<< Select the specific token to be traded off 
<< On confirmation proceed to swap the tokens
<< Confirm the Transaction in the wallet
<< View the transaction in the BSC Scan

Why Choose Maticz for Sponge Finance Clone Script?

Maticz Technologies, the pioneer in DeFi development has kept track of the efficient performance of various chains and their impact on the DeFi Domains and developed the Sponge Finance Clone Script for the effective use of participants. The Sponge.Finance Clone Script contributes to the exclusive users of Binance Smart Chain to proceed with their financial services, offering desirable features that include on-time product delivery and post-product usability assistance through several use cases along with specifications briefing out the efficient functioning of the platform developed.

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