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Web3 - All You Need To Know

Web3 is the future of the web which is powered by Blockchain technology driving the path for the decentralized web. Web2 is a centralized system where the corporates own everything over the internet. This is where web3 will be playing a major role, giving credit to the creators of every content they create over the digital space.

To make it simple web3 is described as the next evolution of the present web world, every content in web2 is not owned by anyone but web3 creates the ownership of the content to the creator. Apart from this web3 improves the concerns related to privacy and data theft resulting in better online platforms. All information in web3 is minted with blockchain which makes the content to be modified or removed. Web3 has just started its journey and it has a long way to go that would change the whole view of the digital world.

Evolution of Web3 from Web1

The period of web1 was around the late 90s to 2000s which has just a static page that performs like a content-delivery network. This started changing then during 1999 but after the O'Reilly Media Web2 conference, the situation completely changed with web2. Web1 was stated as read only whereas web2 was stated as read and write. But here web3 comes up with the statement of read, write, and own.

The term "Web3" was coined in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, only after the launch of the Ethereum network the world started to experience the worth of web3 and now the tech world is redefining the world with web3 solutions.

Web3 Development

The future will be filled with tons of web3 platforms as many web3 companies around the globe are offering a wide range of web3 development services that help the growth of the digital space. The growth of blockchain technology has paved the path for the implementation of Web 3.0 solutions in the digital space resulting in the transformation of the Web3 world. Web 3.0 differs from web3 and you know more about it here → Differentiating web3 and web 3.0.

Web3 development involves the development of various web3 platforms which also involves the transformation of web2 platforms to web3 from browsers to chatting applications. Many entrepreneurs have implemented their web3 business models with the help of experienced web3 developers. Are you a person looking for a team to develop your business idea? Then you may connect with the experts of Maticz, one of the leading web3 development agencies offering revolutionary web3 solutions.

Web3 Solutions - Changes The Digital Space

Web3 solutions will change the digital space forever in the upcoming years, web2 has changed the scenario of web1 and now it's time to move on with web3. Web2 is based on read and write whereas web3 changes the scenario with read, write, and own. Everything present in the web3 space is owned by a person, by the creator. Web3 is the new era of the digital space which is attracting more youngsters because of its unique features and functionality.

Web3 solutions change the way we use the digital space, applications, and other digital platforms from browsers to social media, from online learning platforms to e-commerce sites. Web3 improves the way we work and opting out of web3 solutions into your existing model helps in the growth of the business in the digital space.

Key Elements of Web3

Every youngster is going beyond web3 because of its revolutionary functionalities and features that benefit the users of the ecosystem.


Web3 makes every system and application decentralized which removes the person in charge at every place and brings in smart contracts to move forward every process under the decentralized system.


Web3 removes the central authority for decision-making and brings the concept of community-owned governance where the community members have the complete right to bring any kind of change with their voting rights, not the central authority.


Web3 is benefitting every creator where every digital asset in the digital space belongs to the creator and the platform does not own any of the creation. This helps the creator and encourages them to make more creations.


Web3 improves the scalability of every platform, even with lots of active users web3 platform provides a hassle-free performance to the users and performs without any issues this improves the capabilities of the digital platforms.


Web3 is named for its safety and security which has gained the trust of the users, at present web3 platforms are the most secure place when compared to other technologies that prevent any kind of hacks.

Web3 Use Cases

There are various web3 use cases in various industries and the digital space. Here are a few use cases listed below that would make a huge difference in the coming days

Decentralized Finance

The implementation of web3 opens up the gate for a decentralized system to manage every financial activity where banks are working on the implementation of web3 functionalities to take their financial activities to the next height.


Web3 opens a new-age decentralized autonomous organization that involves every operation from voting to handling finance under a decentralized system. In simple terms, it's a community/member-owned organization that runs without any central authority.

Digital Asset Management

Web3 helps every person to manage their digital asset in a better way, which secures every digital asset of the person and also is involved in the trading of the digital assets. Apart from assets, it also makes its way into the management of digital identity.

Social Apps

The present generation is working on the development of a secured and trustable social application where web3 will be the right choice so soon the world will be experiencing the best web3-based social applications.


Web3 comes up with a new storage solution that helps everyone store their digital assets and data securely with the help of the blockchain. Web3 divides a single data into multiple files and stores them in various nodes improving safety and security.

Web3 - 2024 Market

The web3 market is growing beyond the expectation that in the next ten years, most of the digital platforms will be developed with web3 solutions. The crypto market helps in the growth of the crypto-based web3 platforms which directly uplifts the web3 space resulting in the development of the other web3 platforms. The rise of bitcoin involves the growth of web3 space as well and with the crypto market going back on track, the bull market will tend to develop and launch various web3 platforms in 2024.

With BlackRock and other top companies going behind Bitcoin, the crypto market will open up a new high in the market attracting millions to the crypto market. The spot bitcoin ETF approval will make history in the web3 industry attracting a global audience to the crypto market which will result in the development of the web3 space.

(i) With NFT and crypto hype, there will be development and launch of many web3 games in 2024.

(ii) 2024 will be the year for the groundwork of various web3 ideas seen in action.

The world will see a new high in the crypto market that recreates history.

(iii) Many new applications will be brought to the world that will replace our day-to-day apps.

(iv) Every financial institution will open its gate for blockchain and crypto which would lay the way for web3 development.

Apart from this, the government will be working on all the possibilities to regulate and improve the web3 space legally and safely. Overall, 2024 will be the one year that sets up the groundwork for the future of web3 development.

Maticz - Partner With Us For Web3 Development

Maticz the leading web3 development company from India works with multiple clients around the globe in the development and launch of various web3 platforms. With experienced web3 developers, Maticz has successfully developed and launched 200+ platforms in the digital space in the last three years.

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