Maticz offers Yearn Finance Clone Script to Start DeFi Protocol like Yearn.Finance. Our Yearn Finance Clone Software supports Staking, Lending, Exchange.

Maticz a pioneer DeFi Development Company offers the users primary command over the Defi based products through our services remaining in line with the globally available Defi Development services

Yearn Finance aims at adopting an optimal strategy for its assets. If you think of leveraging the yield over Ethereum & its tokens,  You can Start DeFi platform like Yearn Finance which will be the ideal source of generating rewards on returns.

Yearn Finance Clone

Yearn Finance Clone is a multi-tested & readymade DeFi protocol that performs similar to Yearn.Finance. Yearn Finance Clone designed to deliver DeFi based services including DeFi Staking, Exchange, Crypto Wallet services, and Crypto Lending services, etc.

Yearn.Finance - Overview: 

Yearn Finance is a Global Yield aggregator that functions exclusively on the Ethereum Blockchain network. It leverages yield by the dynamic distribution of Liquidity to a number of Defi protocols. The protocols include:





The key highlight of this particular platform is that during product launch the developers had no instance of holding a particular stake for further use, thus making it the most trusted asset transfer protocol ever exist in the current trends.

How to Start DeFi Protocol like Yearn Finance?

To be able to get benefits through leveraged farming, the beneficiary has to opt for building a specialization portal carrying out operations either from very scratch or by building a Clone Script fulfilling the requirements of the beneficiary.  

Yearn Finance Clone Script

Yearn Finance Clone Script is an ideal DeFi protocol script designed to deliver desirable features such as DeFi Staking, Yield farming, Lending Services. Yearn Finance Clone Script is basically an Ethereum based DApp delivering the decentralized degree of services to the end-users. Our Yearn.Finance Clone script aims at optimizing the yield through improvising the Defi capabilities.

Why go for Yearn Finance Clone Script?

• High yielding DApp

• Automated liquidity provision

• Opened up business strategies

• Entirely decentralized process

• Robust smart contract codes

• Improved Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

Yearn Finance Clone Script Features

• 1000X leverage

• Shorting of assets in a crisis

• Efficient liquidation

• Liquidation through lending

• Single ultimate entity to dispatch deposits

• Opens up new liquidity provisions

• Debt tokenization

YFI Clone Script Tokenisation

Our Yearn Finance Clone Script tokenizes the debts to promote the smooth flow of assets. These assets can be made to operate over the other Defi protocol aided frameworks through the use of the tokens.

Yearn Finance Clone Protocols

Reduced rate pooling approach

Aggregated Lending

Swift and smooth asset transfer

Improvised user experience

Token-based Government policy proceedings

Simplified and secured transactions

Anti-Malafide monetary security

How does our Yearn Finance Clone work?

Pool Creation:

Our Clone Script’s protocol creates a pool by depositing a stable coin into it. The pool on receiving the stable coin will generate a Y token as an ideal replacement for participants taking part in the transaction. These Y tokens allow for the participation of assets in different Defi protocols.

Asset Inclusion:

Users will be prompted to deposit an asset in any recognized form to the protocol. In return, he will get the corresponding Y tokens for taking part in the transaction.


The Clone’s protocol validates the performance of assets with that of other performing assets. Re-balancing the pool through triggering is ensured at that point in time. In times of a high performing asset other than our prescribed asset, the user will be able to redeem his asset through which he sought inclusion to the portal and receive the corresponding Y token at that instant.

YCRV Pools:

As the protocol starts growing, the assets found no way to get transacted. Therefore there arises a need for a separate protocol to manage assets. The separate protocol called Y curve has been included along with the Clone script to trade and transact the assets.

APY Anticipation: 

Our Clone Script monitors the market performance of assets and anticipates all time attributes of Annual Per Yielding factors. APY Anticipation attribute allows for the thorough track and trade of assets. 

 YCRV Supported Tokens:




These allow for the direct swapping between these assets without under wrapping to their original underlying unit.

Key Functionalities of our Yearn Finance Clone 

Our Clone Script delivers the following 5 core functionalities,

• Vaults

• Zap

• Earn


• Cover


This feature enables Smart Contracts to opt for a better Yielding opportunity through its set of strategies. They are community-operated guidelines that get info from a community comprising of a number of participants. Vaults use liquidity as collateral and provide benefits like the rewards on returns, interest rates, and optimized gas fee.

Vault Dashboards:

The vault dashboards denote the type of asset transacted with the earnings subjected to the portal along with the currently available asset to be deposited into the portal.


APR refers to the Annual Percentage Rate. APR is charged to the borrower of funds and given to the investor in physical terms. This is just a transaction history tab denoting the performance of various Yearn supported tokens over various Defi protocols.


Zap is an automated portal to provide Exchange services to take place with a very low transaction fee. This portal allows rapid entry into the Y curve liquidity portal.


This feature adds the Smart Contract insurance scheme to our Clone Script. The insurance is an entirely Decentralized network operating over the Ethereum Blockchain network. The cover feature brings about integration with the nexus insurance scheme portal.

Why Choose Maticz's Yearn Finance Clone Script?

We the Maticz, the pioneer Crypto solution provider through our qualified set of developers and analysts have set out to deliver Defi Development services to the customer required queries. 

Our Yearn Finance Clone Script is efficient in enabling the customers with the quality of service on par with the globally recognized Yield Farming and Exchange platforms offering beneficial features like leveraged liquidity, reduced transaction cost, entirely automated process, and cent percent Decentralized modes of operation.

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