What is Base Blockchain?

The base is a Layer-2 solution, extended on the Ethereum blockchain, to provide high traffic capacity, scalability, and speed. It was launched by Coinbase in 2023 and operated off-chain to reduce network congestion and lower transaction costs on the Ethereum network. 

The base is an attempt to increase the scalability and effectiveness of the Ethereum blockchain. Base’s launch has the objective of improving the Ethereum system by bringing in quicker transactions and lower fees. 

The base is more accessible, developer-friendly, and is completely compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Because of this EVM compatibility, Developers can deploy their apps on Base, without having to make significant changes to their code and tools. 

In simpler form, Base is 10 times cheaper than Ethereum, it helps carry the traffic load of the Ethereum blockchain while retaining the security of the main chain.

Why Choose Base for Blockchain Development?

Base offers many advantages, making it an appealing choice for developers and users. The primary advantages of Base blockchain are low gas fees, scalability, and quicker transactions concerning the Ethereum network;

Open Source

Base's goal is to build a standardized, rollup-agnostic, modular superchain driven by optimism. It is decentralized, permissionless, and open to all. This open-source methodology fosters accountability, trust, and a platform for dynamic collaboration. 

Backed by Ethereum

The base is designed to power your decentralized apps with the scalability and security you need. You can safely onramp into Base from Coinbase, Ethereum L1, and other interoperable chains by using the underlying security of Ethereum and Coinbase’s best practices.  

Equipped by Coinbase

Building dApps is made simple by Base, which gives you access to Coinbase tools, users, and products. Coinbase ecosystem boasts over $80B in assets and 110m users. Developers can cater this to the user base with ease thanks to seamless Coinbase product integrations, simple fiat onramps, and robust acquisition tools. 

Full EVM Equivalence

Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM) aids Base for smart contract execution and seamless dApp deployment. Integration with existing EVM tools and resources is made possible by the development of the OVM by using the minimally modified Geth execution client and the same opcodes.

Account Abstraction

The Base blockchain supports Account Abstraction, which means users can interact with smart contracts seamlessly without worrying about gas fees or transaction signatures. This is used to verify the account’s identities and functionalities without the use of private or public keys. 

Base Blockchain Development

Maticz is the best-in-class Base blockchain development company known internationally and constantly working on various blockchain platforms like Solana, Ethereum, Binance smart chain, BSC, polygon, Tron, etc. We apply inventive development approaches and high-tech integrations to bring in thriving success.

We work with our experienced professionals and deliver customer satisfaction by putting their ideas into practice through blockchain development. Feel free to establish yourself in this crypto world by sharing your ideas for Base token development, Base dApp, NFT marketplace, and more.  

Base Blockchain Development Services

Maticz offers top-rated base blockchain development services to assist businesses under various specialized markets, support and cope with the ever-evolving digital landscape;

Base Blockchain Consulting

Our Blockchain experts assist businesses in understanding the benefits of using the Base blockchain for their particular use case. We offer tailored blockchain consulting services including strategies, cost savings, advantages, and valuable insights through technical and tactical analysis.   

Smart Contract Development and Audit

We develop unique and error-free smart contracts for NFT, Web3, and DeFi projects that work well with all business needs and models. Additionally, Our developers perform smart contract auditing to assist firms in unmatched efficiency and automation. 

Base dApp Development

Our skilled team of app developers can create highly bespoke, commercially viable dApps for various uses like crowdfunding, payments, and more. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, tools, and processes, we help companies introduce feature-rich dApps and increase the return on investment.

Base Wallet Development 

For every Base project, we create crypto wallets for web and mobile wallets that let users send, receive, and manage digital assets like cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other digital items. Our quick, simple, safe, and compliant regulations wallets can be combined with various payment gateways to offer smooth access to the dApps & Base ecosystem.

Base Token Development

Tokens are essential to blockchain initiatives. We create and incorporate unique tokens into dApps to support a range of use cases and improve your ecosystem’s overall performance. Moreover, we help companies tokenize assets, start token sales, and build custom token economies on the Base blockchain.

Defi Exchange and Integration

We use swift and secure Base blockchain to provide deFi exchange development and integration services. We build Base-based exchange platforms from scratch and incorporate the trading engine and APIs into existing exchanges. Exchange platforms powered by Base, offer a smooth trading experience and enable transactions across different blockchains. 

Support and Maintenance

We offer continuous maintenance and support to ensure that your Base blockchain projects are operational at all times. To scale up your project to your evolving needs, our dedicated team takes care of technical flaws, applies updates, and optimizes your app. 

Base Blockchain Development Solutions

We provide modern blockchain solutions on Base, enabling companies to create new opportunities and revolutionize industries. Explore the all-inclusive range of base blockchain development solutions;

Web3 Platform Development

Use our specialized web3 platform development to increase your online visibility. We develop scalable and user-friendly platforms that enable seamless user connections to decentralized applications.


Launchpad facilitates the fundraising of cryptocurrency projects by providing investors with tokens or coins in return for their money. Using Base, we can assist you with IDO launchpad development because of its leading role in smart contracts.

NFT Marketplace

From art and collectibles to digital real estate and in-game items, our Base-powered NFT marketplaces provide a specialized platform that facilitates creating, buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

Gaming Ecosystem

With quicker transaction speed and lower gas fees, our gaming ecosystems supported by Base provides true ownership, fair economy, and seamless interoperability across various gaming environments, transforming the gaming industry. 

Tokenization Platform

To increase the traceability of digital or physical assets, we assist individuals and companies in tokenizing their holdings. Our Base tokenization platform enables the transferability of assets, and liquidity, whether they be real estate, stocks, or intellectual property rights. This opens up new investment avenues. 

Cross Border Payments

Having the ability to solve network congestion and low latency, Base aids fast, low-cost, and borderless payments, supporting businesses and individuals to transact globally with ease.

Base Blockchain App Development Process

Implementing cutting-edge technologies and novel protocols, along with endorsing industry-leading development strategies, are all part of the base blockchain development process.

Analyze the Project Scope

Firstly, our consultants get together with you (clients) to analyze and understand your unique blockchain project requirements. We make sure that our development satisfies the particular needs and goals that align with the base blockchain architecture. 

Choose a Platform

There are many blockchain platforms, each with its strengths and weaknesses. We suggest common platforms that include Ethereum, Hyperledger, Tron, etc. We try to consider factors like scalability, security, transparency, and the programming languages that support your choice. 


We plan the app’s framework, UI flow, and smart contracts which involves implementing logic to enable off-chain transactions and batch submissions to the Ethereum blockchain. We emphasize optimizing these processes to ensure scalability and profitability.


Based on the design, the development team will create the front-end (user interface) and back-end (smart contracts) of the applications. The team also develops an integration to validate batches of transactions. Before a transaction is added to the Ethereum blockchain, it is thoroughly reviewed by a group of validators.


Precise testing is crucial in base blockchain app development due to the potential of bugs being permanent on the blockchain. We incorporate a powerful fraud-proof mechanism using cryptographic hashes which ensures data integrity and security.


When the application passes all the testing without any errors, it's time to roll it out of Base. To ensure a successful and seamless process, adhere to the deployment guidelines provided by Optimism and Base. This phase includes setting up the gas fees and efficiently deploying the smart contracts. 

Maintenance & Upkeep

Base blockchain apps need constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure security and seamless operations. This includes tracking performance, bug fixing, and issue solving to ensure a reliable application.

Benefits of Base Blockchain Development

Employing Base for blockchain app development holds many advantages for startups, big shots, and individuals. Let’s see the potential use cases below;


The base is built on the OP stack (Optimism Protocol) to increase scalability. Instead of processing Ethereum’s 15 TPS, by reducing congestion, Base processes 2000 TPS.

Quicker Transactions

Optimistic rollups combine multiple transactions into a single mainnet submission to be efficient while maintaining high security. They allow for more efficient data processing, and quicker and affordable transactions, which results in a scalable and streamlined network.


The base blockchain provides a stable and dependable environment to develop dApps. Additionally, Base is available to users and developers whenever they need it with the least amount of downtime. High availability helps with the uninterrupted and seamless operation of dApps.

Cost Efficient

Base offers low transaction fees which is an issue in Ethereum L1, L2 execution fees and L1 security fees are the two parts of Base transaction fees. These lower costs result in higher data compression than Ethereum. Because of this, Base turns out as an affordable platform for developers and users.


Base and Ethereum have minor technical divergences, but developers can deploy their existing Ethereum codebase without any tweaks Since base is fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Hire Base Blockchain Developers

Are you trying to find a team of base blockchain developers to get your project started? Engage the fresh perspectives of skilled blockchain experts who have contributed to numerous international blockchain projects. Our developers figure out the best strategy for each project’s success owing to their extensive experience with blockchain technology.

With advanced tools and well-trained skills, Our base blockchain developers can develop your project reliably. Employing our development team will yield the best results because we work on a standard process that will set your project apart in the global marketplace.

Even after considering everything listed above, you might be unsure about hiring blockchain developers. Maticz's developers operate in a special manner that allows them to concentrate on the project's vision. Our developers are tasked with translating your expectations into reality.

- Inventive Approach

- Modern Technologies

- Experienced Professionals

- Greater Insights

What Makes Us The Best Base Blockchain Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best base blockchain development companies recognized for developing contrastive base blockchain platforms. Our team analyzes the sphere of activity, works towards the proposal, simplifies the solutions, and starts from scratch if needed or works on the existing solution. 

Maticz gives startups and businesses the ability to survive in the rapidly changing digital landscape by aiding them in integrating cutting-edge blockchain solutions. Regardless of industry, Our experience enables you to achieve technological goals within the allotted time frame. If you’re searching for an excellent company to collaborate with for blockchain development services, get in touch with us straight away to discuss the process further in detail.

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