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Enter the world of sports betting and allow gamblers to enjoy a surreal online casino-playing experience with a fine-tuned BC game clone script.

What is BC Game?

BC Game is a community-driven crypto casino platform that delivers a seamless casino-like gameplay experience in the best possible way. It is an online casino gaming platform where players can earn cryptocurrency for placing bets on games. The game module consists of:

(i) ATM Game - Also known as the crash game in which players should place a bet on a game in a second & then press the Crash button to win.

(ii) Roll Game - A dice game where players can roll the dice & choose high or low to win.

(iii) Nonce Dice Game - The player should choose the nonce value of Ethereum's new height and place a bet. After 2-3 seconds, the result will be announced.

(iv) Black Jack Game - Traditional casino game.

The casino offers 8000+ games, and the platform also provides a sportsbook space that enables players to bet on 80+ sports events.

Why is BC Game Trending Right Now?

In recent years, BC Game developed enormously and quickly became one of the best Bitcoin gambling sites.

According to Cryptonews, the platform witnessed 3 million players from more than 150 countries in its casino and sportsbook arena. In addition, the inclusion of cryptocurrency and native tokens (BCD) boosted the ecosystem and set the BC Game platform apart from traditional sportsbook & casino applications.

Some astonishing stats & facts about BC.Game

1. 58 Game providers

2. More than 8000 casino games

3. Sportsbook with 80+ sporting market

4. Includes more than 150 crypto & Fiat payment solutions

5. The massive welcome bonus ($220,000)

6. Attractive VIP program & royalty bonus

7. Available in mobile applications & most nations

8. Officially licensed in Curacao.

9. Sponsorship with the Argentine Football Association

Some attractive features that help the game dominate online gaming are:

1. 40% referral bonus

2. Daily Bonus feature

3. Lucky prize to six random players from the chat section every 6 hours.

4. Ability Bonus - rewarding 10 players per month.

5. Awesome welcome bonus.

How to Create a Crypto Casino Game like BC.Game?

A versatile platform like BC.Games can be developed from scratch, which requires skilled developers, a game studio, extensive resources, and a budget for effective development. Further, the development process is cumbersome and takes more than months.

But how can an entrepreneur dive into this flourishing space with a robust platform like BC.Game in a minimal time & budget?

The best answer is BC.Game Clone Script! BC.Game clone script is considered the best alternative to BC.Game development from scratch by the tech peeps.

Bc Game Clone Script

BC Game Clone Script is a pre-coded software that can be readily used to build an all-inclusive online casino gaming and sportsbook platform like BC.Game. BC game clone script supports unlimited crypto-based casino games and sports betting platforms. 

BC Game Clone can be tailored according to market evolution and business requirements and developed into high-performing gaming applications and a more secure & advanced sports betting platform.

White Label BC.Game Clone Software helps you turn your unique casino game ideas into a pitch-perfect platform like clone software is a market-ready solution that can be customized based on the client's requirements.

Considering the above stats of BC.Game platform and the potential benefits of BC.Game clone script, it is recommended to place your bet on BC.Game clone for stunning BC.Game-like platform development rather than opting for scratch development. Further, BC.Game clone comes with start-up start-up-friendly business model and a premium model (suitable for corporates).

The success of any application or platform mainly relies on the in-built features & functionalities. So, it is necessary to look out for crucial features (listed below) in any BC.Game clone.

Features of BC Game Clone Script 

Any BC.Game clone should consist of the following features:

Captivating UI/UX

It is necessary to include enthralling UI/UX features. The platform should be beginner-friendly, and users should find it easy to navigate between interfaces, To engage the gamers in the long run & attract global gamers onto the platform.

Crypto & Fiat Support 

Similar to the BC.Game platform, the clone should support more than 100 cryptocurrencies along with Fiat payment to enable effective transactions & seamless gaming & betting.

Enterprise-grade Security

It is necessary to include high-end security protocols, to cope with the government regulations and standards set by the online gaming community. It is also necessary to enable secure transactions within the platform.

Royalty & Reward System 

The Royalty & Reward system is a crucial feature that should be incorporated to increase the user base. Like BC.Game platform, daily rewards, bonuses, random prizes, royalty program etc., should be included.


BC.Game clone script should be flexible and compatible enough to allow the inclusion of other gaming genres in the ecosystem to deliver a surreal gameplay and sportsbook experience. 

VIP Access

VIP Access is the better-to-have feature in BC.Game clone script that allows the VIP members to access premium features, signed memorabilia, giveaway, exclusive chat option, special privileges, etc.

Forum Support

A dedicated online forum is necessary to help & enable the community members to get instant support & resolve their support. This feature also allows them to discuss common subjects.

What are the most popular Casino games other than BC Game?

Apart from BC.Game and many other casino games dominate the online casino gaming niche, which is listed below.

(i) Crash Game - Easy to play gambling games with graphs and volatile betting odds.

(ii) Spinning Game -  A classic spin wheel game.

(iii) Coin Flip Game - Coin flip game where the player should guess either of the sides before it turns.

(iv) Blackjack Casino Game - Traditional casino banking game.

(v) Classic Dice Game - a classic dice game (objective to score more points).

BC Game Clone Solutions

BC Game Clone comes with many in-built or add-on scripts that can be included in the gaming platform development based on the requirements. Some popular BC Game clone solutions that can be incorporated into the BC Game-like platforms are listed here.

BC Game Crash Script

BC Game Crash Script allows the inclusion of an incredible gambling game into the Casino gaming platform where players place a bet, wait till the crash multiplier goes up & cash out before the multiplier crashes.

BC Game Hash Dice Script

BC Game Hash Dice Script is the coolest version of a traditional dice game offered by the slot machine. The hash dice game is based on probability based on the blockchain hash value algorithm & its calculation where the player with a number close to the random number is the winner.

Mines Clone Script

Mine BC Game Clone is the newest and most captivating version of the popular Minesweeper game. In this action game, a player explores the grid for gems by dodging the explosive mines. 

Limbo Clone Script

Limbo Clone Script is an award-winning crypto casino game with player-focused gameplay. In this game, the players gamble based on the number flash on the screen and win if the chosen number is less than the number on the screen.

BC.Game Wheel Game Script

BC.Game Whel Game is a cutting-edge game that can be played on mobile & desktops. It is a slot machine game with a big circular screen that resembles a roulette. A player can simply play the game by touching and grabbing the prizes based on the wheel placement.

BC.Game Sports Betting Script

In addition to captivating online casino games, the sports betting interface can be included in the BC.Game clone development. The ability of players to place bets using multiple cryptocurrencies makes this a unique and popular sportsbook platform.

What do we envision in BC Game clone development with Crypto & NFTs?

The revolutionary results associated with virtual assets (cryptocurrency and NFTs) have been witnessed by the world over the last two years. The inclusion of these digital currencies in new-age platforms like BC.Game is unavoidable. The underlying architecture of BC.Game clone script consists of NFT & Cryptocurrency as the core component. The incorporation of these digital assets will boost the evolution of next-gen gaming platforms like BC.Game. The objective of these innovative incorporations is to,

(i) Enable users to seamlessly transact with the most popular cryptocurrency.

(ii) Facilitate cross-border and quick yet secure transactions.

(iii) Enable players to receive NFT & cryptocurrencies as rewards, which will accelerate their mainstream adoption.

(iv) Ensure asset ownership and allow users to control their assets & data.

(v) Allow users to earn from various sources & trade their collections on a secondary marketplace.

How does the incorporation of Metaverse & Web3 empower our BC Game Clone Script further?

Both Metaverse and Web3 are at their developing stages, yet the corporates and industries started evolving the possibilities of their incorporation into systems. The adoption of these technologies will further strengthen BC.Game clone script by,

(i) Allowing players to experience real-life gameplay in the metaverse.

(ii) Give players the power to control, manage, and transfer their data & assets across compatible networks.

(iii) Give freedom to the community to give suggestions for platform development and include market-demand casino games.

(iv) Enable players to use a sportsbook in a decentralized environment (automated by Smart contract) and avoid intermediary costs & regulations. 

(v) Metaverse & Web3 will make the platform scalable irrespective of market fluctuations & user demand.

Benefits of Our BC Game Clone Script 

Lottery Jackpot

Lottery Jackpot, an add-on benefit, can be included in the BC.Game-like platform development upon client decision. Just like the traditional lottery competition, a user should buy a ticket and receive the reward upon matching the numbers drawn.

Sportsbook Interface 

The unique feature that sets apart our BC Game clone script from the competitors is the interface for Sportsbook. This interface enables gamblers to bet on authorized sports events in various niches.

Shit codes

Shit codes are user-rewarding features that enable gamers to receive bonuses or money. It also enables gamers to receive rewards for completing tasks, inviting friends, etc.


An irreplaceable feature that allows different blockchain games to function without glitches within the platform. This feature might also enable gamers to receive or transfer assets to other networks.

Premium events & Post-launch support

Even after the platform launch, we help you include user luring & market-demand features into the platform. For instance, events like Coin Carnival (a giveaway fest), can be included.

How long does it take to build a casino game like BC.Game?

It is essential to understand that developing a high-end gaming platform like BC.Game requires enormous resources, expert game programmers, concept writers, designers, front & back-end developers, etc.

The crypto casino game development from scratch will match only the enterprise budget. However, the BC Game clone script enables effective and budget-friendly online crypto casino platform development. It is best to contact the best BC Game clone script provider for cost breakdown depending on your requirements.

How much does it cost to develop a platform like BC Game?

Like the budget requirement, the time frame to develop a futuristic crypto casino & sports betting platform like BC.Game depends on various factors like platform requirements, the tech stack involved, the number of dedicated teams, the studio’s expertise, the complexity of the platform, licensing attainment, etc.

Why Choose Our BC Game Clone Script?

Maticz has been leading the Blockchain game development niche with proven ideation to deployment strategies and a record portfolio since the start of the decade. With the gained expertise, our concept writer can turn your crypto casino vision into a fully operational online crypto casino platform like BC Game. Teaming up with Maticz for a pitch-perfect casino game development using their robust BC game clone script is undebatable because of the following reasons.

(i) Dedicated game studio & developers

(ii) Possibility of hiring a game developer for your project requirement.

(iii) Proven expertise in blockchain games like P2E, M2E, crypto-casino, etc.

(iv) Inclusion of unmatchable security protocols

(v) Audited Smart Contract

(vi) On-time technical & non-tech support

(vii) Multi-language & Currency support

(viii) Ease of Cross-border transactions

(ix) Game-changing NFT, Web3 & Metaverse amalgamation

Looking to set your foot in this new yet promising niche? Then, approach us for inspiring casino gaming platform development.

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