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Overview of BRC20 Token

The latest craze in the cryptocurrency realm is the BRC20 token which is the token standard for the Bitcoin blockchain. The BRC20 token is an experimental token standard designed for the Bitcoin network using the ordinals protocol which is similar to the ERC20 token standard. The significant comparison between both token standards is that is EVM compatibility, BRC20 tokens are not EVM compatible and do not support smart contracts and it utilizes the PoW mechanism. It is a disruptive type of fungible token that uses ordinals and inscriptions to handle token contracts, token minting, and token transfers. The coin experienced an abrupt frenzy when its entire market value exceeded $1 billion with a $207.7 million trading volume. 

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BRC20 Token Development

BRC20 token development is the process of creating fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain network using the BRC20 token standard. The BRC 20 token standard utilizes the PoW mechanism to ensure top-notch security and avoid data breaches and hacker penetrations. As the token standard does not support smart contracts, the ordinal inscriptions of JSON data are used to deploy token contracts, mint tokens, and transfer them. 

Maticz is the leading BRC20 token development company that specializes in creating BRC20 tokens with high fungibility, security, and compatibility. Based on the token standard our token developers create BRC20 tokens with high functionality and features such as ORDI, PEPE, MEME, MOON, etc. With years of experience in token development, our proficient developers strive to create tokens with high-security encryption algorithms. Rely on our technical prowess to create your BRC20 tokens with high functionality. 

BRC20 Token Development Services

The sudden surge in the popularity of BRC20 tokens has created a desire among crypto investors to create BRC20 tokens. By offering a standardized token protocol, BRC20 tokens enable the production of fungible tokens that can be exchanged and transferred like any other asset in the Bitcoin blockchain. Our top minds at maticz provide you with complete assistance in creating BRC20 tokens packed with multiple purposes such as fundraising, payments, and trading. 

Maticz is a top-ranking BRC 20 token development company that offers world-class BRC20 token development services with the industry’s best token developers. We extend our full support in creating BRC tokens right from planning to token deployment. We are deeply rooted in token creation and hence our skilled developers help you deploy BRC20 tokens designed for fast transactions, interoperability, etc.

Features of our BRC20 Tokens

Our BRC20 tokens are developed with several key features making them more unique and accessible. 

Token Transfer

The BRC20 tokens enable seamless peer-to-peer transfers through the Bitcoin wallet and facilitate streamlined transactions within the decentralized applications and exchanges. 

Token Utility

The BRC20 tokens can serve a variety of purposes such as fundraising similar to initial coin offering(ICO), payment processes, and trading.

Enhanced Security

Though BRC20 tokens do not support smart contracts it utilizes the PoW mechanism which ensures high security. 

Fast Transactions

The BRC20 tokens are developed in the Bitcoin blockchain and thus it facilitates faster transactions ensuring a seamless experience. 


BRC20 token is a standardized fungible token making it more trustable for transactions. 

BRC20 Token Development Process

A thorough knowledge of the Bitcoin blockchain network is necessary for creating BRC-20 tokens. Before deploying, it is preferable to take each step slowly and do a comprehensive audit to make sure they are secure and free of risks. 


The first step in developing BRC20 tokens is to make a project plan. In this step, we make a proper plan regarding the token’s use case and total supply based on the requirements of the clients.


In this step, we demonstrate to you how your token will come out. We create rough drafts and sketches of your token’s strategy and platform. 

Blockchain Selection

The next step is to choose the blockchain for your token, that will allow for efficient token operations to provide efficient token supply management. 

Token Development

Our skilled developers write codes using programming languages like JSON code. Your tokens will be programmed with operational specifications that promote efficient asset transfer.

Setting-up Token Identity 

Before distributing your BRC-20 tokens, we set up token identities such as user-specified names, symbols, and operational functionalities.

Token Distribution 

Making people aware of and using BRC-20 tokens is important. This can be done through a variety of techniques like a token sale or airdrop. 

Token Launch

After distributing the BRC-20 tokens, we list them on several Bitcoin-compatible exchanges. Users are now able to buy, sell, or trade tokens with others.

What makes us the top BRC 20 Token Development Company? 

Maticz is one of the best BRC 20 token development companies in India that helps startups and business owners launch their BRC tokens and quickly increase their earnings. With our perfect BRC 20 token creation services, your ability to lean towards success and accrue spectacular earnings is made possible. From selecting the ideal blockchain to establishing internal architecture, we design a thorough, mission-driven strategy to token production. We also ensure effective administration at each stage of BRC-20 token development.

Your token project will be flawlessly finished by our licensed token developers, who will also offer follow-up assistance for any upcoming modifications. Throughout the entire token creation process, we will provide complete help and stand by you. We are prepared to answer any of your technical questions and bugs anytime. With the help of a professional token development company, launch your BRC-20 token and enhance your crypto business easily. Connect with us to keep protected against the largely unknown but outstanding perspective of the cryptocurrency industry. 

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