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The entry of BRC-20 tokens is stirring up interest in the realm of cryptocurrencies. Would you believe that about 8500 different tokens have been minted using the BRC-20 standard? It is no wonder that people are already fired up for this next big thing that is drastically changing the game. 

If you're a crypto fan who is constantly searching for the latest releases, you must be curious about these BRC-20 tokens. But you have arrived at the right place and this blog is for you.

Let’s get started to know about BRC-20 tokens in detail.

What is a BRC20 Token?

BRC-20 token is a brand-new cryptocurrency that can be traded on the Bitcoin network. Its primary purpose is to enable users to exchange fungible assets via the Ordinals. It was named after the ERC-20 standard on Ethereum. It inscribes data on satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, using a distinct protocol called Ordinals. 

The crypto sphere has been shaken by the ground-breaking release of the new standard BRC-20. Its impact is more noticeable in Bitcoin during a vital time like this when the currency has undergone a spike. 

BRC-20 tokens are more widely available to Bitcoin users because they can only be created and traded via a Bitcoin wallet. The ability to swap BRC-20 tokens for other tokens of the same kind makes them fungible.

How does BRC-20 Token Work?

Apart from Bitcoin itself, no other cryptocurrency has ever been supported on the Bitcoin blockchain. BRC-20 tokens have come as a boon for those who want to use the blockchain in innovative ways. It is important to know how BRC-20 tokens work. 

BRC-20 tokens use Ordinal inscriptions to set up token contracts and generate and transfer tokens. What makes it unique is that a BRC-20 token can be created using the BRC-20 standard with certain functions like deploy, transfer, mint, etc.  

The ordinal protocol allows data to be inscribed on these tiny Bitcoin fractions satoshis. This protocol operates using satoshis, a very small portion of one Bitcoin. A Bitcoin coin has 100 million satoshis in it.

The ordinal protocol operates using a very small portion of one Bitcoin called satoshis. A Bitcoin coin has 100 million satoshis in it. Using the ordinal protocol, data can be stored on these tiny Bitcoin fractions. 

Before a satoshi enters a transaction, more data can be added to it via this protocol. The satoshi becomes Ordinal once the additional information has been added. A serial number that points to the location of the Bitcoin-based NFT is contained in the inscription data.

Similar to how users of Ethereum create mint tokens using the ERC-20 standard, users of this standard can create mint tokens based on Bitcoin using the Ordinals protocol. What distinguishes BRC-20 tokens from non-fungible Ordinals is that they are completely fungible.

List of Best BRC20 Tokens 2024

Despite being experimental, BRC-20 tokens have already impacted the DeFi market as a whole and the Bitcoin network. While some contend that Bitcoin should stay a fairly straightforward, decentralized method of exchanging currency, others are eager to push the boundaries and increase the use cases for the Bitcoin network.

Despite the controversies, Brc20 is nevertheless a fascinating innovation! Brc20 tokens have gained popularity for their security and adaptability. BRC20 Token’s market cap nearly hit a Billion dollars and it lays out itself as one of the interesting tokens to invest in! Check out the top 10 BRC20 tokens we have curated for you.


With a price per token of $9.46, Ordi is the most expensive BRC20 coin at the moment. Ordi commands a market capitalization lead of more than 71% over the entire BRC20 token market with a market value of $200 million. Ordi was developed mostly for amusement, but because of its popularity and the craze around meme tokens in general, it has recently increased significantly in value.


The market capitalization of Pepe, a different BRC20 coin, is roughly $17.6 million. With the advent of Pepe, investors now have the chance to diversify their portfolios and take part in the exciting world of DeFi. 

PEPE is a special token made up of a picture of a funny frog and some information. People can make different amounts of PEPE and share them with other people by sending a message that includes the number of PEPE they want to give and a new picture of the coin. 


Meme coins are starting to dominate the Bitcoin network after experiencing a recent increase in popularity. Since Ethereum is experiencing congestion as a result of the new tokens, these new meme currencies are being created following the BRC-20 standard. The Bitcoin network appears to be experiencing something of a BRC-20 meme coin fever, according to trends.


Shiba Inu has benefited greatly from SHIB's transfer to the BRC20 blockchain in two ways. SHIB holders would initially be able to avoid paying a hefty gas fee while doing transactions. 

Crypto investors holding SHIB will be able to complete more transactions thanks to the nearly free petrol fee. The Shiba Inu coin's large transactions and exploding activity will significantly revive the initiative. 


Another BRC-20 token that may be traded is the moon coin. It aims to enhance and broaden a tried-and-true blockchain to create a setting that promotes social and scholarly connections. The Moon ecosystem aims to act as a hub for swift, dependable financial transactions, enabling the implementation and execution of brand-new, paradigm-shifting businesses. Any two parties who possess MOON tokens in a personal wallet can send them to one another right away without the need for any further procedures.


PIZA token is originally a meme coin created in March 2023, that pays respect to Bitcoin's infancy and one of its most well-known tales. A famous early Bitcoin collector once exchanged 10,000 BTC for two huge Papa John's pepperoni pizzas. The $piza is a meme coin that serves just as fun and has no intrinsic worth or expected financial return. The PIZA token’s market capitalization stands at USD 3.56 million 


The Ordinals protocol is used by the BANK BRC Token, another meme token based on the Bitcoin foundation chain, to produce and trade fungible assets. It is among the several BRC20 tokens that came into being following the Bitcoin Taproot upgrade, which allowed users to add data to satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. The market capitalization of BANK Token is approximately $682 million, and there are 100 million tokens in circulation. On the digital asset exchange, it is available for purchase and sale.


VPMX token was introduced by Jack Levin, the originator of XEN cryptocurrency, on May 7. It mostly functions for gambling, although it has no particular purpose or advantage. While some investors would find it profitable, others might find its humorous and carefree nature appealing. The relatively new meme token VMPX has drawn interest from cryptocurrency bettors. The token  $15.4 million market value. The token is limited to 108,624,000 maximum supply, all of which have already been produced.


NOOT is a meme coin made with the BRC20 protocol,  derives its name from online meme culture stands for the token's fun nature, has become a leader in the BRC-20 token market, and has attracted the attention of many cryptocurrency aficionados. As much as it is focused on fun and camaraderie, $NOOT doesn't duck the serious issues surrounding blockchain technology, providing a fresh and interesting way to engage in the digital economy. The maximum supply of the NOOT tokens stands at 1B NOOT tokens 


HSAC is a BRC20 token that focuses on the web3 social media experience. Users who engage in typical social media activities, such as sharing or content creation, are rewarded with this economy token. 

Through an integrated incentives system, the HASC token enhances social interaction and engagement. For NFT traders and collectors, the project offers a browser plugin with various useful functions. For added convenience, the extension comes with a wallet. These tools can be used by users to create and keep track of digital assets on the Bitcoin primary network. 

How to Buy BRC20 Tokens from an Exchange?

Step 1: Choose your desired Crypto trading app to buy your desired BRC 20 token.

Step 2: Verify your account by providing KYC/AML verification.

Step 3: Deposit cash to start Investing in your crypto account or by making a payment through a debit card.

Step 4: Place your BRC-20 token order after depositing your funds. 

Step 5: Safe and Secure storage is ensured by holding them in a wallet, Although BRC20 tokens.

Statistics on BRC 20 Tokens 

(i) The BRC-20 market has expanded quickly since its inception by an unknown developer named Domo in March 2023.  

(ii) In recent days, the market capitalization of the BRC-20 coin has skyrocketed, and the number of transactions done on it has even overtaken BTC transactions.

(iii) Due to this significant spike, a lot of investors are curious to learn more about BRC-20 tokens and want to know whether they are worthwhile investments 

(iv) Just four days ago, there were only 10,487 BRC20 coins and they were worth $95 million. Now there are 13,530 BRC-20 coins that people are using, and together they are worth $279.07 million

That's a big change!

Advantages of BRC-20 Tokens

While BRC-20 is still in its infancy, the token standard is picking more steam as users test out its features.


The interchangeability and simplicity of trading on exchanges using BRC-20 tokens make them fungible. They are easy to use and can be traded for other things. Even if someone is scared of using regular Bitcoin, they can use BRC-20 tokens to still be part of the blockchain.


The Bitcoin system, known for its robust security and resilience to hacking, serves as the foundation for BRC-20 tokens. BRC-20 tokens use strong fortress-like proof-of-work techniques to keep them safe from attackers. It's like a special lock that keeps everything secure.


BRC-20 tokens work well with Bitcoin and can easily be used together. People who want to create new things with Bitcoin don't have many problems doing so. 

Create BRC20 Token with Us

Maticz a leading Token Development Company offers the best BRC-20 token development services to launch your Bitcoin request for Comment BRC-20 standard tokens. Your own BRC-20 standard tokens will be created on the Bitcoin blockchain platform by our qualified and skilled developers, who will also make sure that they have the basic features needed.

Through our premium token development services, which we offer at Maticz, we assist business owners in developing tokens with dynamic qualities like fungibility, traceability, and scalability. We do this by analyzing the market performance of various cryptocurrencies. Get in touch with us right away. 

We at Maticz analyze the market performance of various cryptos and provide premium token development services that help entrepreneurs create tokens with dynamic features such as fungibility, traceability, and scalability. 

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