Want to earn money on Web3? But don't know how to make money with web3. This Web3 2024 guide describes 10 proven ways to make money on web3.

People never get tired of searching for queries on how to make money online. Web3 which has been a hot topic in recent days, has unlocked endless opportunities to make money. There are plenty of ways you can earn money with Web3. Here, in this blog, we have listed down the best possible ways to make money on Web3 in 2024. 

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How to Make Money with Web3?

Here are the top 10 proven ways to earn money on web3 in 2024 and beyond.

Earn Money with Web3 NFTs

It would be unfair to ignore NFT when it comes to making money on Web3. Minting and selling NFTs on various marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible, etc for a preset price is one of the popular ways to open your revenue possibilities.

You can also make the most of NFT through auctions. All you have to do is put your NFT on auction, where buyers bid on it and you get the highest possible price for your NFT. Or else, you can invest in an underrated NFT and wait until its price increases to make a huge profit. 

One of the best ways to generate revenue through NFTs is to set up royalties when you sell your NFT so that you get a royalty percentage whenever it changes hands. 

Make Money via Web3 Gaming 

Game development never goes out of trend in any internet generation be it Web2 or Web3. So you can try your luck in Web3 games without any hesitation.  In recent days, they have attracted a lot of interest. 

Using Web3 technologies like blockchain and Metaverse, you can develop engaging Web3 games. The more immersive gaming experience you provide the more players will be driven in which eventually opens up endless revenue streams for developers as well as players.

NFT games like Play-to-Earn, Move-to-Earn, Watch-to-Earn, Learn-to-Earn, etc offer players endless rewards for doing basic day-to-day activities. 

Earn through Cryptocurrencies

Trading and staking cryptocurrencies pay you high or at least interest at a high rate. 

If you want to make daily income, you can go for crypto day trading. However, it is highly advisable to be on the safer side and avoid huge investments since they involve little risks. 

The best way to avoid risk is to invest in various crypto coins and diversify your portfolios. The ones who keep a close watch on market price fluctuations can make the most of the cryptocurrencies. 

You can also lend your cryptocurrencies to others and get an interest amount in return. Crypto miners get cryptocurrencies as rewards for validating new transactions and generating new coins. 

Make Profit from Web3 Streaming 

Days have gone by when musicians and artists had to have another source of income for their living since their art and passion didn’t pay much. But now they can acquire money from their art. Web3 streaming platforms are decentralized since they are owned by a community. 

By developing Web3 streaming platforms like Sound.XYZ, Audius, Myx, etc, one can charge fees for streaming music, movies, videos, news, and comedy shows and subscription fees for its premium content. 

When it comes to live concerts and stand-up comedies, content creators can demand ticketing fees. Pay-per-view and In-app ads are some other ways to boost your income.

Even though you do not create content, you can earn simply by promoting others’ content on your streaming platform through brand collaborations, partnerships, and advertisements. 

Start Web3 Agency 

Web3 Agency has come up with new ways to boost your revenue. You can offer Web3 and blockchain-based solutions to entrepreneurs, startups, and well-established companies. 

Another way you can make money is through providing consulting services regarding Web3 trends such as NFT, Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, etc. Trading Web3 products and charging transaction fees are other means of generating income through Web3 Agency.

Earn Money from Airdrops 

If you are a crypto enthusiast, you must have heard about crypto airdrops. Airdrops are the best alternative for traditional token launch and marketing. The faster and more affordable way to let your customers know about your new crypto project is through airdrops. You can promote your airdrops on websites, forums, and social media and drive in more users. 

There are plenty of ways to generate revenue through airdrops. You can refer people you know like your friends, relatives, or colleagues to airdrops thereby earning referral money. Offering airdrops to those who have just launched their crypto wallet to enhance their brand awareness and get money in return.

Take Advantage of Web3 Metaverse 

Metaverse is loaded with myriad revenue opportunities with which you can make huge profits. The simplest way to hit the jackpot is to buy and sell virtual assets like lands, buildings, and goods.

You need to buy virtual land when it is cheaper and sell it for a high price at its appropriate time, just like we do here in real estate. Yet another way to make a fortune is that rent out Metaverse space for events, workplaces, expos, showrooms, etc. 

You can buy and sell NFTs and promote the products of others through virtual advertisements and sponsorships in virtual space to make money out of it. 

Make Money on Web3 with DApps

Investing in DApps is a profitable way to make big bucks on Web3. Only for app development, it needs you to pay. But once it gets developed, you will gain x times the money you put into its development. 

You can charge users for your services and the exclusive features you offer. There are various genres for which one can develop decentralized applications such as gaming, social media, finance, healthcare, education, business, streaming platforms, etc. 

To reap the full benefits of DApps, it is better to consider platform fees like premiums, subscriptions, advertisements, and transaction fees. Referral marketing is seen as the popular way to earn profit where you get paid for promoting and increasing traffic for other e-commerce apps and websites. 

Generate Money via Content Creation

Content creation is the most lucrative way to earn money no matter which era you are in. It has reached its peak and is seen as an ideal way to make a profit, especially in Web3. You can publish blogs, articles, magazines, and journals on Web3. There are zillions of topics to be covered on Web3 since new trends are popping up every day. 

Content creation is not confined only to publishing text content, you can also make videos, reels, shorts, and TikTok videos on Web3. You can contribute your content either as a guest or a freelancer. 


Experts believe that as the days pass by Web3 will become an important part of the ever-growing internet. It is here to create innovations in the way we use the internet. If you are unsure about how to invest in web3 and make money, Maticz is here to help you.

Maticz is the leading Web3 development company that offers exclusive services for startups and entrepreneurs to flourish in the Web3 realm. Contact us right away. 

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