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Metaverse has been the hottest topic in digital space for the past two years the whole world has been looking out for metaverse platforms and metaverse startups. As the young generation is fond of metaverse technologies and other virtual technologies metaverse will be an excellent opportunity for business people and upcoming entrepreneurs to kickstart their businesses or upgrade them to the next level.

At present, there are tons of metaverse companies but top metaverse games are dominating the metaverse space. The future digital space is based on metaverse and web3 solutions so if you are looking on to develop your business concerning the future global market then it's a good choice to move towards metaverse solutions. There are a few metaverse companies that are already doing their best and preparing for the next step in upgrading their metaverse platforms. 

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the 3D environment development over the various advanced tech stack that let the users explore the globe in a 3d virtual space with advanced VR gadgets and more. Metaverse is being adopted in various industries that helps business to set up their services and stores in the digital space.

Metaverse is typically an online virtual world that can be developed from a person's imagination or the metaverse world may represent a place of a physical world. Metaverse is developed with the help of various 3d rendering software. With the overwhelming response to Metaverse, many Metaverse companies are brought up in the last two years. If you are curious about it here are a few top metaverse startups for 2023.

Top 10 Metaverse Startup Companies of 2023

The digital space is experiencing the launch of various metaverse platforms and the start of many metaverse startups in the past two years and many have been doing well.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Metaverse startups & companies to watch out for in 2023.

1. Nextmeet

2. GuildFi

3. Metapoly

4. TheFabricant

5. Condense Reality


7. Metamall

8. Upland

9. MetaMetaverse

10. Allseated


Nextmeet is an online virtual meeting platform where every person can design their avatars and can attend meetings, classes other events like seminars, and more. The  NexMeet also offers remote working, collaboration, distance learning, and more business and education events. The platform helps to build up a community of users in the digital space and with the growing work-from-home option NextMeek will be a great choice for the peeps working from remote locations.

NextMeet was founded in the year 2020 with a funding of $200K and they are focusing their platform usage towards education, organizing events, and collaboration for works. The company was founded by three Indians Pushpak Kypuram (Co-Founder & Director), Prashant Chandra (Co-Founder & CTO), Linda Nubani (Co-Founder)


GuildFi is a gaming environment that is an interconnected ecosystem that helps you build communities. It is built over Play to earn concept, the platform holds many metaverse games and these games provide rewards to the users for completing activities on the platform. They also provide in-game assets as NFTs and these NFTs can be used in the games and players can earn tokens while playing the games with these assets.

GuildFi is built over the Ethereum blockchain network which uses its own native token GF for all other purchases in the game application. The platform was founded in the year 2021 by Jarindr Thitadilaka with an investment of more than $6 million.


Metapoly is the metaverse bank a new initiative in the digital space where the users can borrow stable coins for their metaverse land and other digital assets of the crypto space as the world is looking on for advanced metaverse platforms in the future, Metapoly will be great solutions and this would help many crypto users to borrow digital currency for their digital assets. The idea came into action by Cindy Jin, the Founder of Metapoly in the year 2021.

Metapoly is a decentralized metaverse platform involved in offering liquidity and utility for metaverse assets. In association with borrowing and lending the platform is planning to set up a lease concept for your lands which lets users earn up to 30% Yield from their metaverse assets. Also planning for a Marketplace, Fractionalize (micro-ownership), and also staking.

The Fabricant

The metaverse concept is growing where every user needs an avatar for their participation in the virtual space so every user brings their avatar to participate in various events. This is the point where the concept of TheFabricant will be playing a major role which offers various costumes for your avatars as NFTs. The Fabricant platform has a Metaverse NFT marketplace where the platforms take a 10% fee for the first sale and a 5% fee for the secondary sale which is used as minting fees and platform development.

The Fabricant is founded in 2018 and as the metaverse concept is getting bigger the platform is looking out to perform more in the coming years. The platform was founded by Kerry Murphy, Amber Slooten, and Adriana Pereira.

Condense Reality

Condense Reality was founded by Nick Fellingham and Dan Fairs in the year 2019 with an investment of more than $4 million. The platform is developed to bring live events to the virtual space like music concerts and other similar events. The growth of the metaverse shows that many events will be in the virtual space in the coming years as we have already experienced many events in the digital space in the past two years.

Concerning the growing digital audience and metaverse enthusiasts, the concept of condensed reality will be good. Bringing live events to Metaverse lets the artists connect with many fans and get recognized in the digital space.


ARUVR is the first XR company that offers various educational content, which was founded in the year 2018 by Frank Furnari and Marco Moncalvo with funding of more than $4.1 million. More than 1+ million users have accessed content over the ARUVR platform.

VR has been doing its best for years and now Metaverse is leading the with years of work the ARUVR community has come up with the result of 4X fast learning when compared to the classroom and 275% more confidence which shows the success of these platforms. And now implementing metaverse will boost these results in the coming years.


Metamall is developed with multiple tech concepts bringing in VR technology, blockchain, NFT, and more. With all these technologies being incorporated the platforms provides a complete virtual shopping experience to the users. The growing metaverse user base helps the growth of virtual shopping platforms.

Metamall is focused on future virtual growth. The platform was founded by Serge Gianchandani in 2021 with funding of more than $4.5 million. Metamall is a one-stop solution for all the digital assets required in the virtual space. Looking to launch a Metaverse store you may know more about our Metaverse E-commerce platform development


Upland is a user-friendly metaverse platform that can be easily accessed by mobile and desktop. It is a strategy game that is associated with a real-world map. The platform presents a whole new world of gaming. The game comes up with the options of purchasing, flipping, trading, and even acquiring properties which result in the earning of cryptos with real-world value.

The users will be able to own land on the platform and can earn crypto tokens as rewards for completing activities and they can develop their empire on the platform. The game was founded in the year 2018 by Dirk Lueth, Idan Zuckerman, and Mani Honigstein with total funding of $20 million.


MetaMetaverse is a platform that offers various metaverse services that let users create their own metaverse assets and virtual community where they can have their games, interactive experiences, economy, and more. This helps many creators to explore more and also helps a lot in building virtual space.

The company was founded by Ivan Kravets, Joel Dietz, Lyubomyr Pavlyk, and Oleh Mykhaylovych in 2021 with funding of more than $2 million. The platform has its governance token VOX which controls the DAO treasury and the overall supply of metaverse. The metaverse that is developed with this platform uses metameta lang which is the layer 1 protocol for metaverse interoperability.


Allseated is not a metaverse startup, it is an event planning company but the company is using metaverse to improve its business by bringing its models into metaverse which would attract more clients for their business. Getting a live view of the event place before organizing it is a real benefit for both the customer and the company which improves the service and rating of the company.

Allseated was founded by Daniel Anisman and Sandy Hammer in the year 2011 with funding of more than $20 million and now they have started incorporating metaverse into their business. As many events are now being held over metaverse many are looking for metaverse event platforms and the company is focusing on it.

Start Your Metaverse Startup Today

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Closing Thoughts

Metaverse is the future and if you are focusing on taking your business to compete with the global business market you are at the right place. Plan your idea with the team of 100+ experts and launch the best metaverse platform in the virtual space. The metaverse market is growing beyond the limits and this market has surpassed many expectations in the past two years. In the past two years, the digital space has experienced the launch of many metaverse applications with various metaverse use cases. And if you are eager about metaverse and still confused about opting out of the right metaverse business here is a blog where you may get the right metaverse business ideas for you.

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