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Metaverse has brought the most exciting and fantastic opportunity to the gaming industry where this would take over the gaming industry to the next generation. The gaming industry has been keen on its development and improvement for years and the entry of Web3 solutions and metaverse solutions has become a problem solver that would help the industry to attract millions of new gamers and will give an advanced gaming experience to the gamers. The VR gadgets and other gaming solutions will provide an ultimate gaming experience to the gamers with its realistic 3d environment and other 3d gaming experiences. The world has started experiencing lots of metaverse games in the past two years which has attracted players around the globe.

What is a Metaverse Game?

Metaverse game is the next level of gaming where the players would obtain the next level of gaming experience with the help of advanced technologies and gadgets. The developers work on various 3d rendering software to build a 3d environment for the game. Along with the growth of gaming platforms VR gadgets also play a great role in taking the exact metaverse gaming experience to the users.

At present few of the Metaverse games have brought blockchain solutions into the game to have a digital gaming economy and protect the data of the users from invasive hacks attacks. Also, blockchain paves the way for a new decentralized gaming platform that is liked by most of the users in the digital era. Metaverse games involve the work of various advanced tech stacks over traditional game development tools. Metaverse games provide a visual treat to gamers in addition to other gameplay sequences.

Why Create Metaverse Games?

Metaverse games are developed with a 3d environment to enhance a better playing experience within the real space and these metaverse games with the right metaverse gadgets bring in the ultimate gaming experience. Metaverse games are mostly developed over Unreal or Unity gaming engines where most of the metaverse games are developed. There are further gaming engines but Unreal and Unity dominate the gaming world. Metaverse games let gamers explore more realistic gameplay in the coming years. The gaming industry is planning to bring in Metaverse development in gaming just to encounter all-new opportunities in gameplay.

10 Best Metaverse Games for 2024

Here are the best metaverse games in 2024 that are doing well in recent times and are to look out for in the coming years.

1. Fortnite

2. Axie Infinity

3. Decentraland

4. Sandbox

5. Alien Worlds

6. My Neighbor Alice

7. Illuvium

8. Prospectors

9. Bloktopia

10. Roblox


The CEO of Epic Games Inc. the game maker of Fortnite Tim Sweeney one of the supporters of Metaverse and an enthusiast of Metaverse said Metaverse was a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity last year. Fortnite was not a planned to get into to metaverse game list but it made its way into it. With millions of active users every month Fortnite is evolving into a metaverse game and more than game concerts were done last year making it one of the finest metaverse platforms in the digital space. Fortnite will come up with great opportunities in the digital space in the coming years playing a major role in bringing millions of audiences to the metaverse gaming platforms.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity developed by Sky Mavis one of the early-stage metaverse games that are projected as a blockchain game but the recent moves of the game make it a blockchain-based metaverse game. The game brings in its virtual economy with the help of blockchain technology and also brings in digital assets for the gameplay backed with NFTs. The game is designed in a way where the gamers will be able to earn for every game activity they complete on the gaming platform. There is a set of metaverse game developers who can present Axie Infinity clones for their clients with all the customization required by them.


Decentraland is similar to Axie Infinity where it was developed as a blockchain game and now it is completely a metaverse game backed with blockchain. The platform is completely decentralized where the platform is built, governed, and owned by the users. Decentraland is backed with the Ethereum blockchain and has its token where all the transaction in the platform is done with MANA specially developed for Decentraland transactions. The user can start exploring the platform by connecting with their waller or just play as a guest. Decentraland Clone is also available in the market and can be customized with the client's project idea.


Sandbox is another in the row developed as a blockchain game and is taking its path toward a complete metaverse game. Sandbox was developed with the concept of open-world games where everyone has the freedom to bring their creativity with their gameplay actions. The game does not hold any actions and controls the game with a storyline instead the player gets the whole access to the platform where the player is allowed to change the world with their creativity. Before the gameplay, the players need to own a plot of land where the player can bring his/her creativity. Anyone can earn on Sandbox by creating and selling assets or renting out land.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a Play-to-earn game and is projected to be a Metaverse game the platform is focused on the NFTs to be used in the platform. The game is completely decentralized and is governed by the users where a community manages the game and other assets related to the game platform. The game is a play-to-earn game where you will be able to earn crypto tokens by mining, fighting, and completing missions. The gameplay assets are backed with the NFTs making the users trade NFTs for their gameplay. You may connect with our experts and plan your Play to earn game development.

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multi-player game initially built up over a blockchain network and is moving forward in adopting many of the metaverse-related features and functionalities. The game is designed in a way where the player should own land to start exploring the gameplay and the game can even be accessed from a mobile and their avatars can be customized. As with all other games the game has its virtual currency which can be used for buying land, NFTs, and more. The game is decentralized same as all other games and users can interact, create NFTs, and trade assets resulting in the user being able to earn for their gameplay.


Illuvium is the first Interoperable Blockchain Game with all the Metaverse features and functionalities. Illuvium is an open-world exploration and auto battler game built over the Ethereum Blockchain network. The game was built by Kieran Warwick and his brothers and they planned the game with the idea of a Pokemon-like premise where the players end up in a battle. The assets used in gaming are minted as NFTs. Even though Illuvium is free-to-play, the game demands ILV and SILV tokens to dive deep and explore the extent of the gameplay. The game was focused on the NFT gaming experience and now emerged as an Immersive AAA metaverse game.


Prospectors is a massively multi-player game involving real-time economic strategy. The gameplay is designed with a 19th-century background and the players are allowed to build, trade, and mine. The mining process includes coal, clay, and gold extraction where each of the items has its role in constructing new buildings and production of new items in the gaming world. The players can also end up playing on various tasks assigned in the game. The player builds his tools to dig up the hidden resources and finally, the player is allowed to sell and get real monetary value at the end.

Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds is powered by Oculus and backed by Meta, more than a metaverse game the platform is a free virtual reality, online game developed and launched by Meta. Anyone on the platform can interact with others, attend events, play games, and come up with more social activities. Meta is focusing on the Metaverse despite their failures as the future needs something interesting and the Metaverse is the only choice that will bring in a huge audience resulting in a trillion-dollar market. With that approach, Meta is coming up with various metaverse platforms.


Roblox is the ultimate metaverse platform for an immersive metaverse experience and Roblox has become an entry into the Metaverse. It provides all the basic features that are expected by the existing players and the newer ones. Roblox has become a popular metaverse platform because of its easy access and variety of opportunities in the metaverse world. Roblox has its unique functionalities, unique virtual world assets, currency, events, and gaming. More than a game Roblox is designed in a way where even their competitors can develop their Web3 game or metaverse game with Roblox and launch it in the digital space.

Wrapping Up

As a leading Metaverse Game Development Company, Maticz is working on the development of various Metaverse games including other Metaverse projects. As a part of our Metaverse campaign, Maticz celebrates Christmas in Metaverse which has revealed our work in Metaverse to our clients. Maticz has successfully developed and launched 250+ projects in the digital space that helps entrepreneurs to fintech company launch their dream in the digital space.

Metaverse is growing beyond limits and this is the right to take part in the metaverse projects as the future is asking for something huge to take your business and services to every nook and corner of the globe. Metaverse use cases help in building your business not just the gaming industry making profits in millions but also every other industry will be benefited. Wanna give a digital transformation to your business you may connect with the experts of Maticz and launch your metaverse platform.

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