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Web3 is an intriguing idea for the next generation of the internet. It demonstrates how users can manage their digital assets and other online information. It offers a free space for content creation coupled with the ability to exercise control, ownership, and monetization rights.

With the use of cryptocurrency, Web3 might resolve its issue with frictionless and international payments. It eliminates the need for the users to rely on a reliable third party, who would normally manage the payments on one’s behalf or might even be prohibited from processing cross-border payments or imposing a high transaction fee.

Best Web3 Applications in 2024

The various web3 app examples could demonstrate how web3 offers a level playing field for innovation. Advanced AI and machine learning models combined with web3 technologies have the potential to significantly alter current market structures. Here are listed the top 10 web3 applications to look out for in 2024.

Brave - "Fast, Private, and Secure Web Browser"

Storj - "Globally Distributed Cloud Object Storage System"

Everledger - "Blockchain System for Global Supply Chains"

Dtube - "Decentralized Video Sharing Platform"

DODO - "Web3 Based Decentralized Exchange Protocol"

Opensea - "Web3 Marketplace for NFTs & Crypto Collectibles"

Axie Infinity - "NFT-Based Blockchain Gaming Platform"

Uniswap - "Decentralized Crypto Trading Protocol"

Decentraland - "NFT Powered Decentralized Metaverse"

Polkadot - "Web3-Based Blockchain Ecosystem"


Among the popular Web3 applications, the Brave app focuses mainly on enhancing user privacy and experience by blocking advertisements. This app is considered the best alternative to Web2 websites like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox where the privacy of users is at stake.

It makes use of blockchain technology to block annoying advertisements and trackers while users browse websites. Along with preserving privacy, it gives users the chance to monetize their data by exchanging it for Brave tokens. By simply spending time interacting with a website, one can now earn tokens and rewards. 

Using Brave Search concentrates on delivering privacy-friendly search results and aspires to be an independent search engine. In contrast to currently available fingerprinting prevention solutions, Brave makes the browser look different from others by employing fingerprint randomization so that its users cannot be identified or tracked.


Storj, which tops the decentralized storage applications, assists users with safe data storage while ensuring redundancy and fault tolerance. Its ability to upload and download content without limits at any time sets it apart from other Web3 storage applications.

Using a straightforward logical instance, Storj DCS (Decentralized Cloud Storage) enables users to decentralize object data everywhere. It is an encrypted, secure, and cost-effective object storage solution. Larger files can benefit from Storj’s distributed and decentralized object storage, especially when they are frequently accessed from different places.


Everledger is one of the first applications listed under Web3. Users are essentially given a unique record when they save data in the cloud with a variety of access choices. Its main applications rely on putting in place reliable anti-fraud protections. It is helpful in supply chain management to track diamonds, gold, wine, and other expensive items.

It makes it simpler to monitor an item's use across the whole global supply chain. Customers can scan the Everledger sticker to confirm its validity. The Everledger program marks a significant milestone in web security by offering fraud protection without requesting sensitive personal information or challenging passwords.


DTube is a decentralized alternative to well-known browsers. The videos that show up in user feeds are not within the decentralized video streaming platform's authority. On DTube, users have total control over what they see and share.

Additionally, users have the authority to choose which videos will be used for revenue. Decentralized governance is also used by DTube, one of the main Web 3.0 applications for consumers. On the video-streaming platform, users have full control over censorship and other rules for content visibility and usage.


DODO is a decentralized exchange platform that was created on the Ethereum blockchain. Eliminating middlemen from cryptocurrency trading simplifies the exchange process. It can exchange assets across numerous chain platforms and has the best capacity to convert any assets to cash. The ERC20 token model, the foundation around which DODO’s smart contracts are based, makes it possible for multiple transactions to happen at a time. 

Slippage happens when the original price proposed by two or more trading parties for the cryptocurrency asset they wish to purchase or sell deviates from the final price. However, the Proactive Market Maker model present in DODO resolves this problem by adjusting buy and sell orders to reflect the most recent market price of the crypto assets.

Through SmartTrade, trading between any two tokens on the same network is made possible, providing traders with the best exchange rates and pricing. Users of DODO have the freedom to trade a variety of asset types, whether they are fungible or non-fungible, mainstream or long-tail investments.


Users can buy and trade non-fungible tokens on OpenSea, a decentralized marketplace. It is heavily relied upon to create and transfer digital collectibles ownership. OpenSea leverages smart contracts, which are created for purchasing and selling certain digital assets, as a decentralized marketplace. Users can safeguard the custody of their NFT collectibles on the platform via smart contracts, protecting the creators' creations. 

Users of OpenSea can give NFTs to other OpenSea users as gifts. Also creating a marketplace is completely free in this application. The cost for each sale is moderate in comparison to those charged by other NFT marketplaces. It offers opportunities to get NFT gifts from others on any platform.

Axie Infinity

The play-to-earn model used by Axie Infinity, a cutting-edge web3 gaming platform, enables players to play, earn, and exchange NFTs-based game assets like weapons, skins, cars, etc., as well as collectibles. Users must complete a multi-step process, which includes creating an Axie Infinity account and connecting the wallet, to access the Axie Infinity platform.

The cryptographically distinct tokens earned in the game grant ownership and permit trading of Axies on the game's market for real money. The player can pay after the game has begun to add new features, content, or gear or simply to advance through the game more rapidly.


Uniswap is a web3 Defi exchange mechanism that gives full ownership to the users as opposed to a single company by using an open and decentralized network protocol. Participating in an open and inclusive financial market are developers, traders, and liquidity providers.

The Uniswap platform employs smart contracts built on the blockchain to enable the decentralized trading of a wide range of digital assets. Liquidity pools, which employ smart contracts to automatically rebalance after each deal, are used to exchange pairs of digital assets. The electronic ledger-like Uniswap blockchain is constantly updated to reflect the trade activity taking place among Uniswap users. Uniswap is an automated market maker since it operates as an exchange without the involvement of a central authority.


Decentraland is an application backed by an Ethereum-based program that can be used to explore, engage, and play games in the virtual environment while buying and selling digital property. It seeks to inspire a vast user network to coordinate a virtual environment. Also, it has developed over time to include user-interactive apps, in-world payments, and peer-to-peer communication.

In the virtual environment, people can interact, talk, and play games with one another. It is fully owned by the users and leaves the process of content creation in their hands. Being the strong competitor for the leading Web3 applications, Decentraland also provides a variety of possibilities and options to carry out virtual real estate business in a unique way. 

The Decentraland metaverse also places a premium on creating fresh experiences and customizing digital land parcels to take their virtual real estate business to the next level. Users can even obtain mortgages on virtual homes and use them as rentals for metaverse events.


A multichain vision for the decentralized web is what Polkadot, a web3 blockchain initiative, aims to realize. In comparison to other third-generation advanced blockchains, Polkadot distinguishes itself with the presence of features like full interoperability, parachains, and parathreads, as well as excellent energy efficiency and user-driven governance. The ecosystem of Polkadot makes it easier to create creative dApp solutions that can easily support various web3 projects.

It can process numerous transactions on various chains concurrently, avoiding the bottlenecks that existed on older networks that handled transactions one at a time. This parallel processing power greatly enhances scalability and establishes the ideal framework for expanded deployment and future expansion.

Summing Up

Web 3.0 will be an interactive web where every person's actions in the real world could have an impact on the digital world if they are connected to a Web3 platform. With blockchain technology serving as the foundation, web3 becomes decentralized, eliminating the middleman and preserving privacy.

Web3 use cases to make the internet more private and individualized. It also makes web3 more advanced with the use of artificial intelligence and big data.

It is time to transition from web2 platforms to web3 platforms since the world has begun to experience web3 platforms in various industries, including gaming and banking.

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