Native, Cross, and Hybrid apps have their pros and cons, and choosing the best one depends on the business needs. Here's an overview that may help you.

What is a Native App?

Native apps are developed especially for dedicated operating systems where the applications cannot work on other operating systems. These native applications are suitable to target a specific audience which helps the business filter its marketing tunnel and reach the potential audience it wants. Native mobile applications perform better than cross-app on the specific operating system for which the application is developed.

Maticz is a pro player in Native App Development which works on developing projects with dedicated well-experienced developers in the industry. Both depend on the nature of the business the app is used for.

What is a Cross Platform App?

Cross-platform applications are developed over a single codebase but can be deployed over various mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. Cross-apps are involved to save time and cost behind the development of native applications, but cross-apps do not come up with the exact performance of the native applications. Developers use tools like Flutter to develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

Maticz one of the key player in Cross Platform App Development has worked on various projects which are available in the market. Going with the cross-platform helps in targeting a broader audience base than targeting specific OS users.

What is a Hybrid App?

A Hybrid application is a combination of the mobile application and the web application which can be also accessed from the browser. Developers go with tools like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS to bring a complete Hybrid application. When moving on with the Hybrid application there is no need for a separate code base for the Android application. Hybrid apps require minimum time and can act on all platforms.

Maticz also works on Hybrid app development based on the client's requirements and their business needs. Most of the peeps go out for hybrid apps only if the business requires it as they act slower than native applications for various reasons.

Reasons to Choose Native Application

Native Application Development is the primary one when a person starts their business journey in the digital space. The digital space is the easiest and quickest way to take a business to an audience around the globe. Going with the Native application lets the business target the specific audience that favors the client in cost-cutting and many other aspects. Native applications are preferred to widen the business in the initial days in the most affordable way.

If you are a new person who is entering the digital space for the first time for the development of a business application then you may go with the native application to understand the way the digital space reacts. Also, with further updates of the application you may provide a unique application for each OS or launch a cross-application.


1) Fast and Responsive

2) Quality, Seamless UX

3) Access Native Features

4) Built-in security tools

5) Functions Offline Mode


1) Time intensive to build code for each platform

2) Higher cost to reach a wider audience

Reasons to Choose Cross-App Platform

Cross-app platforms are preferred in the next stage to target their business audience on a wider scale. Opting out of a Cross-App Platform results in the launch of the application for various operating systems in a minimum period. Though Native apps perform better than cross-apps choosing cross-apps is the best for the business to target a wider audience in the initial days instead of going with separate Native apps for each OS.

The highlight of the Cross-App is, that the developers code only a single time, and the same is used to operate the app on various OS saving time and cost behind the development of individual apps for various OS.


1) Single Codebase

2) Code Reusability

3) Faster Development

4) Easier Maintenance


1) Complex Integrations

2) Delayed Features

3) Increase Security Configurations

4) No Offline Functionality

Reasons to Choose Hybrid Application

Hybrid Apps have brought a new form of solution to the digital space which lets the apps perform as native apps and web apps. These are made available as a website from browsers and these apps can be downloaded and made it work on every operating system. Hybrid apps are the trend of recent years, helping many businesses to attract a wide audience base. All the popular social media apps and businesses go with the hybrid applications model.

Many industries are working to grab more audience and looking for smart opportunities to take their business online where these apps bring a significant change. However, the performance of the hybrid applications stands behind the native app because of its frameworks.


1) Easy Maintenance

2) Quick Launch

3) Efficient and Reduced Cost

4) Improved UI + UX


1) App vulnerabilities

2) Low performance

3) Inconsistency

4) No offline support

Native vs Cross vs Hybrid App - Which One to Choose?

Native App

Hybrid App

Cross Platform App

Individual Coding

Single Codebase

Single Codebase

Less dependent on other open-source libraries and platforms

More dependent on different libraries and tools

More dependent on different libraries and tools

Higher Cost, Time Consuming

Cost-effective, Time Saving

Cost-effective, Time Saving

Supports only one platform

Support Web and App

Multiple OS Support

Xcode, Appcode, Android Studio

React Native, Flutter, Xamarin

Ionic, Apache Cordova, Visual Studio

Performs Fast

Moderate Performance

Performs Moderate

Key Takeaways

The development of native apps or cross-app or hybrid apps development depends on the business requirements. Going with each solution helps you in various factors if you are a well-developed business with a wide audience range you may go with a native application for each operating system. Want to develop your mobile app with the best framework and architecture, you may connect with the experts of Maticz.

Maticz is one of the best Mobile App Development Companies that serves clients around the globe with the most advanced tech stack and tools. Maticz has worked and successfully launched 200+ projects in the last three years which makes the team more creative and stronger in every concept. We have been working with various industry sectors which includes companies from startups to enterprises for numerous software development under different requirements.

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