Maticz is the best retail software development company, offering custom retail software development services and solutions with top retail software developers.

We are experts in retail software development and help businesses across the globe build custom retail software. Our retail software solutions provide clients with a convenient, engaging, and secure platform for their business services.

Retail Software Development

The retail industry is evolving with the growing population, its needs, and the numerous products available in the market make it grow big. To move ahead with the competitive world and make the process much faster than the competitors many kinds of retail software have been deployed in the industry for various business operations.

As a Retail Software Development Company, Maticz offers advanced retail software to clients based on their requirements, incorporating advanced technologies like AI, Blockchain, ML, and more. Maticz offers various end-to-end software solutions to ease the operation in the retail industry from inventory management to CRM software and more. We also work on custom retail software development as per the client's requirements and ideas.

Retail Software Development Services

We offer a wide range of retail software development services to clients around the globe from inventory software development to CRM development. Here are a few software services related to the retail industry.

Inventory Software Development

Every retail business has to manage a huge inventory setup as the present retail industry handles thousands of products where we offer inventory management software comprising all your needs to ease your inventory operations.

Billing Software Development

Every store needs billing software in this modern era to digitalize every operation and with the growing world, it’s a must thing to set up billing software to speed up the sales that helps the business growth.

CRM Software Development

We offer advanced customer relationship management software that helps you efficiently organize workflow, enhance productivity, and help automate digital operations that result in better business outcomes.

Supply Chain Software Development

Retail industries need to manage thousands of products and each product comes to the location from various areas. So setting up our supply chain software automates your supply chain operations and monitors every product from the time of order.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Solution

With our vast experience in developing POS solutions, we bring much more advanced products with AI integration that's compatible across various devices with helps in carrying out the work without any interruption.

Why Choose Us for Custom Retail Software Development?

Our professionals work on custom retail software development based on clients’ ideas with advanced tools and technologies to present the best solution that satisfies their needs. Building up a custom retail software allows one to build the perfect software with only the required functions and features whereas going with the ready-made software lets you to payout an amount for unwanted features also.

Our professionals work in retail software development and bring up advanced technologies that add many new features and functions that ease up business operations. We offer advanced technologies in the software development process from blockchain to AI which helps to scale up the business through various next-gen features. Implementing AI and Blockchain changes the whole system by automating the system and performing every action under a decentralized system.

Retail Software Development Process

Our experts go with the following sequence for the retail software development process. 

Requirement Analysis

Our team goes through the client's requirement and their goal before getting into the projects and plans the process according to the client's goal.


After going through the client’s requirements our experts plan the right technology and tools for the software development and to present the best.


After finalizing the tech stack, the creative designers start their work in designing the UI, and front-end development starts their work.


Simultaneously, the back-end team starts their development process and adds up every feature and functionality required to achieve the client’s goal.


Once the product is completely developed it undergoes several sequences of software testing where bugs and vulnerabilities are removed and fixed.


Finally, after passing every testing process the product is ready for deployment and the development team deploys it on the client’s server.

Benefits of Our Retail Software Solution

Our retail software solution offers numerous benefits to the users and here we have listed out a few benefits for you

Retail Automation

Retail software helps to automate various processes according to the programmed business operations and completes the operations much faster than manual actions.

Effective Data Analytics

The software collects every data from inventory to sales which helps the business owners to analyze the business sales and growth whenever required at any time.

Customer Experience

Our retail software solution provides a better experience to customers where our solutions send out the bills directly to customers' mobile and send notifications as per customers’ preferences.

Real-time Data

The software helps the business owner to go through real-time data of inventory and sales at the same time within clicks and helps them monitor the work done at any time.

Seamless Integration

Our developers build up a user-friendly solution and we make sure the solution is integrated with any of the existing models to ease the business operation at any point of situation.

What Makes Us the Best Retail Software Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best retail software development companies that offers various software development services to clients around the globe based on their needs. We have successfully developed and launched more than 200+ projects in the digital space in the past three years. Our professionals have worked on various ideas for numerous industries' from startups to enterprises over the years.

With the continuous growth in digital solutions, every industry is working on bringing digital solutions into their existing business model, including the retail industry. If you are looking for a team to develop and integrate your digital solution into your retail business, get in touch with the experts of Maticz and get the right software solution.

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