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Solana Blockchain Development

Maticz is a leading Solana blockchain development company providing Solana blockchain solutions and services with top-rated blockchain developers. Solana is the fastest and most powerful decentralized blockchain. Here at Maticz, we develop Solana-based Decentralized apps, Smart contracts, and NFT Marketplaces. Solana blockchain popularity has increased due to its node synchronization, where the synchronization affects the entire blockchain, and that reflects in the more transactions in the network. 

What is Solana Blockchain?

Solana is an open-sourced and decentralized public blockchain platform. In 2017, a draft whitepaper was published by Anatoly Yakovenko, which presented the new synchronization algorithm (PoH) Proof of History which makes the transaction faster than the other crypto blockchain. The cryptocurrencies use the time stamp (internal time) for time synchronization but the timestamp cannot be accurate as it does not have a central clock to refer to. 

There comes the node synchronization that was developed for the Solana blockchain to make their transactions faster than the present cryptocurrency transaction. Yakovenko introduced PoH as an internal clock.  Solana blockchain becomes the fastest with 400 millisecond block times and is also a user-friendly decentralized blockchain platform.

Benefits of Using Solana Blockchain

  • Solana makes it possible for a centralized database to process 710,000 transactions per second on a standard gigabit network.
  • The transaction fee is less than $0.01 for users and developers.
  • Solana becomes the fastest because of its 400 millisecond block times.
  • Clock verification makes Solana unique.
  • Node synchronization makes the transactions fast.
  • Proof of History helps in integrating timestamps with every transaction approval following to track the transactions which serve as a clock.

Solana Blockchain Development Agency

Maticz is a leading blockchain development agency known globally and continuously working on diverse blockchain platforms like Solana, Ethereum, BSC, Tron, Polygon, etc with an expert team and satisfying the customers by implementing their ideas through blockchain development. Get yourself into the crypto community by implementing your ideas of Solana Dapp, NFT marketplace, Token Developments, and Defi.

Features of Solana Blockchain Development

Proof of History

The main feature of the Solana blockchain is the PoH which helps the higher efficiency and throughput rate in the network.

Tower BFT

It helps in providing the validators to vote on the state of the ledger. This records the previous votes and speeds up the validation by approving the previous votes rather than running the entire chain.

Gulf Stream

It works with a mempool concept. Gulf Stream is newly introduced into Solana to make the transaction fast. The mempool acts as a waiting area for the next transaction which helps to validate the transaction forward before the transaction ends.


This provides a major benefit over the smart contract networks. This becomes the first parallel smart contract run time.


Solana Blockchain uses it as a transaction processing unit. This system improves the block validation time.


Solana blockchain introduced this feature where the broadcasting system takes important data into small pieces and then can be sent to the computer faster and using less bandwidth.


Solana’s horizontally scaled account database enhances iterations by allowing the system to read and write data at the same time.

Solana Blockchain Development Services

Maticz offers outstanding Solana blockchain development services to active investors looking to start their business platforms in Solana Blockchain. The team of experts at Maticz develops the best NFT marketplace, Dapps, Minting platform, Defi, and Smart contracts. Know about our Solana blockchain solutions and get in touch with us to make your ideas come alive.

Solana Smart Contract Development

Solana offers the best user-friendly experience than other crypto blockchains. As Solana works on proof of history, the marketplace runs on pre-written smart contracts.

We at Maticz develop a Solana smart contract with the best features to make it user-friendly after multiple tests and checking out the bugs. Our experts are available to represent the best Solana smart contracts for you.

Solana NFT Development

Non-fungible tokens have made a revolution in the crypto world. The usage of the NFT has increased in recent days and Solana's popularity is also increasing day by day so make your first Solana NFT. Get in touch with our team to have your videos, art, photos, and music as Solana NFT. 

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Solana NFT Marketplace Development

Maticz plays a significant role in developing the NFT marketplace and has been successful in satisfying customers by developing the NFT marketplace as per their needs. As Solana is attracting crypto users due to its benefits, many of them are focusing on it so launch your own Solana NFT marketplace with our experts on board.

Solana Minting Platform Development

Minting is the process where you make your digital asset in the form of tokens. Solana has the benefits of speed and lower transaction fees, so most of the crypto users are attracted to it. Many of them are creating their digital assets using minting platforms. As many users are attracted to Solana you can launch your first Solana Minting platform with the assistance of the experts of Maticz the leading blockchain development company.

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Solana Dapp Development

Decentralized apps are built over the decentralized network. These decentralized networks do not have any control and they are independent. There is a huge opportunity to earn millions after you launch your Dapp. Our team is ready to develop and launch your Dapp just one step forward contact us to make your Dapp live. 

Solana Token Development

As Solana uses node synchronization it makes the transaction faster than the other cryptos which has brought attention to the crypto world. As people are hearing a lot about Solana, its popularity has increased. So, get your first Solana token with the work of our experts on it at Maticz.

Solana Defi Exchange Development

Defi exchange is the decentralized exchange platform where you can swap between various currencies that are present in the crypto world. Entrepreneurs who are eager about the crypto trend can start their Defi exchange platform and kickstart their business with the latest trend. Starting your business with Maticz will lead you to a greater path as we are doing projects globally and are a well-experienced blockchain developing company. Our expert team is ready to connect with you.

Why Choose Maticz for Solana Blockchain Development?

Maticz, one of the global leaders in Solana blockchain development, developing Solana blockchain-based platforms. Here the trust and satisfaction of the customer are the main goals of our service. We also offer blockchain platforms on Ethereum, Binance smart chain, Tron, Polygon, or Matic networks.

Thinking of investing in a Blockchain-based business contact our experts and reveal your thoughts, our experts will get into action and bring your thoughts to life to kickstart your business in the blockchain. 

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