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Solsea Clone Script

Solsea Clone Script is a similar marketplace to the Solsea NFT Marketplace built on the Solana blockchain with similar features and modes of operations. Solsea Clone Script is a White Label NFT Marketplace that allows customization of the marketplace based on your requirements. Maticz, the global leader in NFT Marketplace Development develops the NFT marketplace on various blockchain networks Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, etc.

Solsea is the NFT marketplace built on the Solana blockchain network that holds the art and collections of the creators. Solsea holds the non-fungible tokens of various verticals where anyone can mint their NFT and embed license. Maticz has developed several projects on NFT Marketplace and is well-experienced in Solana NFT Marketplace Development


Solsea is an open NFT Marketplace built on the Solana blockchain, as the name suggests Solsea is built keeping Opensea in mind and was built similarly but on the Solana Blockchain. The Solsea NFT Marketplace can be used to sell or buy non-fungible tokens, anyone can mint their NFT and embed the licenses. Solsea became the first Minting platform to embed copyright licenses in NFT.

Solsea makes the creators list their NFTs privately and publicly. As Solsea is built on the Solana network the minting fees are very low and the transaction on it will be faster compared to Opensea. Solana has gained attention in the crypto world which automatically gets crypto users to the Solana-based NFT marketplace. The crypto analysts say Solsea may grow bigger than Opensea only because it is built on Solana which may become a competitor to Ethereum.

NFT Marketplace

An NFT Marketplace is built on any specified blockchain to list the digital assets of creators. Anyone can buy or sell NFTs in the marketplace. The NFTs mostly represent the arts, videos, music, photos, and special collections. The NFT marketplace has received attention in the crypto world and increased the interest of crypto users. The crypto market is increasing day by day so it's a perfect time to launch an NFT marketplace.

Build your own NFT marketplace with Maticz, the pioneer in Solana blockchain development, which develops NFT marketplaces on Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, etc.

Solsea NFT Marketplace

Solsea was launched in August 2021, Solsea NFT Marketplace is the first open NFT marketplace built on Solana that enables creators to embed licenses when they mint. Solsea will be faster than Opensea or most of the NFT marketplace as it has been built on the Solana network. Everyone with the Solana accepted wallet can buy or sell art from the Solsea NFT platform. The Solsea holds the arts from the creators as a digital asset in the form of NFT which is traded with the cryptos of SOL, USDC, and USDT.

How to Create an NFT Marketplace like Solsea?

Maticz, the leading NFT Marketplace development company will build your NFT marketplace with all the features you need to launch. Maticz offers two significant ways to start an NFT Marketplace like Solsea, 

Option 1: Building Solsea-like NFT Marketplace from Scratch.

Option 2: White Label Solsea Clone Script.

Building the Solsea-like NFT Marketplace from scratch enables users to add their unique features to bring a personalized experience. While Opting for the Solsea clone script allows the instant launch of NFT Marketplace, here the Solsea-like NFT Marketplace will be built over the already present source code, and if needed extra features can be added.

Solsea Clone

Solsea Clone is the functional replica of the Solsea NFT Marketplace delivering the entire functionalities of Solsea such as buy, sell, bid, and listing of digital assets. The Solsea Clone is a White label NFT marketplace that has the features of customization, faster deployment, development at low cost, and highly scalable.

Maticz offers a customizable Solsea NFT Marketplace Clone that is readily available for deployment and enables the instant launch of NFT Marketplace. Whereas developing the NFT Marketplace from scratch takes more time and is quite expensive.

How Does Solsea NFT Marketplace Clone Work?

  • Create a wallet in Phantom or Sollet that supports Solana.
  • Create a profile and connect your wallet.
  • Mint your NFTs and embed the licenses.
  • Sell your art as NFT in return to Solana.

Maticz, a pioneer in Solana NFT Development and other blockchain platforms will make your NFT marketplace idea into reality.

Benefits of Solsea NFT Marketplace Clone Script

  • Solsea Clone Script is built on the Solana blockchain which makes your transaction and minting process faster. 
  • Low transaction cost and accepts transactions in SOL, USDC, and USDT.
  • Every collection is verified with the rarity index and trait statistics.
  • Creators can list their NFTs privately or publicly.
  • Solsea Clone has licenses for NFTs for private use, public use, and reproduction use.

Features of Solsea Clone Script

  • Creators can embed the license directly into the minted NFTs.
  • NFT can be listed privately or publicly.
  • All Solana NFTs are compatible with the SPL token.
  • Non-Crypto users have the option to buy the NFT using a credit card through FTX pay.
  • NFT can be uploaded in 3D format and also can be viewed in 3D.
  • Solsea Clone offers a fast and low-cost minting process.

NFT Minting in Solsea Clone Script

Solsea Clone Script allows you to mint your NFTs individually whether it may be collectibles, art pieces, etc. It is minted effectively, easily, and at a low cost. Creators can mint their art and add specified properties to each minted NFT and also can mint Metaplex-compatible NFTs directly on Solsea NFT Marketplace Clone.

Know more: NFT Minting Platform Development

Why Start an NFT Marketplace like Solsea?

NFT Marketplace seems to be the future of the crypto world as the NFT market has gained lots of users within a shorter period. Creators around the world started to earn a lot through it due to its popularity. Many new entrepreneurs started to invest in the crypto & blockchain platforms as the youngsters have an interest in cryptos.

Solsea NFT Marketplace is built on the open-source Solana blockchain. The market of Solana has been increasing since its launch date due to its benefits and features. Most of the crypto users have been investing in Solana and its projects so make your turn now to invest in the NFT business and launch your own NFT Marketplace like Solsea in Solana Blockchain. Maticz will bring your NFT marketplace idea into progress, and get in touch with our experts.

Why Choose Maticz to Build an NFT Marketplace like Solsea?

Maticz, the global leader in blockchain and NFT marketplace development company has completed many projects successfully around the globe. Maticz has developed and worked on Ethereum, Binance smart chain, Tron, Solana, and Polygon. We have made our customers happy and satisfied with our projects.

This is the time to invest in blockchain and NFT marketplace platforms and make profits. The NFT marketplace platform will make you earn millions so make your futuristic NFT marketplace with our experts on board. Connect with our experts and launch your NFT marketplace.

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