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Maticz - The leading Blockchain Development Company, through our quality team of analysts, has found the TRX Chain to be impressive. We have developed the TRX Chain Clone Script for the optimal use of potential investors opting to launch a Tron-Based ROI Plan similar to TRX

Tron Chain Clone

Tron Chain Clone is a readymade Smart contract-powered Tron Investment Platform designed to deliver the features offered by the Tron Chain Platform. The Tron Chain Clone can interoperate with a number of other applications associated with the Decentralized Finances paving the way for endless benefits to the users.

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Tron Chain - Overview: 

Tron Chain is a Decentralized community-supported funding platform powered by Smart Contracts, operating over the Tron Blockchain Network Architecture. It appears to be a top-notch solution available in the current trends delivering the dedicated service through a Decentralized approach.

Tron Chain Smart Contracts

Tron Chain Smart Contracts are designed to provide the participants with individually assisted Financial Funding through Smart Contract technology supported by numerous DeFi-based services.

How to build a Tron Investment Platform like Tron Chain?

There are two available options to accomplish a portal like the Tron Chain Platform.

Option 1:

The first option is to develop a platform like the Tron Chain from scratch to deliver its optimal features.

Option 2:

The second option is, to build a Tron Chain Clone script that performs the projected process as desired by the participant taking part with respect to the Tron Chain Platform. The second option is an efficient solution for anyone thinking of building his own Tron-based investment platform.

Tron Chain Clone Script

Tron Chain Clone Script is a Smart Contract Tron Investment Script built on Tron Blockchain to deliver an investment platform similar to Tron Chain. Tron Chain Clone Script is a multi-tested & readymade solution to operate ROI-based plans on a hassle-free, highly secured Tron Investment Platform based on Smart Contract protocols built on Tron Blockchain.

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Tron Chain Clone Script Features:

• Cutting-edge financial assistance currently available

• Intruder and intervention-free financial services

• Cent percent Decentralized

• Community-operated guidelines secured

• Energy requirement is reduced

• Low operational cost

• ROI is considerably high

Tron Chain Clone Script Add-Ons

Tron Chain Clone script can interoperate well with the gaming platforms, through its Eclipcity Enabled Services.

Eclipcity Services:

• BAAS(Blockchain Software As service)

• Smart Contract Audit

• DeFi Services

• DApp games

• Fintech

Our Tron Chain Clone Script also interoperates with Cyberchain, Uswap, and UME finance platforms.

The Interface:

The Interface of our Tron Chain Clone Script directly shows the amount actually transacted up to that instant of time. The unit of the transaction thus specified is in USD.

User-friendly UI Tabs:

• How to join the tab

• Guide tab

• Top sponsors tab

• Donate tab

How to join Tab:

This tab assists the participants in effectively taking part in the Tron-based Investment or Funding process.

Guide Tab:

The guide tab is an exclusive tab for explaining the features of our Tron Chain Clone Script. This tab efficiently explains the ROI plans and projected interests that the user will be able to generate over a specific period of time.

Top Sponsors Tab:

This tab specifies the Address, the amount of TRX transacted, and the income generated by the corresponding participants taking part with respect to the Tron Chain Clone Platform. It will specify the best performer up to that instance of time.

Donate Tab:

The Tron Chain Clone platform accepts funding from the public through this tab.

Join Tab:

To be associated with the Platform the participant has to mandatorily include himself with any one of the recognized Tron-based Wallets. After enrolling with any of the specified wallets the user will be allowed to transact his assets in terms of certain TRX units.

TRX units accepted:

• 100 TRX

• 10k TRX

• 30k TRX

• 50k TRX

• 100k TRX


The statistics tab includes basic stats that account for the entire process associated with our Tron Chain Clone Script. The stats include,

• Smart Contract

• Insurance

• Personal info

• UME Farming

• Statistics

• Organization

Token Balance Tab:

The token balance is also a very detailed tab establishing numerous balance-related information.

• Token

• Token Type

• ID

• Precision

• Balance

• Pricings

• Value

Smart Contract:

The Smart Contract info tab accounts for certain basic info about the Smart Contract of our Tron Chain Clone Script. The basic info includes,

• Total TRX deposited

• Smart Contract Balance

• Amount withdrawn

• Amount in Daily pool

• Daily Pool Countdown

• Maximum Amount from Top Referrer

• Referred by

Smart Contract Address:

This is a very detailed tab specifying the transaction history taking place on a detailed note. The details include,

• Token balances

• Transactions

• TRC20 Transfers

• Internal TXNS

• Contract

• Events

What does our Smart Contract Source Code look like?

A small snippet of what our Smart Contract looks like is provided below.

if(pool_users_refs_deposits_sum[pool_cycle][upline] >


for(uint8 j = i + 1; j < pool_bonuses.length; j++)

if(pool_top[j] == upline)

for(uint8 k = j; k <= pool_bonuses.length; k++)

pool_top[k] = pool_top[k + 1]; } break;

} }

How does our Tron Chain Clone work? 

Our Tron Chain Clone Script operates in 4 phases based on the amount of TRX involved in the transaction.

Phase 1:

The minimum deposit to take part in trade is 100 TRX; the investor will be able to make a revenue of 100,000 TRX as ROI.

Phase 2:

The participant will be able to generate an ROI of 300,000 TRX.

Phase 3:

The participant will be able to generate an ROI of 900,000 TRX.

Phase 4:

The participant will be able to generate an ROI of 2,000,000 TRX.

Percentage returns:

The participant will be able to generate total revenue of 310% through 4 available methods.

One method is by directly involving and the other three methods account for passive income generated by the referring process. The participant will generate an ROI of 1% every day. The plan will be valid for a period of 310 days which accounts for 310%ROI.

The participant on achieving the feat of 310% ROI will be prompted to make a new deposit and open up a new position. Every day the top 4 performers will be getting extra rates of returns. A sum of 10% will be distributed between the top performers of the Tron Chain Clone Platform.

Why Choose Maticz for Tron Chain Clone Script?

Maticz, the pioneer white-label blockchain solution provider in the domains of Blockchain-based queries, through our expert developers, has developed the Tron Chain Clone Script to be of endless benefits to the exclusive users of Trons and has been obliged to launch a Tron Investment Platform.

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