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As per the recent report published by Statista, the global digital health market will be around $650 Billion in 2025, and also stated that the market share was $330 Billion in 2022. Also stated that EHR software has a major share where it has seen a growth up to 88% usage in 2021 compared to 18% in 2001 in the U.S. region. The EHR market value will be around $47.2 Billion in 2027 which stated that it had a market share of only $29 Billion in 2020.

Why are Multiple Healthcare Software Dominating?

In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen a huge transformation due to the impact of different factors and this transformation has made the industry properly streamline its work. All these transformations are due to the usage of the different types of healthcare solutions that made many processes simple and easy.

The software is simple and brings in much automation, so many healthcare institutions have come out to adopt various healthcare software solutions for their day-to-day process. This is where healthcare software has been dominating in recent days.

Types of Healthcare Software

Every industry is filled with multiple software solutions which includes the healthcare industry as well. The healthcare industry has multiple types of healthcare software that would automate and ease many of the operations and here we have discussed a few healthcare software solutions that our team has worked on till now.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Health Record most popularly known as EHR is mostly used in every hospital and clinic to record every healthcare process taken by the patient. The software is internally connected with the hospital management software to safeguard the information. The doctors use this to update the healthcare condition of the patient, results of the lab tests, family health history, and many other medical records.

The patient will also be provided with the login to the portal so that the patient may check their medical records at any time even in the future to know their previous health records. EHR is the safest and the perfect place to hold medical information of patients for a long period which helps doctors and patients to diagnose any disease in the future.

Medical Research Software

The Medical Research Software is primarily used to educate and train emerging medical staff also this is used to share information about any outbreak around the globe helping other medical staff around the world to work on it by sharing information about the outbreak.

The professionals use it to share any kind of new and unusual symptoms letting others know about it and to find a diagnosis pattern for it. The software is purposefully made to share medical information between medical professionals. And mostly it acts as an educational platform and forum for medical staff.

Medical Diagnosis Software

The Medical Diagnosis Software can be classified into two different ways one for the patient and the other one for the professional doc. The doctors are engaged with the most powerful diagnosis software which will be powered with AI helping the doctors to find out the fastest way to find and diagnose the patient from the disease as fast as they could.

The medical diagnosis software for the patient has become more popular in the period of COVID-19 where many governments have initiated it to find out the symptoms of the people and helped them to diagnose in the early days or else advised them to avail the nearby clinics to be in control. Also, this has been helpful for patients instead of going out with Google search these apps/software help them with what to do or to find the right doctor nearby.

Medical Imaging Software

The Medical Imaging Software is mostly employed in processing MRI/CT/PET scans helping the technicians and doctors to visualize the problem in a more accurate way possible. The present Medical Imaging software is being employed with AI solutions helping doctors to find the problem and diagnose the disease in a more precise way.

The advanced software solutions help the doctors to share the data with other professionals around the globe and this helps the patient to get a better consultation from the experts in the industry. In the modern age apart from this, medical imaging software is being deployed to print 3D models of human body parts which can then be replaced with surgery.

E-prescribing Software

Every hospital is moving on with E-prescription software even though every government has its own set of rules and regulations for providing prescriptions to patients. The influence of digitalization has made the clinics provide E-prescriptions to patients which is also helpful to patients and doctors in tracking their health records.

Doctors can also provide a new E-prescription with a consultant over the phone that helps the patient to get the drugs from the nearby pharmacy with ease. In many countries, E-prescription is directly connected with the pharmacy as well to provide the right drug to the user that the doctor prescribed.

Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine app has seen a great surge since 2020 because of COVID-19. Telemedicine software is a platform to connect with verified professional doc through apps or via the web to get consulted on their symptoms. Users around the globe can be connected with well-experienced doctors online wherever they are present in the globe.

Telemedicine alone has a huge market share in the global healthcare economy because of its popularity and easy way to connect with doctors around the globe. The whole process that is taken in the hospital for consultation is carried out online making it more convenient for users around the globe.

Appointment Scheduling Software

Everything is brought to digital so why not schedule an appointment with doctors via digital? The appointment scheduling software is completely automated and users may book an appointment with the doctor online. They may connect with the doctors at the right time instead of waiting all the whole day.

Not just for online appointments, hospitals have also replaced their old system with an automated system where patients may schedule their appointments with the applications and be available at the hospital during the intimated time.

Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Software is present in every hospital small clinic and even in pharmacies helping employees to figure out the drugs present and it helps in inventory management as well. However, the main course of medical billing is to manage invoices, receipts, and insurance claims.

Though the billing software is available as a standalone application many prefer it to be connected with the hospital management software to manage the transactions, presence of drugs, records, and accounts.

Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software is an overall software solution that manages the whole process that takes place inside the hospital building. The admin of the hospital management will be able to see all the processes of the hospital in every department whereas the users will be able to log in to their department/portal and will be able to do only their process.

The hospital management software has many roles from managing the inventory, automating accounts, managing bills, managing outpatients, room management, appointing doctors, safeguarding patient records, and many more. Apart from this the software also has a place for patients to log in, where patients may get their medical records at any time from anywhere.

Health Tracking Apps

Health Tracking Apps are the new trend of the modern age which assists app users in managing their day-to-day activities in maintaining their health. Health-tracking fitness apps are the most used day-to-day applications regarding health in recent years. These healthcare apps involve themself in physical activity tracking, movement tracking, dieting, and weight loss are the most popular ones.

Health tracking apps have a greater potential than just tracking the records of the user's activity. It suggests the best possible way to take care of their health with the data provided by the app and with the user's daily routine. In the present global market, there are many health-tracking devices from watches to rings making the process more simple and accurate.

Personal Health Record Software

The Personal Health Record Software is a peculiar software where the patient will be able to note down all the symptoms and their health-related activities. Most of the advanced personal health record software is integrated with another app/web used by the doctor which helps the doctor to monitor the behavior of the patient and help the patient at any cause of emergency.

The personal health record software also holds all the information, tests, diagnosis of the treatment process, previous health records, and many more. Also, there are a few software developed especially for a particular disease and monitor the patient with care and accuracy.

Medical Equipment Management

This kind of software is used to avoid manual actions of humans where the software with AI and other advanced technologies work in managing the medical equipment. This eliminates the work of the technicians in most of the parts which makes their work simple and this alerts the technicians to schedule maintenance at the right time.

Transforming Healthcare Industry with Innovative Healthcare Software

The digital realm is filled with innovations, many industries are adopting those innovative software solutions into their systems and the Healthcare industry is also a part of it. Software development companies have accelerated the growth of industries around the globe and healthcare software development has changed the view of hospitals and healthcare institutions a lot. You may also digitalize your hospital or healthcare institution with our various advanced healthcare software solutions.

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