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2D Game Development

Maticz offers 2D game design to clients around the globe, with a team of creative and young minds, we work with new-age tools to build your 2D game from scratch. The young talents bring their best creativity into the game development process without affecting the vision and mission of our clients. We develop 2D games for various devices like mobile, PC, consoles, and VR. We also offer Android game development, iOS game development, Windows, Mac, and more. We provide an end-to-end game development process with post-launch assistance and future updates and maintenance.

Maticz is a leading 2D game development company that has been working on new technologies for years and it's now bringing these next-gen techs into the game development. With the idea of implementing blockchain, Metaverse, NFT, AI and more players will be getting a new gameplay experience. Want a next-gen 2D game with lots of advanced features and functionality then Maticz gives your idea shape with these new-age techs and helps you launch it in the digital space for your audience.

2D Game Development Services

We offer a wide range of 2D game development services and here are a few that top the list and what our clients mostly ask for.

Character Design

Just want characters for your game? Get connected with our creative designers and get the best character that suits your game idea and your gameplay action.

Game Environment Development

Our professionals also create 2D game environments with advanced tools to provide impressive and stunning visuals that attract many new gamers to the game.

End-to-End Game Development

As a leading 2D game development studio we offer end-to-end game development services for various devices which includes mobile games, console games, or PC game development.

Game Design Services

Want us to design your whole game or just UI/UX? We have got young talents onboard who can work as per your needs, and present you with the best game design services.

Game Maintenance and Upgradation

Got your game and want to update it? With your idea, we provide a specific update whether it's a feature or functionality, and also provide a complete game update if necessary.

Custom 2D Game Development Solutions

Get your custom 2D game development solution from the experts of Maticz. We offer Unity 2D game development and Unreal Engine 2D game development based on the client's requirements. Maticz offers top-notch 2D game solutions with the best graphics and stunning visuals which will attract a huge gaming community to your game. With years of expertise in the game development field, our professionals suggest the best way to take your game to development and launch in the global market.

Whether you expect Unity game development or Unreal engine game development we have our dedicated team to work as per your requirements. Our team analyses your project and comes up with the perfect plan to develop your game with a step-by-step process. With the integration of new technologies into game development we offer a futuristic gaming platform with new features and functionalities.

2D Game Development Process

Here is the overview of how our professionals move the 2D game development process from scratch.


Our team gets your requirements and analyzes the whole idea to figure out the best possible way to bring your idea to the digital space.

Choose Game Engine

After analyzing the whole process the team discusses with the client to select the perfect game engine for the game development process.

Design Characters

The team moves on with the designing of the 2D game characters and other in-game assets required for the gameplay.

Create Environment

On the other side, designers work on developing the 2D game environment where the whole game will be taking place.

Design Animation

Other animations are developed on the next step that is required in the gameplay and all other animations that take place in the game environment.

Backend Development

Backend developers will be setting up the background environment with their coding skills that help the game function smoothly.


Once every development process is done, every character's background environment and the backend process are integrated perfectly to showcase a complete game.

2D Game Testing

After the 2D game is developed it goes through a series of tests to resolve and remove all the bugs and vulnerabilities in the game.

2D Game Deployment

Once the 2D game is completely tested and every bug is resolved the game is then deployed on the user's client’s server for users around the globe.

What Makes Us the Best 2D Game Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best 2D game development companies that provides a wide range of game development services with experienced game developers. With over 100+ experienced professionals Maticz is changing things in the digital space by implementing new-age technologies into digital solutions. Maticz has successfully developed and launched more than 200+ projects in the digital space, where we have worked from entrepreneurs to big corporates.

Games are dragging out more people than before from kids, teenagers to adults so launching a game will be a great opportunity to make a profit in the digital space. If you have a game idea and looking for the best team then you are at the right place, get connected with our experts and plan your game idea. Our dedicated team will analyze your project and come up with the best idea from mobile game development to Video game development. Just a step more to launch your game in the digital space and get your idea turned into your future business model.

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