In today's information overload, staying informed feels like climbing Mount Everest in a blizzard. News bombards us from every direction, with countless apps competing for our attention. But which one cuts through the noise and delivers relevant, reliable, and personalized news that matters to you?

Don't worry, fellow information seeker! This guide is your map to navigating the app wilderness and discovering the perfect news companion. Whether you're a breaking news addict, a deep-dive enthusiast, or somewhere in between, we'll help you unlock the features and functionalities that empower your journey.

So, grab your metaphorical climbing gear and join us on this exciting expedition! Together, we'll conquer the newsverse and find the app that helps you stay informed, engaged, and empowered.

10 Best News Apps of 2024

Here are the top hand-picked apps for news that will keep you informed in 2024. Choose the best news app based on your needs and preferences.

News Apps
Best For
Google News
Personalized news feed, diverse sources, and Google Assistant integration
Microsoft News
Focused news experience, personalized interests, integration with Microsoft ecosystem
BBC News
Global news coverage, in-depth reporting, multimedia content
Free to use, outside the UK, you will see commercial advertising
Local news, hyperlocal stories, user-generated content
CNN News
Breaking news alerts, live broadcasts, and original shows
Free (Premium version with ad-free experience and extra features available for $5.99/month)
The New York Times
In-depth journalism, diverse topics, opinion pieces
Free (Subscription required for full access to articles, starting at $4/week)
Apple News
Clean and curated interface, personalized feed, Apple ecosystem integration
Free (Premium version of Apple News+ is $12.99 per month)
Magazine-style layout, personalized interests, diverse sources
Free to use the basic version and The premium content requires $3 per month
Social news aggregation, community curation, upvote/downvote system
Ground News
Bias rating for news sources, fact-checking and verification tools, diverse perspectives
Free (Pro plan is $0.99/month or $9.99/year for bias comparison and a wide range of news sources)

Google News

Google News comes in as your personalized savior, offering a reliable and curated platform to navigate the information overload and access stories that truly matter. Unlike one-size-fits-all news feeds, Google News tailors content to your specific interests, location, and reading habits. 

Google News allows you to delve deep into diverse local and international headlines, explore complex stories with the "Full Coverage" feature, and even access news offline using saved articles. This customizable platform seamlessly integrates with your Google ecosystem, making news conveniently accessible on various devices.


Personalized Feed: Discover top stories tailored to your interests.

Comprehensive Coverage: Access local, international, and diverse perspectives.

Full Coverage: Dive deeper into complex stories with multi-source insights.

Offline Access: Read articles even without an internet connection.

Customization Options: Choose topics, and sources, and personalize your news.

Google Ecosystem Integration: Access news seamlessly on various devices.

Download Link: iOS, Android

Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start News emerges as a user-friendly oasis designed to help you stay informed and entertained. It goes beyond news aggregation, offering a personalized experience that caters to your interests and fuels your curiosity. 

Unlike faceless news feeds, Microsoft Start News tailors content to your preferences, allowing you to explore diverse topics, stay updated on local news, and read inspirational stories. It seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft services, like Bing and Outlook, providing a convenient news hub within your existing ecosystem.


Personalized Feed: Discover news and stories curated to your interests.

Local News Focus: Stay informed about happenings in your community.

Global Coverage: Access headlines from various international sources.

Engaging Content: Explore articles and videos.

Integrated Rewards: Earn rewards for reading and using the app.

Bing and Outlook Integration: Enjoy a unified news experience with other Microsoft services.

Download Link: iOS, Android

BBC News

Craving in-depth reporting and global news coverage with a touch of British charm? Look no further than the BBC News app, your gateway to trusted journalism and diverse perspectives. Step beyond sensational headlines and immerse yourself in well-researched articles, insightful videos, and live broadcasts, all delivered with the BBC's signature impartiality.

Explore a world of international news, delve into local UK updates, and personalize your experience to follow specific topics or regions. Whether you're a news addict or a casual reader, the BBC News app caters to your needs with its award-winning content and user-friendly interface.


Global News Coverage: Stay informed about international events and diverse perspectives.

Local UK Focus: Access dedicated sections for UK news and regional updates.

In-Depth Reporting: Dive deeper with investigative journalism and insightful analysis.

Multimedia Content: Enjoy articles, videos, live broadcasts, and interactive features.

Personalization Options: Tailor your feed to follow specific topics and regions.

Offline Access: Download articles for reading even without an internet connection.

Download Link: iOS, Android


This innovative app brings news to your doorstep, literally, by focusing on stories happening in your local community. Go beyond national headlines and discover what's buzzing in your neighborhood, from school board updates to restaurant openings and even neighborly good deeds. 

NewsBreak empowers you to stay informed and connected with the places and people that matter most. The app also features user-generated content, allowing you to share your own local stories, experiences, and perspectives, fostering a sense of community engagement.


Hyperlocal News: Stay informed about happenings in your immediate area.

Community Focus: Connect with your neighbors and local businesses.

User-Generated Content: Share your own stories and perspectives.

Live Updates: Get real-time breaking news alerts for your local area.

Diverse Content: Explore articles, videos, and photos from various sources.

Interactive Features: Upvote, comment, and share stories with your community.

Download Link: iOS, Android

CNN News

The CNN News app is best for breaking news, and it's also your portal to stay informed about the world's most crucial events. Immerse yourself in live broadcasts, in-depth analysis, and award-winning reporting, all wrapped in a user-friendly and personalized interface.

From global headlines to local coverage, the CNN News app keeps you at the forefront of current affairs, empowering you to form your own opinions based on comprehensive information. Whether you're a news enthusiast or a casual reader, CNN's signature style and commitment to quality journalism offer a captivating news experience.


Breaking News Alerts: Get instant notifications for major events unfolding worldwide.

Live Broadcasts: Watch live news segments and special events as they happen.

Original Shows: Enjoy exclusive CNN documentaries, investigative reports, and talk shows.

In-Depth Articles: Dive deeper into complex stories with insightful analysis and expert commentary.

Interactive Features: Share articles, comment on stories, and engage with the CNN community.

Download Link: iOS, Android

The New York Times

Seeking in-depth reporting, thought-provoking commentary, and unparalleled access to global news? The New York Times News app stands as your gateway to a world of award-winning journalism and insightful perspectives. 

The New York Times will go beyond fleeting headlines and explore meticulously researched articles, captivating multimedia content, and exclusive investigations, all delivered with the Times's signature depth and quality. The Times News app dives into diverse topics, discovers expert analysis, and personalizes your experience to follow specific beats or interests. The New York Times News app caters to your needs with its rich content and premium experience.


Global News Coverage: Stay informed about international events and diverse perspectives.

Multimedia Content: Enjoy articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive features.

Expert Analysis: Dive deeper with insightful commentary from renowned journalists and specialists.

Offline Access: Save articles and podcasts for reading and listening even without an internet connection.

Push Notifications: Stay updated with breaking news alerts and customized notifications.

Interactive Features: Share articles, comment on stories, and engage with the Times community.

Download Link: iOS, Android

Apple News

Apple News is best for the Apple ecosystem, and we appreciate you getting the premium subscription, which will cost you around $12.99/ month, which is worth it. The premium subscription will open the door for many in-app articles because the non-subscriber doesn't have access to the articles. Apple News+ will give you access to many of the world-famous journalistic sources, like the Wall Street Journal and Time.

The Apple News app is your gateway to personalized headlines and diverse perspectives. Unlike cluttered news feeds, Apple News offers a minimalist interface tailored to your interests, presenting high-quality content from a range of trusted sources. 


Clean Interface: Enjoy a clutter-free and visually appealing presentation.

Curated Collections: Dive deeper into specific issues with expertly chosen articles.

Offline Reading: Download articles for reading even without an internet connection.

Integration with Apple Ecosystem: Enjoy seamless access across your Apple devices.

Push Notifications: Stay updated with breaking news alerts.

Download Link: iOS


Flipboard is a magazine-style haven, that helps you choose the topic you like, from technology to healthcare. You can choose whatever topic you like, and Flipboard will mix it flawlessly. This unique app empowers you to curate your own personalized news experience, crafting a digital digest tailored to your specific interests and passions.

Forget overwhelming headlines and algorithms, with Flipboard, you choose the sources, topics, and even the visual layout, creating a personalized magazine filled with articles, videos, and images that spark your curiosity and fuel your knowledge. Flipboard offers a unique way to engage with the news and curate content that resonates with you.


Personalized Magazine Creation: Craft your magazine with your chosen topics, sources, and visuals.

Follow Interests & Experts: Connect with others who share your passions and discover new content.

Social Sharing: Share your curated Flipboards and collaborate with others.

Clean & Engaging Interface: Enjoy a visually appealing and user-friendly magazine experience.

Download Link: iOS, Android


Digg is the social news app where community curation meets in-depth exploration. Unlike traditional news feeds, Digg empowers users to upvote and downvote stories, shaping the front page and surfacing diverse perspectives. Digg explores thought-provoking articles, insightful analysis, and even hidden gems brought to light by the Digg community. 

Digg helps you to engage in meaningful discussions, share your discoveries, and become part of a vibrant space where news goes beyond headlines and sparks genuine conversation. Digg offers a unique blend of community, discovery, and intellectual engagement.


Community-Curated Feed: Upvote and downvote stories to shape the front page and discover diverse perspectives.

In-Depth Content: Go beyond headlines with insightful articles, analysis, and hidden gems.

Meaningful Discussions: Engage in civil and thoughtful conversations around news stories.

Offline Reading: Save articles for reading even without an internet connection.

Download Link: Android

Ground News

Ground News emerges as your beacon of clarity, offering a unique platform to compare news coverage across the political spectrum and fact-check information with ease. Unlike biased algorithms or echo chambers, Ground News presents news stories from thousands of diverse sources, allowing you to see how different outlets report on the same event. 

Ground summaries provide neutral overviews and utilize bias ratings and fact-checking tools to make informed decisions about the information you consume. Ground News empowers you to navigate the news landscape with confidence.


Compare News Coverage: See how different sources report on the same story side-by-side.

Neutral Ground Summaries: Gain unbiased overviews of complex news events.

Fact-Checking Tools: Verify information and identify potential biases.

Bias Ratings: Evaluate the political slant of each news source.

Diverse Source Selection: Access content from thousands of outlets across the spectrum.

Customizable Notifications: Stay updated on breaking news and fact-checks relevant to you.

Download Link: iOS, Android

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Apps for News

Content and sources: Do you prefer general news from various sources or specific topics and in-depth reporting? Some apps, like Google News, aggregate from various sources, while others, like The New York Times, focus on their journalism.

Personalization: Do you want an app that tailors news to your interests? Apps like Apple News and Flipboard allow extensive customization.

Objectivity and Bias: Are you concerned about potential bias in news reporting? Apps like Ground News offer multiple perspectives on the same story to help you form your opinion.

Features and Design: Do you value additional features like offline reading, push notifications, or video content? Different apps offer different functionalities and design preferences.

Cost: Are you willing to pay for a subscription? The New York Times, Apple News+, and some other apps have paywalls, while most others are free with ads.

News App FAQ

How much does it cost to build apps for news?

News app development costs can vary greatly depending on several factors, including app complexity, development approach, platform, and location of the team. Based on these factors, the development cost may vary. On a rough note, the news app development would cost you around $10,000 - $80,000

Which app is best for current news?

There's no single "best" app, as it depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here are some options with their strengths. For personalization, use Google News, Apple News, and Microsoft News. For breaking news, see CNN News and BBC News. For in-depth coverage, see The New York Times, and BBC News.

What's a good free news app?

Many excellent free news apps exist, Here are some of the few popular free news apps, including Google News, Microsoft News, BBC News, NewsBreak, Flipboard, Digg, and Ground News.

What is the number 1 news app?

Determining the "number 1" is quite a difficult task to do, but according to Play Store & App Store downloads and user reviews, some top contenders include Apple News, Google News, CNN News, and The New York Times.

How to monetize a news app?

Several strategies exist, including:

Subscriptions: Offer premium content, ad-free experience, or exclusive features.

Advertising: Sell ad space within the app.

In-app purchases: Offer virtual items or premium features within the app.

Partnerships: Collaborate with other companies for sponsored content or cross-promotion.

Remember, choosing the best monetization method depends on your app's audience, content, and overall strategy.


Navigating the news app landscape can be overwhelming, with countless options and considerations. While the possibilities are exciting, choosing the right mobile app development company is crucial for transforming your vision into a successful reality.

At Maticz, we offer a collaborative approach, bringing a blend of industry insights, design thinking, and development skills to the table. Our team will work closely with you to understand your audience, content strategy, and unique vision, ensuring your app resonates deeply with users.

We're more than just developers, we're your partners. We go beyond coding to offer ongoing support, maintenance, and strategic guidance, ensuring your app thrives in the ever-competitive news landscape.

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