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Foundation Clone Script

Foundation Clone Script is a White Label NFT Auction MarketPlace Script delivering functionalities entirely similar to the Foundation Marketplace. Foundation Clone Script enables NFT enthusiasts to mint, and auction digital artworks as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on a dedicated NFT Marketplace Platform.

Foundation.App Clone is a customizable NFT MarketPlace Software that allows to Create of community-operated NFT Marketplace like Foundation.App and execute Buy, Bid, Sell, and Creation of NFT over the Ethereum Blockchain Network.

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Features of Foundation Clone Script

The Foundation Clone Script executes efficient NFT Trading off through certain definite features that define its quality in service delivery,

<< Decentralized Design Architecture

<< Categorized Classification of assets

<< Individual Trade Performance tracking

<< Recommended New assets in the market

<< Endless digital asset listing

<< Market performance statistics and analytics

<< User Suggested and preferred trade-off

<< Time Constrained trade-off

<< P2P as well as P2A accessible

<< Multi-Directional trade mode

<< Multi-Currency Platform Progress

Foundation - Overview

Foundation is an NFT Marketplace operating over the Ethereum Blockchain looking to forge the community of Developers with that of Crypto collectors. The operations and functionalities associated with the Foundation are entirely community-driven and the platform accepts upgrades as suggested by the community. 

How To Start an NFT Auction MarketPlace like Foundation?

If you are looking to get the optimal benefits of the Foundation go for building the clone delivering the end-to-end services of the Foundation. The Foundation Clone can be obtained as a from-scratch product delivering the end-to-end functionalities of the platform while the other mode is by building the user-suggested customizable platform. 

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Foundation Clone

Foundation Clone is a White Label NFT MarketPlace operating similar to Foundation on Ethereum Blockchain. The Foundation Clone is a replica of NFT Auction Marketplace - Foundation, that carries out the buying, bidding, selling, and creation of digital assets and collectibles making use of Non-Fungible Tokens for their operation. 

Foundation Clone Software is specifically designed for those aspirants seeking a separate NFT Marketplace for trading & auctioning digital collectibles.

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How Does Foundation Clone Script Work?

Creator Side

  • Creators will be insisted to join the community 
  • On successful joining wallet integration proceeds
  • A profile is created for the content creators
  • NFT is minted for the creations made
  • Prices are set up in ETH
  • Auction is made for that collectible
  • 85% of the trade-off price will go to content creators
  • On Re-selling of the particular product, the royalty will be charged as 10% for every transaction.

Collector Side

  • The profile is created for the collector
  • A bid is placed for listed NFTs
  • The auction Time frame is set
  • On Successful Bid claim the NFT
  • Artworks stored in collector wallet
  • Display the artworks in the gallery

Developers Side

The Foundation Clone Script accepts ready collaboration with the Developers for future onboarding.


Other than creators and developers the Foundation Clone Script's community accepts members to be added to it through Discord Instagram and Twitter. New group creation is also recommended through the Foundation Clone script's community. 

Why go for the Foundation Clone Script?

The Foundation has enlisted  itself as the best NFT community through its onboardings in top-notch institutions that include, 

  • Eyebeam
  • Google
  • Harvard
  • Kickstarter
  • New Museum
  • Philips
  • Princeton
  • Broad

Foundation Clone Development Process

The Foundation Clone Script Marketplace is obtained in steps that include

  • Token Type Selection
  • Operational Framework Selection
  • Marketplace Highlights inclusion
  • Solidity compilation
  • Token Mintability setting up
  • User-Configuration setting up
  • Security Seed phrase inclusion
  • Sourcing Marketplace Main files
  • Token Faucet Specification
  • Secondary file inclusion
  • Base URI Configuring
  • Network compatibility Enhancement
  • Contract address setting up
  • Owner address setting up
  • Mainnet Deployment  

Benefits of Foundation Clone Script

<< Dashboard Defining quality

<< Effective Mining

<< Farms for passive income generation

<< NFT Bidding and Auction Listing

<< Airdrops increasing scalability

<< Benefits through referrals

<< Leaderboard based returns

<< Leveraging Rewards on participation

Why Choose Maticz for Foundation Clone Script?

We Maticz Technologies, the pioneers in NFT MarketPlace Development, contribute to the diring needs of the NFT Aspirants by building the Foundation Clone script for the enhanced and extended use case.  We at Maticz design and deliver the Foundation Clone Script with customization features pulling more audiences into the NFT domains. We also deliver the Marketplaces on different chains as per the market requirements and deliver the products like Rarible Clone, Opensea Clone, NBA Top Shot Clone, and Sorare Clone with cent percent precision meeting the deadlines.

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