With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, generating income be it active or passive has become a popular strategy among investors. Using various strategies such as staking, mining, lending, and more, you can earn a steady stream of income. Not everyone can become successful in this. However, choosing the proper revenue-generating method that best suits your investment goals can help you to be successful in the crypto world. 

Want to know how to earn money with cryptocurrency but don't know how? Then this blog is for you. There are plenty of ways to generate revenue starting from yield farming to ICO and IEO programs. In this guide, we have listed down the 10 best ways of making money using cryptocurrency and explained it in detail. Let's dive in deeper to learn more. 

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency? 

Here are the 10 best ways to generate money with cryptocurrency.

Ways To Make Money
Type Of Income
Yield Farming and Lending
Stake or Lend
Mining Cryptocurrencies
Crypto Staking
Stake or Lend
Play-To-Earn Games
Invest or Participate
Airdrops, Giveaways, Crypto Faucets
Dividend Earning Tokens
Invest and Stake
Long-Term Investment and Holding
Day Trading
Cryptocurrency As Payments
ICO and IEO Programs

10 Proven Ways Of Making Money With Crypto

1. Yield Farming And Lending

Yield farming and lending is one of the passive ways to make money with cryptocurrency. The reason why we have grouped these two is because both are related to each other. Yield farming refers to providing liquidity to DeFi protocols in exchange for rewards. If users need passive income from their cryptocurrency, they can hold their cryptocurrency in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. 

By doing this, they do not lose the liquidity of their cryptocurrency, instead get staking rewards and tokens representing their staked cryptocurrency. They can go a little further and add their staked token to a decentralized automated market maker that allows them to earn even more income for providing liquidity to certain pools.

Whereas lending involves lending cryptocurrencies to lending platforms or protocols and earning interest on them. When users deposit their cryptocurrencies into lending pools other users who require liquidity borrow them. In turn, lenders get interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. Based on the supply and demand within the lending platform, users get interest rates.

2. Mining Cryptocurrency 

Mining cryptocurrency is the process of verifying transactions on blockchain networks for which miners are rewarded with new cryptocurrencies. Why this process is called mining because it continuously releases new coins into circulation. One can increase their chances of earning regular rewards by joining a mining pool. Usually, miners compete with each other to find the encrypted solution to the block. If they 

You need a spare computer with a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), specialized hardware, a reliable energy supply, and an uninterrupted internet connection to become a miner. Also, it requires some specialized computer and programming skills to solve specific mathematical problems or puzzles.  

Not everyone can afford the expensive prices of specialized hardware and also there is no guarantee for taking back such a huge amount of money. While there are some cloud mining sites available, the rewards are less than with hardware mining. It is always better to do research before getting started with this way of making money.

3. Crypto Staking 

Crypto staking is one of the ways of making money that does not require daily effort after an initial investment. Crypto staking refers to locking up your cryptocurrencies to validate the accuracy of transactions on an underlying blockchain network. It allows cryptocurrency owners to earn money while holding onto their underlying assets. 

Crypto networks that support staking use one's cryptocurrencies to verify the transactions of other users and offer them rewards in return. Not all cryptocurrencies are meant for staking. It is important to note cryptocurrencies that are likely to support staking. Some of the cryptocurrencies that allow staking are Cardano, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Polkadot, and more. 

There are two ways of cryptocurrency staking. One is active crypto staking which involves locking tokens to a blockchain network to actively participate in validating transactions, creating new blocks, and earning rewards. Yet another way is passive crypto staking which is simply staking tokens to help keep the blockchain network secure and operate efficiently in exchange for rewards. 

4. Play-To-Earn Games 

You can meet with unforeseen success if you consider play-to-earn as a way to make money from cryptocurrency. Many people are trying to make it in this thriving competitive market. In play-to-earn games, players get in-game assets like characters, items, or land. These in-game items are represented by a wholly original NFT that is stored on the blockchain. 

Unlike traditional games, players can trade, sell, or use the assets they get outside of the game. These play-to-earn games are built on blockchain technology that ensures high-level transparency and security. They reward players with digital assets that have real-world value in the form of cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Each game comes with its own rules and rewards. But what is common among them is that you play the game, complete tasks, and earn rewards. 

Through play-to-earn games, you can earn while having fun. Some P2E games are built with NFT marketplaces where players can in-game assets and generate revenue. Either you can develop a play-to-earn game and earn money through trading fees, sponsorships and partnerships, premium memberships, and royalties, or simply be a player and profit from in-game purchases and native currency sales. 

5. Airdrops, Giveaways, and Crypto Faucets 

If you are looking for a risk-free way of making money, then go for airdrops, giveaways, and crypto faucets. Airdrops refer to the distribution of free crypto tokens to increase the awareness of newly launched projects. But you might be wondering how you can make money out of this. 

To get free tokens, you need to take part in a crypto airdrop and complete tasks such as following the project on social media such as Twitter, joining their Telegram group, or whitelisting their wallet address. Crypto giveaways and faucets are the same as airdrops. These three share the main concept of completing basic tasks to earn free tokens. However, the tasks users do and the way of selecting users for token distribution vary. 

In crypto giveaways, promised cryptocurrencies or tokens are distributed only to the eligible ones. You need to complete all the available tasks to earn a free ticket for the giveaway. Regarding crypto faucets, you need to sign up with a faucet website and do tasks like completing captcha forms or playing newly launched games. Compared to airdrops and giveaways, the rewards of crypto faucets are usually minute. But you can get a profit without risking your capital in this way. 

6. Dividend Earning Tokens

Dividend-earning tokens offer a straightforward passive income model. Dividend tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that offers its holders a share of the project's profits. They use a dividend distribution mechanism to distribute a share of the token's revenue or profits to its holders. 

They offer crypto dividends in the form of regular payouts at regular intervals such as monthly, quarterly, weekly, or even daily. They pay a dividend to holders for simply buying and holding tokens in a crypto wallet. Just by holding on to a token, you will get rewards over time. You don't have to be an expert trader to do this. It is the easiest way to earn passively on the side. 

All you need to do is just buy and hold the dividend tokens and you will get rewards in return. Also, you need not worry about security risks associated with third-party custody because you have full control over your tokens. Investing in dividend-earning tokens is a cost-effective means of earning without any complex crypto trading strategies

7. Long-Term Investment and Holding 

Long-term investment and holding is the easiest way to earn money with cryptocurrency and is suitable for those who are not into day trading. Long-term investment and holding protect investors from market volatility. You need to buy cryptocurrencies of your preferred choice, hold them in a crypto wallet, and wait for the price to rise. 

Once the market price rises, you can sell at a profit. This investing strategy requires you to do thorough research and predict accurately which cryptocurrencies will gain value after some time. It is safer to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum which are known for regular price fluctuations. 

Before investing in any asset, it is recommended to analyze the market and the value of a particular cryptocurrency in it. Do consider having a mix of cryptocurrencies that have decent price shifts and promising future value to be on the safer side. Using this strategy, you can minimize the costs associated with frequent transactions. 

8. Day Trading 

Day trading is a popular way of making money with cryptocurrency. It is simply buying and selling cryptocurrency within the same trading day by taking advantage of small price fluctuations.  Usually, traders enter and exit several positions during the day. 

They use various strategies such as scalping, fading, daily pivots, and momentum to take profits at a predetermined price level. When you master these techniques, you can follow your trading styles. It helps make tiny profits frequently enough to generate revenue. 

However, day trading is not recommended for inexperienced traders. You must be strong in the basics of crypto trading and possess proper analytical and technical skills to be successful in day trading. 

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9. Cryptocurrency Acceptance As Payments 

Another way of making money with cryptocurrency is to accept it as payment for goods and services. If you are already running a business and want to attract new customers, then you can use cryptocurrencies for payments. This can help you draw in those who are interested in cryptocurrency. 

By making cryptocurrencies your payment method, you can reduce transaction fees. Unlike traditional payment systems, cryptocurrencies can help make faster and more secure payments. Also, they are not susceptible to chargebacks and fraud. 

But to launch your business accepting cryptocurrency payments, you must integrate your payment system with a digital wallet supporting all kinds of cryptocurrencies. When anyone pays with cryptocurrency, their data is stored in a digital ledger rather than a centralized hub where data breaches commonly occur.  

10. ICO, IDO and IEO Programs 

There are numerous ways to generate revenue in the cryptocurrency world. One such way is participating in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO). Mostly blockchain startups who want to acquire money for their projects use these fundraising methods. 

In Initial Coin Offering, a new digital currency or token is issued by a particular company. Many investors who think the project will succeed buy these tokens. If you are one of the investors who has bought a token during ICO, then you will get money if the project takes off and the tokens increase in value. 

Although IEO is somewhat related to ICO it is done on cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Binance. Here the investors buy tokens directly from the exchange which adds an extra layer of security to their tokens. However, it is always recommended to check the reputation of the project and exchange before participating. 

Get Started Today 

Hope this guide has provided some insights on earning money with cryptocurrency. Some methods work for passive income, while others help generate active income. The rest is up to you. You have to do your research and choose the one that works best for you. If you are still confused about cryptocurrency and its trading strategies, then reach out to Maticz.

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