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When we reach 2027, the market capitalization of the Blockchain will be worth above 165 Billion USD. Yeah! The successive growth of Blockchain technology has created a storm and has deranged many traditional business operations. It is a perfect time! Entrepreneurs can realize the power of decentralization and integrate it into their everyday processes.

According to the Blockchain stats, above 90% of US and European Banks began analyzing Blockchain's prospects in 2018. 75% of techy-savvy executive teams say they believe that there are massive business ideas in Blockchain technology. 25% of companies desire to invest between $5 million and $10 million in blockchain solutions during 2021

If you are an entrepreneur, who wants to start a business in Blockchain Technology, Are you getting confused about which is a suitable business for you?

Then this curated article is for you! This article assists you in finding the best Blockchain Business ideas in 2024. This will carry to bring mass revolution in the crypto realm.

Before that, Let's see a glimpse of Blockchain technology.,

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is replicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain. Each block in the chain has many transactions. And every time a new transaction arises on the blockchain. The data of that transaction is added to every participant's ledger. The decentralized database driven by numerous participants is known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). 

Today, blockchain along with its various features like - ICO, Smart Contracts, and more., is coming in handy for several diverse purposes, that are usually participated by businesses in their everyday processes. These intrinsic Blockchain features have made it a part of numerous industries like – FinTech, Real Estate, Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, and On-demand.

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20 Best Blockchain Business Ideas in 2024

Let's see the top 20 blockchain business ideas for 2024 that illustrate how a distributed ledger can give a missile start to your startup business.

#1 NFT Marketplace

#2 Crypto Exchange

#3 Earn money with Play-to-earn

#4 Launch an IDO Launchpad

#5 Make a Metaverse

#6 Crypto Crowdfunding

#7 Start a DeFi Platform

#8 Crypto Tokens

#9 Smart Contract MLM

#10 Start a Crypto Wallet App

#11 Easy Access to Medical Records

#12 Smart Contract for Insurance

#13 Digital Identity

#14 Decentralized Video Streaming

#15 Ease of Crypto Payment for Vendors

#16 Managing Hotel Vacancies

#17 Distribute Bitcoin Vending Machines

#18 Exchange Loyalty Rewards

#19 Rent Cloud Storage Peer-to-Peer

#20 Transfer Currency Around the Globe

NFT Marketplace

NFTs are quite popular, especially in the world of art, and music collectibles. Yet, their potential goes beyond mere digital artwork. You can use them to buy digital lands in the virtual world. Also, you can access game items like avatars, and in-game assets, publish and license next-generation music privileges, buy event tickets, and access limited-edition digitalized products. 

You will be amazed to know the statistics of thriving NFTs. 

Key Statistics of NFTs

- The Market capitalization of NFT worth in 2021 is $41 Billion

- "The Merge" - The most costly NFT sold for $92 Million.

- Every week, There are $10 - 20 Million worth of NFTs are sold

- The Complete worth of NFT sales in 2020 is 250 Million USD.

- More than 50% of NFTs are sold for less than 200 USD. 

NFT Marketplace is a platform or virtual online space where users can buy or sell NFTs. Also, you can call this NFT marketplace "Amazon of the NFT world". It allows users to create an account, upload their digital works (art, music, gif, images, videos) or other assets and develop sales or purchases.

Here, the digitalized token assets are available for easy auction, buy, and sale at a fixed price. Only you have to require a crypto wallet like Trust wallet, Metamask, and so on., to store and trade the Tokens in the NFT Marketplace.

Crypto Exchange

If you are a newbie, want to print your footprints in the crypto world? Then starting a crypto exchange is the best solution for you. This Exchange permits users to buy and sell any tokens or cryptos in the numerous listed pairs. The Exchange earns a fee for each transaction, withdrawal, transfer, deposit, token listing, and more.,

There are various types of crypto exchanges available in the crypto world. So you would have to do some analysis to determine which choice suits you best. They are,

1. Decentralized exchanges

2. Centralized exchanges

3. Ads-based exchanges

4. White-label exchanges

5. Order book exchanges

6. Hybrid exchanges

The fundamental tools you will need to acquire this project running are an exchange software provider and a payment processor. So you may need to raise some capital via all the steps required to end up with a finished product to launch. 

Earn Money with Play-to-earn

Currently, In the NFT world, Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game Development has become a popular venture that took the world by storm. This business option is an incentive-based gaming mechanism based on NFTs and cryptos. 

The P2E mechanism has furnished businesses with sturdy profits. Also, it permits gamers to have their shares. Such a mechanism has been supported by every venture and gamer, as Play-to-Earn game development based on all gaming genres such as Action, racing, sports, simulations, etc., has become common across blockchains. Web3 startup freaks looking to draw the new-age gaming community's awareness should seriously consider creating P2E NFT games. 

Launch an IDO Launchpad

Everyone knows that with the help of token sales, the launch of IDO launchpad assists web3 startup freaks to raise capital. Ventures can utilize and create an IDO launchpad to establish themselves as a prime Web3 player and earn reputation and revenue. Even though an IDO launchpad doesn't like a profiting option, businesses can gain plenty of economic benefits and more beneficial exposure than expected. 

Developing an IDO Launchpad provides higher flexibility than we know, as offerings based on NFTs, gaming assets, securities, and liquidity have evolved from the model's essentials. As a hot domain predestinated to evolve the pillar in Web3, a White Label Launchpad would offer more benefits in the long run. 

Make a Metaverse

Metaverse has been the topic of mass attraction for a long term, with fiction representing them as ideal worlds where everything will operate flawlessly without defects. But, for now, Metaverse development focuses more on getting international people together via virtual avatars without the need for vast travel or expense. Creating small-time socializing activities possible is what Metaverse development has allowed now. 

Businesses based on such virtual worlds are set to make a fortune with time. Also, ventures have analyzed novel applications where metaverses can be utilized to enhance capabilities, such as learning and working spaces. Startups and brands have explored the metaverse to run their in-world businesses that offer enormous opportunities for metaverse ventures. 

Crypto Crowdfunding

The entrepreneurs who were talking about stock investing are currently planning to invest in cryptocurrencies. They call up their crypto business consultant and ask which coins to invest in at the time. However, some people think that investing in cryptos is quite a complex thing and needs more money. But the fact is, you can start any business by generating capital from the crypto platform. Quite Interesting, Right? But it's true. You can gather the capital for your preferred business through the technique - of "Crypto Crowdfunding". 

Crypto Crowdfunding is the process of crowdfunding from prospective investors who are trading in the crypto market with a specific beneficial process. There are certain crowdfunding platforms in the crypto world, where any budding startup can yield their required capital and meet their business idea. The most preeminent ones are,

ICO - ICO is the same as the Initial Public Offering (IPO) that we know in stock trading. An initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the initial investment of the public over a particular token

IDO - The entire process of Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is analyzing the whitepaper to approve the company for the crypto crowdfunding done by the crypto exchange companies.

STO - Security Token Offering (STO) is an upgraded version of ICO with reinforced features and updates on regulation and conductivity principles.

These three platforms have upped the entire crypto enterprise and led to the increase of new tokens in the market. After the success of the Ethereum token, this crypto-based crowdfunding occurred as a successful endeavor for businesses and tokens. 

Start a DeFi Platform

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has created an excellent way for many budding investors in the crypto industry, that has triggered the interest of traditional financial players. It offers a flawless solution that renders high-end competence, privacy, and transparency to every crypto business. The DeFi platform permits users to connect the crypto wallet and swap their preferred tokens from various blockchains by executing the token address. 

In the world of Blockchain, there is 90+ DeFi platform which has their key functionalities and executes on various blockchains. Compared to Centralized exchange, this platform is completely different and it is not governed by any organizations, banks, or admin. Hence, the users can control their assets entirely. This is the main factor that every budding startup triggers to start their own DeFi Platform. There are a lot of DeFi trends that assist the owner in earning lucrative revenue every day.

A possible way to earn profits in the DeFi exchange,

- Staking 


- Swap fees

- Conducting DeFi-based token events

- Running third-party Ads

Crypto Tokens

Crypto Token is a kind of digitalized asset that has more features and functionalities than bitcoins and other altcoins. Yet, the crypto tokens work on the top Blockchain networks. It executes as a tool or mechanism for the creation & execution of DApps, and smart contracts and is used to simplify secure transactions. 

There are vast types of crypto tokens available in the marketplace. they are,

Utility token - Utility tokens are completely developed and deployed to be utilized in a certain blockchain ecosystem. A major use of this token is a payment option for buying within the platform.

Security token - Security tokens illustrate the fractional ownership of any real-time asset. These tokens are created under the SEC Guidelines and the country’s restrictions.

Asset token - Asset-backed crypto tokens are one of the ideal blockchain applications, that assist in streamlining the secure, cost-effective, and instant trading of real-world assets. 

Currency tokens - Currency Token acts as fiat and is used for payment and purchases. It also is used for exchanging other digital and fiat currencies. 

Loyalty tokens - A loyalty token is a kind of notable token. It is completely developed to work as a reputation token for a typical blockchain application.

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Smart Contract MLM

Smart Contract-based MLMs are the decentralized crypto MLMs that are empowered by Blockchain smart contracts like Ethereum or Tron Smart Contract. Smart Contract Integration in an MLM business will bring high-level trust as it eradicates the involvement of centralized authority, reduces the risk, and increases security by ensuring decentralization with automatic execution of ETH & TRX transactions. 

Utilizing major benefits of Blockchain Smart contracts like decentralization, immutability, and transparency for the development of MLM business credibility is attained through Smart Contract-based MLM. 

Key Advantages of Smart Contract MLM

- Decentralization

- Automatic Transactions

- Greater Transparency

- High-end Security

- Increases Trust

- Ensured Return On Referrals

- Fast Earning

- Instant Payment

- No Manual Works

- High ROI On Lowest Investment

Start a Crypto Wallet App

A Crypto Wallet is a basic need for crypto investors and some traders. The Crypto Wallet is primarily divided into custodial and non-custodial wallets. Among these two, the non-custodial wallet is a major precedence for most investors due to its high-grade security protocols. 

When you launch your non-custodial wallet app, you can integrate your wallet with many reputed DEX exchanges like Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Binance DEX, and more., This will create good user engagement for your wallet. Through this, you will have a profitable way of earning. 

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Easy Access to Medical Records

Two crucial aspects of the Medical Records (Healthcare Industry) of patients that require to be addressed are security and secretiveness. This is an essential part of the doctor-patient connection. These physical reports can be lost if they are not changed into digital documents. 

Pros of Using Blockchain for Medical Records:

This technology assurances secured storage of patient (medical records) information in the hospitals and sharing with authorized personnel only. 

It also aids in the secure exchange of patient medical records within hospitals, pharmacies, labs, etc.

Blockchain in Healthcare assists in securing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) thus assuring their precision.

Smart Contract for Insurance

Due to massive volumes in the insurance industry, it is vast and faces many problems. Blockchain technology can drive this industry's uncertainties and help to increase people's trust. Research exhibits that the US Life Insurance Company lost $50 Billion in the first quarter of 2020. Smart contracts are blockchain-powered events that operate on Ethereum - which is a collection of codes and data. They execute automatically when the pre-defined rules are followed. 

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Digital Identity

Digital Identity is proof that appears yourself who you are when you are accessing online products or services. These identities are distinct codes, that are attached to goods/services and ensure that they are retained by you.

Advantages of using Digital Identity in Blockchain:

(i) Digital Identity is one of the most fascinating blockchain business ideas to generate and assign digital identities to services/products of various enterprises. 

(ii) Individuals can explain the ownership of the product based on these unique codes. 

(iii) The codes are unchangeable and provide better security than conventional security systems.

Decentralized Video Streaming

Cisco signifies that the traffic of internet video will be 85% of the customer traffic.

Video streaming has earned massive traction because of its remarkable features that give an enriched experience in visual media. People are changing their mode of entertainment from text and image-based formats to short video illustrations. Decentralization of video infrastructure is a complex task due to the remarkable rise in video traffic. Blockchain-based Web3 video streaming platform enables video creators a secure and share video storage via encryption.

Ease of Crypto Payment for Vendors

With the help of the Crypto payment gateway, Users can transfer crypto to fiat currencies or other from one end to another without any risk. The payment gateway for cryptocurrency implicates the same procedure as the traditional payment gateway.

To simplify crypto payment securely without any disruptions, anyone will need a payment gateway. Moreover, crypto transactions are becoming more prevalent, and soon, crypto payment gateways will be present in all areas. So it is better to Create a Crypto Payment Gateway platform right now with outstanding features to reap a tremendous amount of earnings. 

Undoubtedly, this will assist you in moving your business to the next level by accepting payments from those who are interested in crypto. 

Managing Hotel Vacancies

Blockchain business ideas for the Hotel Industry can help resolve various issues that emerge due to over-booking of rooms or wrong bookings, thus eliminating various distinctions. Hotel room marketplaces flood customers with available opportunities. While this sometimes permits travelers to secure a low price on a room, it may result in booking variations. 

Blockchain booking businesses enable hotels and travelers to verify booking information in real-time. This reduces booking errors and avoidable repeals, fulfilling both parties at once. 

Distribute Bitcoin Vending Machines

Bitcoin Vending Machines already exist as secure, with fewer alternatives to conventional vending machines. These units do not have to process cash or dispense change, so they are extensively more contract. 

The machines are also entirely contactless, so concert and game participants in packed arenas can feel secure about catching their favored snack — and leaving cash behind.

Exchange Loyalty Rewards

Savvy customers know how to handle brand loyalty programs. For example, Opening a credit card account to score a reward, and then closing the account after the terms are fulfilled. That demonstrates companies do not always connect with their most eager customers via reward programs; Blockchain can assist in targeting these customers easily. 

Loyalty reward management programs have buy-in from brands. So customers can trade their rewards with each other. This business simplifies p2p transactions with reward programs from different companies and different enterprises. As long as the blockchain can confirm its validity, it can be traded. 

Rent Cloud Storage Peer-to-Peer

Since Blockchain storage reduces strain on individual servers by spreading information all over the world, individual servers can host "pieces" of information. A Blockchain storage rental company connects users to a P2P network that enables them to rent a specific amount of their cloud storage space.

P2P storage connects users who either have storage areas to rent or only need a small amount of storage space to use. This allows renters to set their prices while the rental business takes the interaction. 

Transfer Currency Around the Globe

Credit Unions are widespread for transmitting money internationally, but they charge fees and constantly need a physical location for customers to collect funds. Transferring cryptocurrency all over the world is lightning-speed and much less expensive. Because blockchain transactions happen instantly and often spontaneously. 

Platforms that transfer cryptocurrency can charge small transaction fees to make their services profitable over those of a larger financial institution. 


If you are an entrepreneur aspiring to do something massive in this crypto space. You can start any of the crypto businesses mentioned on this list. In this article, we present you with 20 blockchain business ideas for more than ten industries and domains. This technology can affect vital life spheres like healthcare, supply chain, finance, and more., It can also obtain new possibilities for entertainment and art enterprises like NFT tokens and video streaming platforms. 

The major benefits of blockchain technology are cyber security, an option to create immutable records of any information, decentralization of all operations, and sustainability of Blockchain-powered networks. 

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