Currently, technology is evolving at a rapid pace, which permits faster change and process, so that the rate of change is accelerated. Furthermore, not only are tech trends and upcoming technologies expanding and making ample amounts of changes that drive IT professionals to realize that their position will alter in the contactless world tomorrow. 

What does it mean? It indicates that just stay updated with emerging technologies and the newest technology trends. Also, it means keeping an eye on the futuristic way to know which skills you will need to know to protect your job tomorrow. Business owners can alter their websites with these top technologies to make their websites more flexible along with a seamless experience. 

In 2024, you should watch for and attempt, here we listed below the top emerging technologies and possibly secure for IT professionals who want to secure their jobs or who want to update their coding skills and business people who are using the website.

Top Technology Trends for 2024

In every aspect, Every Business that is small to large is touched by Technology. The following Technology trends in business are efficiently used to simplify business processes, enhance productivity, and double the revenue streams. Let’s dive into the top technology trends in 2024 also for future years.

Artificial Intelligence


Internet of Things

5G and 6G Networks

Natural Language Processing

Cloud Computing

Voice Search


Machine Learning

Big Data

Facial Recognition 

These are the list of new tech trends with the talk of the town, Let’s start with Artificial Intelligence!

Tech Trends #1 - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - One of the most recent technological elevations that has been making its place on the top list of the technology trends in 2024. Artificial Intelligence is becoming the world's finest technology, and it has been recognized for its excellence in creating images, speech recognition, navigation applications, automation, voice assistants, and others.,

Current AI Trends show that there is a high demand for AI that leads to rapid development and sophisticated automation technology. As manufacturing and supply chains get back to normal activities, labor shortage will turn into a critical issue. Automation with the help of AI, robotics, and IoT will be a key solution for manufacturing operations.

Interesting AI Trends to Watch For:

- Currently, in AI World, Generative AI is getting the trend for its exceptional potential to create innovative approaches such as content and data augmentation, Enhance efficiency, and Automation, and improve creativity.

- Expandable AI or XAI - another trending topic that discusses how AI makes decisions and how to retain the transparency of AI models used to make important decisions.

- Edge AI addresses quick decision-makers and eradicates latency by transferring the process of AI to the networking edge. This permits IoT devices to make real-time optimal decisions.

Future of AI

- Global Market Growth forecast that the AI market will reach nearly $750 Billion in 2025, with a CAGR of more than 40% from 2020. 

- Reports from Gartner state that the advancement in the NLP will record almost 80% of the conversations at work by 2025.

- According to the World Economic Forum, artificial intelligence will provide nearly 100 million new employment, potentially replacing 80 million.

Tech Trends #2 - Blockchain

The next crucial technology trend is Blockchain. Blockchain technology has become the core of many high-end applications because of its robust build and standardized features. It is a decentralized network that offers transparency, reliability, and high security with its ledger system, and smart contracts, which assist various industries such as Financial, Supply Chain Management, and Banking making this blockchain: the most powerful and emergent technological trend of the decade.

We can say NFT (Non-Fungible tokens) is becoming another exciting aspect of Blockchain that assists NFTs with unique digital assets for digitalized arts, music, collectibles, and other online content. Cryptocurrencies - the crucial Blockchain element will find themselves classified into various numbers of currencies and tokens that would be floated in the market same as the fiat currencies. 

Interesting Blockchain Trends to Watch For:

Decentralized Finance, simply called DeFi - will expand to new heights with the advent of Blockchain, which assists the financial industry in providing more elegant services.

CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currencies permit countries to test digital assets supported by central banks, with blockchain assisting with reliability and effectiveness.

The most exhilarating trends in Blockchain in 2024 are Smart Contracts, AI Convergence, IoT integrations, and improved privacy over the internet.

Future of Blockchain

- According to Grand View Research, the market value of Blockchain will reach $394.6 Billion between 2020 and 2028, with an outstanding CAGR of more than 80%

- Report States from Marketsandmarkets, the global market is expected to be worth $7.4 Billion in 2022, and will exceed $94 Billion by the end of 2027 and CAGR of around $66.2% from 2022 to 2027.

- Expansion of Enterprise Blockchain Solutions, initiatives like voting, to identify verifications, and the emergence of DeFi will show a bright future for Blockchain in the upcoming years.

Tech Trends #3 - Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is another technological trend in 2024 that is transforming the way we live, work, and interact with each other rapidly. IoT has become a part of individual’s lives by handling real-time data using digital gadgets and smart devices to make decisions wisely and execute particular actions. These smart devices transform cities, enterprises, and the lives of individuals making them more convenient and secure by improving efficiency.

Our homes already have a series of smart gadgets such as TVs, Microwaves, Yoga Mats, Water Heaters, and Voice-enabled Personal assistants such as Amazon Echo, Alexa, and more., which assist you in finding a series of new entries in a short period.

Interesting IoT trends to watch for:

Integration of IoT in both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that impacts human lives to improve real-time data processing and the ability to make decisions.

The Growth of the 5G Network is the next big thing that improves the IoT industry with better connectivity and deploys more complicated devices to the network.

Edge Computing and Security enhance efficiency, and speed and also concentrate on finding vulnerabilities and strengthening cybersecurity measures.

Future of IoT

- Reports from Fortune Business Insights - the size of the IoT market in 2028 will be $1854.76 Billion with a CAGR of 25.6% from 2021.

- Microsoft’s “IoT Signals” report states that 47% of companies fall short of highly skilled proficients which indicates the demand for experts. 

- The IoT market is currently valued at around $800 Billion and is predicted to grow to nearly $1.1 trillion by 2024, with a CAGR of 13%.

Tech Trends #4 - 5G and 6G Networks

Many Developed and developing countries have switched over to 5G networks and have also initiated analysis to embark on a beta version of the next-level network which means 6G and test the results. This advancement of technology in the network will improve wireless communication, offer faster, data transfer speeds, reduced latency, and greater data exchange capability. 

Greater network speed will allow IoT connectivity and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences with Smart infrastructure, which will improve how we interact with the digital world. The benefits would make it possible for autonomous vehicles and wireless Virtual Reality to work with minimal technical fluctuations. 

The 5G Network would provide two benefits - It will not only improve the user experience by offering a high data range while discussing VR or AR, but it will also be considerably safer, that is where the point of argument comes in. Applying 5G & 6G Networks in various industries will significantly enhance productivity and efficiency. This provides much better connectivity to digital resources. 

Interesting 5G Network Tech Trends for 2024

Both 5G & 6G Networks will strengthen how smart devices like mobile phones, laptops, and smart TVs can easily interact and interchange data, as the latest wireless technology depends more on mobile networks. Let’s see the most cutting-edge technology trends to look forward to in 2024.

- With the integration of reinforced mobile broadband, more popular as eMBB, that offers ultra-high definition videos, seamless video conferencing features, and captivating AR and VR Experiences.

- The Industrial Internet of Things with 5G will improve huge machine-type communications (MTC), that allow smart manufacturing, efficient factory automation, and precision agriculture.

- Integration of Artificial Intelligence with 5G ensures high-optimized traffic management and oracular maintenance, which results in a performance upgrade of 5G now. 

Future of 5G

- 5G Networks will expand at a CAGR of 26.4% from 2020 to 2026, with the size of the market projected to grow from $53.93 Billion to $249.2 Billion.

- As we know, “Time is money”, speed and efficiency will play a major role in industrial evolution, for which 5G will enhance the rates 100 times larger than 4G networks.

- The speed at which the 5G network coverage spreads will bring 60% of the world’s population connected with 5G by 2026

Tech Trends #5 - Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Currently, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is utilized in financial marketing in a wide range. Making computers understand the language of the human has been the successful formula for creating many apps and software, that can be solved with the help of AI and ML. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an advanced progress to make applications and understand the human necessities and intent of the human, analyzing and evaluating predictable outcomes.

Apps in a diverse range of domains such as, Chatbots, Translation services and more., these applications initially utilize NLP to understand the intent and language of humans respond accordingly and render better business solutions. Improved User experience, accessibility, highly advanced machine learning and AI usage, and adopting the power of BI and analytics, these things are used to help NLP deliver Next-gen services in a meaningful and avant-garde way.

Interesting NLP trends to watch for

- Voice Recognition and Synthesis is a sophisticated approach to understanding voice accuracy and continues to enhance voice-based apps to interact with humans more easily. 

- Emotional Understanding and Sentiment Analysis will reinforce the application responses close to the human intent and aid in delivering more meaningful content to the users that strengthens the performance.

- Conversational Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence will continue to learn more accurate responses for app users in demand. 

Future of NLP

- Natural Language Processing is expanding at 35% CAGR; Reports indicate that the value of the market will enlarge to $25 Billion by 2032.

- Across many industries, NLP will make its mark by enhancing productivity, accuracy, and enrichment and providing many global opportunities. 

- Cross-disciplinary apps, ethical and responsive content creation, real-time language processing, and enhanced voice assistance are valuable areas where NLP adoption could rise with faster growth.

Tech Trends #6 - Cloud Computing

One of the most Futuristic Technologies that has trendsetters for many years to arrive for its features is - Cloud Computing. Enterprises choose to adopt cloud computing over the traditional approach of using computing resources like servers, storage, databases, and networking to reduce infrastructure expenses. 

This technology trend is getting more popular for its scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, remote access, collaboration with different business platforms, the alacrity of innovation with Next-Gen technologies, high-end data security, quick disaster recovery mechanisms, deep analytics, and easy integrations.

With all these highly exclusive features, the Business Operations Infrastructure integrates with giant technologies such as AI and ML and will have improved performances with feasible expenses.

Interesting Cloud Computing Trends to Look Forward 

- One of the highly advanced cloud computing models is Serverless Computing. This is where the infrastructure allocates machine resources to the apps in a dynamic way.

- Another Emerging Trend in this technology world is Edge Computing which permits enterprises to execute data processing close to the data sources. It eradicates the latency and improves real-time processing accuracy.

- Multi-cloud and Omni-Cloud approaches can render a new dimension to using cloud infrastructure, where industries can prefer and utilize various services from multi-cloud infrastructures and integrate them to run tailored business operations. 

Future of Cloud Computing

- Computation and Storage of Data are important for firms, and Gartner forecasts that cloud infrastructure will help process 75% of Enterprise-Generated data by 2025.

- Serverless Computing will be a Game-Changer and will develop a revenue of $21.1 Billion by 2025.

- Green Cloud Computing is the solution for supportable Cloud Computing difficulties, that uses renewable sources for efficient data processing in data centers.

Tech Trends #7 - Voice Search

The top 10 Technology Trends will only be complete with this one entitled - Voice Search Technology. The significance of Voice Search in today’s time can’t be ignored, as this Emerging Technology trend utilizes speech recognition to identify what a user is saying with high accuracy. To reply, it delivers the message to the user via Voice. 

Although the Google Action SDK and Siri's Integration into the apps has already made us familiar with the capability of voice control for routine chores, the number of applications available remains.

Interesting Voice Search to watch for

- One of the best examples of the usage of voice search technology is the Soniphi application. It is a resonating frequency-based personal wellness platform. This health mobile application enables users to record their voices, letting this app’s proprietary technology chart out a health analysis report.  

- The Next popular brand is Vyrb. It is a Social media app that allows users to send and receive audio messages certainly optimized for Bluetooth wearables.

- Various audio command features utilizing Voice Search technology like Siri and Google Voice Assistant were integrated into the app, along with implementing an autoplay functionality. 

Future of Voice Search

- The Market of Voice Recognition is expected to reach $27.16 Million by the end of the year 2026. It was recorded to be at $10.7 Billion in the year 2020.

- There are $4.2 billion voice assistants in use and this number will reach $8.4 billion by 2024.

- It is projected that in 2027, there will be 93 Billion smart speaker-using households.

Tech Trends #8 - AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are some of the latest emerging technologies that are set to revolutionize all sectors. It has brought impactful impressions on the world last year across the globe since its inception. These technologies not only touched the hearts of smartphone users but also caught the attention of emerging and established brands making every entrepreneur and marketer enter into the AR and VR world. If there's one thing Pokémon Go has taught us, it's that gamers are willing to let go of reality to have fun in the virtual world.

Know More: Gaming in VR

Interesting AR & VR Trends

- The collaboration between the VR and AR developers, AI will bring cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, that foster interactive workspaces and enhanced image recognition.

- In the automotive industry, the integration of AR into autonomous vehicles will predetermined travel with the help of voice assistants and in-car Augmented Reality.

- WebAR changes the game, which allows users to access AR directly via web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. This breakthrough makes AR more accessible across devices, that reinforce the overall user experience.

Future of AR and VR

- Reports from Markets and Markets, the VR market is projected to expand from $6.1 Billion in 2020 to $20.9 Billion by 2025; It is expected to increase at a CAGR of 27.9% from 2020 - 2025.

- The number of AR and VR market users in the world is expected to reach 6,887.0 Million Users by 2028

- The penetration user rate is projected to be 97.3% in 2024 and it is expected to improve to 104.9% by 2028.

Tech Trends #9 - Machine Learning

Machine Learning which is shortly called ML is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that trains models without the necessity for human involvement using the data. ML models assist enterprises in automating operations by feeding the current data and performing necessary actions and predictions according to the data. In simple terms, Machine Learning is the method of encoded program learning foresight from the data and executing predictions and activities based on the information they know. 

ML Algorithms help data-driven decision-making and permit ventures with supervised or unsupervised and strengthen learning activities. One of the key areas of Machine Learning Apps is Pattern recognition which assists industries in understanding customer behavior and delivering enhanced services. 

Interesting Machine Learning Trends

AutoML - Automated Machine Learning trend that permits endeavors to apply ML algorithms for real-world problems, deploy suitable models, streamline tasks, and adoption of decisions using appropriate parameters.

Machine Learning in the Health Care sector assists medico in forecasting diagnostics, personalized medicines, and drug discovery learning from the wide existing data sets. 

Reinforcement Learning in Robotics and Autonomous systems will see progress as self-driving cars, drones, and other robotic process automation are no longer prototypes. 

Future of Machine Learning

- With a CAGR close to 30%, the market size of Machine learning will expand from $8.43 Billion in 2019 to $30.6 billion by 2024. 

- The study from Deloitte reveals that 67% of Globalized companies already adopted Machine Learning for their daily operations.

- ML with Artificial Intelligence collectively assists enhanced global productivity by 1.4% annually.

Tech Trends #10 - Big Data

Big Data is a term that is used to describe large, complex amounts of information that are difficult to handle with traditional data processing techniques. These sets might include unstructured, semi-structured, and structured datasets. It requires more infrastructure to be governed, examined, and transformed into insights. 

Also, It refers to huge amounts of data that are always growing. Because of its complexity and quantity, this data can't be stored or processed successfully by typical data management systems. 

Interesting Big Data Trends

- Machine learning - a Longstanding concept is now revealing its full potential. Beyond AI, it involves computers autonomously learning from data to make predictions.

- Rising Data Breaches persist, urging organizations to prioritize substantial investments in security. It is important to protect sensitive customer data to preserve brand reputation and customer retention.

- Cloud Migration reduces costs, improves efficiency, and addresses security concerns. A major big data trend is the move away from on-premises data centers towards the cloud.

Future of Big Data

- In the Healthcare sector, Big Data analytics could reach $79.23 billion by 2028.

- Supply Chain Management (SCM) in Big Data could surpass $7.1 Billion by 2027 globally.

- The volume of data created worldwide as of 2023 is 120 zettabytes and is predicted to attain 181 zettabytes by the end of 2025. 

Tech Trends #11 - Facial Recognition

The last Tech trend in 2024 is Facial Recognition. In the future, your face will become the perfect technology partner. This was initiated in iPhone X with its Face ID will be taken ahead by several firms that will be using your face for a series of various applications. 

From the present, just looking at your smartphone to unlock it - the latest technology in facial recognition will permit you to unlock your utilities such as a house, car, and more., that would be connected via the internet. In the future, it is said that an individual will be able to withdraw money from an ATM easily via your face.

Interesting Trends in Facial Recognition

- At the time of the pandemic period, it is quite difficult to identify faces because of the usage of facial masks. To authenticate a person's identity, the device initially checks to see if they are wearing a mask before focusing on the exposed areas of their face. 

- Face recognition techniques are now applied in driving also. It monitors the focus of drivers across long distances. If the driver looks to be dozing off, this technology can slow the car down and alert the driver with the sound alarm.

- Face Authentication is the best way to embrace people’s safety and confidentiality because passwords and other credentials are stolen or exploited and cannot be used to define the real person's identity.

Future of Face Recognition

- The market size of Face recognition is expanded and it is expected to reach $19.3 Billion in 2032.

- 72% of hotels around the world will start investing in face-scanning technology by 2025.

- The globalized market size of Facial Recognition is valued at $4.95 Billion in 2023 and it is expected to hit $10.34 Billion by 2030.


In Conclusion, the top Tech trends in 2024 will shape our future to the next level. Each trend has a significant impact on what comes next. As these trends are getting evolve, they create new career opportunities for advancement. Whether you are a newbie or a well-established professional, It is important to stay informed and actively learn in this fast-changing environment.

So, are you ready to lead the next-gen tech revolution? Adapt for the future by gaining the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Explore Maticz Technologies, the leading Software development company that will assist you in mastering the tech trends in 2024 and be the best in your field today. 

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